Jumping the Gun

clocks0Let’s rephrase the classic line: there’s timing in everything. Sometimes we lose out on a moment because we anticipate too much. Sometimes we get get too excited and lose the connection. And sometimes we give things away before they have settled into us. There are many ways we cost ourselves because we act out of the flow of the way things are unfolding; sometimes it is the gift of being in the flow itself that shoots us off into our own tangent. By staying in the flow, we gain everything and lose nothing.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then in another dream, I take a person over to show them a new area to play in. I elicit their excitement by showing them in this area that there is a fresh aliveness about it. It’s as if this area has recently received special attention.

And it’s imaged in that it’s like a golf course. On the first fairway, after you hit the ball, I point out where there’s like a hazard, or a watercourse, and the embankment and there’s a spot where two golf balls are imbedded in this creek bank. Maybe they even went into a little snow that was left from before or something and weren’t readily seen, but now you can see them. They’re easily revealed, and they weren’t there earlier when I was only contemplating the course.

Now when I’m flowing with it, or living it, going through it, I can show them how exciting this whole thing is because here are the golf balls and whatnot. In other words, this is not an aimless activity. And so I’m trying to awaken something to be involved, but then I get overexcited, or overindulged, in the idea.

And so when I then go to the next part of the course, it’s almost like instead of being able to take things in stride, there’s a multiplication and now I see all kinds of golf balls, or possibilities, seemingly there that are in the ground, and sticking out, and whatnot. And, somehow or another, I guess after seeing the first two I’ve adopted the idea that this is part of what goes on, and more and more gets discovered.

But these golf balls were no good. They’ve been there too long. They’ve gotten frozen. They’re affected by the elements, so they’re not hard, they’re a little rotten. You could squeeze them and they’re spongy. They’ve lost their utility. They’re mushy. They’re decomposing.

At first glance you don’t notice it, and there are six or seven of them, not just two of them, so initially there was like more to get excited about, but then again there may be one of them that might be workable – but even that one looks like you might want to throw it out, too. So that isn’t what one expects, or needs, and that’s not what it’s about, either. It could have been, perhaps, under a certain way of something unfolding, but not based according to the conditions that I have put myself into anticipating.

So the meaning is that these are dreams about a process that is going to need more time to attain what is needed, or what is necessary, to appreciate what is needed, or to catch up with what is needed. I need to contain the energy for this to manifest. To probe out can stir something, but not enough for there to be a full and proper follow through.

I am only partly assimilating that which is at hand. More inner presence, power, balance, wholeness is needed for this to come across. I need to build this up in the heart, and only when it has reached a sustainable potency can it come out. In other words, I tend to be racing it, jumping the gun, pushing the bubble too soon. I need to be patient and build this over time, let the glimpses of what is possible catch up with itself. And for this to occur, I need to take a step back – and so that’s that.

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