A Heartfelt Center

0834The end of John’s night of dreaming shows that all his dreams were looking at different aspects of the same territory (see Awakening Process and A Systematic Approach). And what they all seem to point to is the idea that connecting to the wholeness, or the oneness, requires letting go of our personalized separateness and embracing the universal. But what is critical to that process is that we access this through the heart. That is what can bring the wholeness together through us, and through our living of it. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And when I went to sleep all of that then jumped to what would be like the third or the fourth.

And in this dream there is a being whose conduct appears to others to be robotic. To me this being seems to be almost okay when I pick it up and carry it close to me. In other words, it’s almost like it’s not quite human. And in the environment I am in, there are things going on around me that, if I indulged and just look at these other things and mannerisms going on around me, there would be the tendency in which I would suffer great harm because I would be affected by those things.

But I sense that, about the environment. But this robotic woman-like thing seems to find a fascination in terms of not doing the typical in terms of the hoodlum, crook, outlaw and whatnot guy that seems to be in the environment too, and there might be more than one of them – to which I am the innocent person.

So it’s like I’m being played with. I’m not harmed by the guy who is out of control. Technically she has got to be careful, too, because she might be all pretense. In other words, she’s doing this stuff, allowing to jump into my arms and to be carried off the ground. And then she goes to this extreme of burying her head into my shoulder.

And out of the corner of my eye I can see this guy smiling because he really knows what she’s really like and that I’m being somehow duped or fooled. But somehow this process of her doing this antic with me is keeping me out of harm’s way, too; otherwise I just probably would have been smashed.

And she keeps doing this because it is soothing. It’s kind of soothing to me and she seems to be really soothed by it, although this guy considers it kind of humorous, that it’s an antic or something. I would have probably been polished off if it hadn’t been for being played with like this. Well, that’s how he sees things, and her antics are just seen as antics. He doesn’t allow such things to touch him, they’re just antics.

As time progresses this woman gets to a point where she is to leave. There is a door there for her to go through. I carry her to the door, but I must set her down as she is to go through the door. I can’t go through the door with her. What I can’t help but notice is that as much as I wanted to continue soothing her, and she enjoyed being soothed, she is able to take that and note that for herself, the soothingness quality, as part of her and go through the door.

And the meaning is, last night the theme of the dreaming was that of looking at the process of how consciousness evolves. First I come to see around me that there is a reason why things are done in the way they are done, that the reason has to do with an unfoldment, an approach that has stood the test of time, that is very productive.

When you get on that vernacular, or into that understanding, or into that unfoldment instead of just being caught up in the day-to-day outer. And then second I come to realize that even though there is this general approach, there are parts of me that require careful and special handling. It is important that all energetic aspects of my being awaken, and every part of who I am is important to the whole.

In the third dream I am shown that the feminine quality of living in the soothingness of the heart is what becomes me naturally. When the time comes that I am able to embody this naturally, I am able to go through the door, which in this case means that I am free of wayward predilections because I embody within that which is real, and what life is about. And it is like a letting go of everything, maybe you could even call it a nothingness, as the essence behind it all.

But it’s not really a nothingness because it’s this heartfelt condition that’s all inclusive. And when in this heartfelt state the mannerisms, ways, patterns, attitudes, or whatever you would call as predilections are now intertwined, meaning absorbed beyond personal recognition, within this soothing heartfelt center.

So my dreams last night portrayed a three, or maybe even call it a four step process if you looked at going through the door and embodying all of that as the last step. And then I wake up from that. What’s interesting about the dreaming is I dream it and see it like this, you dream it as just an overall consequence unfolding dream. You don’t differentiate the bits and the pieces and the components.

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