Awakening Process

Figure emerges from lightMany people who are serious about their spiritual journey have chosen their specific path, which is different from being raised in it, or meeting it in some other way. The reason for the attraction to a specific path is because of the frequency that it resonates on; when we find one that resonates with who we are, our own frequency, we feel we have connected to our path. In this way, the world should be able to accommodate many different paths, and worry only whether the true essence of its ideas are being upheld by the people who teach it.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So what you’ve kind of described, although one had to work at it with the visionary aspect of the recognition push in terms of the dreaming, one had to look at the dream as having a language on that level. In my dream, they’re set out distinctly. Yours ran it all together.

In my dream each of these is set up distinctly and, in and of itself, you kind of are not quite grasping where we are going, or what’s taking place. They each seem to be significant in and of themselves, but they’re each a step: a one, two, three, and if you call that going through the door or whatever, a four. And each step builds to the next –  but I took each of those as distinct dreams.

In the first dream, there is some land that I own that is kind of confusing to me because, when I view it from above and I ponder it, it’s like a checkerboard. It has these distinct strips in which you have a black strip and then you have a stubble strip or something, or that’s not black anyway, and then another black strip, and so on.

And to begin with I don’t know what to make out of this and I’m thinking I need to rearrange or change that because this back and forth, or black and another color… Now, what I am perceiving, but don’t really catch on to this, is I’m seeing how you farm rotationally. In other words, you take and you summer fallow a strip, which means you leave it dormant; you plow the stubble of whatever had been planted there back into the ground, and you let that kind of decompose and enrich the soil, and you keep the weeds from growing and everything else, and you just keeps stirring it up and stirring it up.

And the soil gathers moisture this way because there’s nothing draining it. It tends to gather more moisture this way, just sitting fallow. And then next to it is a strip that you farm, that you plant, and you keep rotating it. One year that strip is in production, the next year it’s fallow. And in dry land farming this is the superior way of maximizing your property and getting the most out of it.

Well, in the dream this has to be explained to me because a neighbor comes over and notices that I’m starting to mess with the way something is and he says, “Hold on, I can explain this because I am identical.” In fact, if you were to roll this across, which means that he has the adjacent field, and if he was to just slide the adjacent field across over on top of me, it would line up. There would be the black strip and then the stubble, and the black strip and the stubble, almost as if they were mirror images of each other. He points it out, that this is like a mirror image carbon copy.

And then he says, “It has been shown that when you farm in this carbon copy way, the productivity is greater.” And this is his explanation for why it has this characteristic.

And the meaning is the dream is explaining why the process is designed the way that it is. To begin, with the reason why it may seem initially strange, or peculiar, or strangely unfamiliar is that I’m not familiar with the tradition of how something best unfolds – and it has to be explained to me. And I am told that it is done like this over and over because it has been shown after a lot of, and I call it Tariqa experience, that goes way back before I am able to recognize or realize, in other words it’s a process, that this is the quickest and most productive approach to being able to awaken a process.

I’m able to see this when I align to this approach. When I mess with it, I confuse myself. This is a dream that depicts the importance of a spiritual process in which there is a common supportive note that is played over and over again for those who are designed for this particular way.

I needed to understand why it is, in other words, as a deeper inference to this, this leads one to understand why it is that a teacher works with the students differently in terms of one path or another. I am shown that each tradition has a system that is most efficient and productive for those who are similarly situated.

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