It Becomes You

Becoming-SomeoneWhat makes a series of separate parts into a wholeness? Usually it has to do with a singular purpose. In the human case, it can mean holding a quality, or qualities, under the umbrella of a heartfulness. Because in that is a connection, and a care, about what it is we have been born into, and in the idea that we want to use our life in service to helping It succeed. In this way, the whole of It is more important than our personal viewpoint. That shift is when we begin to include ourselves into the ongoing unfoldment of the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my dreams last night appear to have been influenced by watching The Voice on television.

So I’m watching a singing contest and I seem to be trying to study how they make decisions, and that finally becomes represented for me by a container that I’m looking at and on the bottom of the container is kind of like a dark substance.

And then someone is taking that and cutting it up, almost like you would cut a pie, into different percentages. And that seems to me to be how they make up their mind about who’s winning the contest. It just represents itself to me that way.

And then as the dream goes on it feels like I’m singing, but I’m singing with someone else, and we usually perform on the patio in the back of my folks’ house, and there are crowds of people that come and watch. And there what I’m studying is I have another woman I sing with and sometimes I’ll look at how we dress, and what chores we have to do before and afterwards. One of the chores we have to do is to take a bucket of water and maybe swish off the patio afterwards.

The other thing I’m studying now is how well we actually do when we perform also depends on the audience, and that depends on the timing of when we start singing – because there are times when people naturally gather there, and if you start singing then you have a better audience than if you sing when people aren’t naturally gathering.

And there also seems to be a time when I’ve gone out into the yard after singing and there are circles of little children and we’re just interacting with them. That’s all I could remember.

John: I was listening to try to see if your dream portrayed a pattern in it of progressing or evolving in a way that visionarily laid out the systematic process. I don’t see you doing the one, two, three part of the dream. You’re doing the two, and you’re taking it to an aspect of the three, but you don’t take it all the way through.

Now the two part that you’re taking is you’re coming to see the significance of all of the little component parts of one’s makeup and being. And if that’s all you see, in other words, if you’re overwhelmed by just that, then you’re not able to consolidate that. In other words, that kind of rises up, those component pieces rise up from a container, so to speak, and you see them as having all of these component parts.

Well, in the container while as a prima materia or a darkness, that’s the part one of a process of a wholeness – only this is an unconscious wholeness. In your particular case, you’re reflecting it to be like an unconscious wholeness or, in other words, it’s a way that you carry or hold yourself. You may have yourself in a wholeness, but it’s unconscious.

Then comes the rising up to see if there are parts of you that can come out of this unconscious wholeness, that require sorting out. And for most people, the complexities of those things occupy their attention. But you’re able to recognize and realize that, from those parts, and from those components, you’re supposed to glean out of all of that something that takes you into a way of assimilating, or putting it together, and that is when you see yourself as able to sing.

You now kind of grasp what all of those parts and components that had to be sorted out, that would normally throw a person around, you have been able to pull it together so that you can hear it, and carry it out, and bring it out – or to sing. So, that’s your third step. In other words, the singing is a type of soothingness as a consequence of you accepting all of those component parts, which is two, that had risen out of a container in which there was a dark substance, like unconscious.

And then there’s actually a fourth step, but you don’t bring in the fourth step. I called it a one, two, and three but actually I have to look at this other part as a fourth step, and the fourth step is, as a consequence of all of this singing that you do, that is part of a soothing, that is a consolidating and absorption of all of those parts of yourself so that it has a meaningful way of coming out. This enables you, at some particular point, this becomes you to such a degree that where there had been maybe some effort to have to hold onto that – and maybe your dream is saying it, it just has done it in a different way – you have embodied this so that it has become you.

When this is like this, and you are no longer separate from this quality of your beingness, then you can take and go through the door. Well, what does going through the door mean? That means that you’re able to leave behind the personal mannerisms, and traits, and qualities, and characteristics that still could have a personal predilection effect upon you. You’re able to somehow or another not fall under the sway of that sort of thing – because you hold this quality that is you, and it has become you.

And so when you hold that quality you’re not affected by things around you, and that then means you have like passed through the door. That’s an interesting door that you pass through because you now embody the quality, or you embody what it takes as a heartfulness, and have absorbed all of the various characteristics that make up life – of which you’re part of life. Now you’ve absorbed all of that.

So you’re actually working with the essence of it all. And when you’re able to work with the essence of it all you’re actually able, then, to kind of do some things that normally you couldn’t do because you were still flip-flopping about in terms of how it is that you saw yourself, and felt yourself.

And if you still tend to see yourself, and feel yourself, as having to sort something out, not able to actually carry this naturally in a way that takes into account everything, and isn’t touched by any personal acknowledgement, or recognition, or mannerism. If you can get to the point where you can be so that you can be in that, and not in that other, that’s when you can have the image and, of course, this is a symbolic image for me.

It’s a symbolic image probably because the teacher established it as a way of talking by saying that each person has to get to a point of where they can go through the door; that the door can be shown to them, explained to them, and everything else, but they have to go through that door. And that door now, as understood in this dream, has all to do with carrying this quality of a soothing heartfulness to the point where it is you, and it is always you wherever you go.

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