Alleviating the Pressure

volcan00It’s called “development” because there is no instantaneous process. It takes time – all the days of our lives – and it can only be acquired through our own work – no one can do it for us. And like most things in life, sometimes we feel more ready than at other times to face and deal with the things we find before us. That’s okay, because our own timing is critical to a smooth journey. What’s important is that we continue to try.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the very earliest dream it felt like I was within a circle, more like a circle that was drawn on the ground, not a circle of people or anything. Outside that circle, or encompassed in another circle, there seemed to be several objects – plus it felt like there was this dark flow of blood, and it could flow towards me.

But it could be warded off in a way if I could get the positioning right. I think you hadn’t come to bed yet because I kind of woke up and looked around. When you finally did come to bed it felt like, if we got in the position where my back was against your back then the blood couldn’t flow into the room. So there was something about a certain position that kind of stopped that blood flowing into the room.

That’s all I remember from that very first dream. I just had to kind of get the positioning right and then there was a little bit of control over things.

John: The end result theme of what we were trying to dream about last night is one in which you have a vibrational energetic communication that functions like a language outside of the ordinary activity of the senses. In other words, it can come through you, through a type of knowingness center, that gives it an effect that is far superior to any language that is verbal.

However, communicating like this, which is like communicating through inflection that is conducted through the heart, that touches everything in life, but comes out through kind of the third eye, kind of comes out through a vibrational intertwining that you have in common with everything around you, is kind of a big gulp. And there are intermediary processes. There’s an intermediary reflective process that enables you to take this in small bite measures – and that is kind of what you were doing in the dream.

It’s nice to know where this ultimately is designed to go, because this helps explain how it is that you are catching up with it at this point in time, that you’re able to understand this for yourself at this particular point in time. In other words, the way you’re able to understand this at this particular point in time is you still have a certain loudness, or anxiety, or reactiveness that you have to contend with to bring yourself at ease.

In other words, you can’t just do this in a conscious stillness. You require something to move or impact you and then you are able to establish parameters or mannerisms in terms of how to offset or deal with it. In other words, you’re able to reconcile, as you would call it “blood flow,” which is the same thing as an effect that impacts how it is that you are able to be with yourself. You’re able to recognize this when it gets your attention by the way it is suddenly imposed upon you. You are able to transform or reconcile that by, at that point in time, compelling yourself to access at a deeper level inside of yourself that which causes it to be okay.

At least you are recognizing a means by which to reconcile. Often times most people have no access like this and so they suffer the consequence of something that is altered, in terms of their perceptions, in terms of how they want their perceptions to be. And the degree to which they fight the reflection – as if they have a right for something to be different than the way it is – is the degree to which they suffer.

You don’t have to be like that. You just have to go somewhere inside of yourself when confronted loudly with something that you don’t like and you will find that you have a means, you get jostled into a means, by which you can alleviate the pressure.

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