The Language of the Whole

Light-Language-Sacred-GeometryEverything around us is in constant communication. When a single tree is being attacked by a certain beetle, it will warn all the other trees. And things work this way not only on this planet but throughout the universe. And humans are capable of connecting in to this vibrational language; then it’s a matter of translating the information into a form that we can use. We make this connection through our alignment to the whole (letting go of the personal) until it is felt through the heart – instead of just understood in the brain. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I think what we’re talking about will be seen better by my meditation dream, which animated me to such a degree that I wasn’t sure I was going to get anymore sleep in the night – it seemed so profound.

I know right now I’ve tripped it so much away from it that hopefully I can pull it out with that energetic upon which it unfolded, or awakened, and do it justice. But in the sleep that followed afterwards I fell quite a ways away from it and found myself struggling to try to get back to that, and not able to do it had to go through a diversionary approach to get back to this greater depth unfoldment.

In the meditation dream it starts off where I’m looking at what it will take for a dynamic to go into life and be effective in the face of overwhelming forces that are against it. The example portrayed in the dream is that a particular seed that is from and comes out of a particular or certain defined space of life or, in other words, aspect in creation, must have as a thought seed, or as a force of energy, must have the will built up inside within to a degree to cause the conditions it needs to come alive.

The seed I’m looking at within has against itself a terrain that is not readily suited for its existence. Well, it’s not readily suited because everything in the outer is dense, it involves the senses, and the visual, and this is trying to get beyond that.

So the seed seeks a habitat that has a soil with a richness only found in a very specific setting. The setting has the importance to effectuate, or to enhance, an importance that is necessary to affect to the need. The seed falls naturally upon the right spot, right place, and is a force of nature that can’t be not heard when it somehow naturally intertwines or comes to know its space or its place.

So the meaning of this is to somehow manifest a beingness when there is all around practically every reason to not be know,n is what I’m talking about. In other words, I’m trying to see what is seeable. What is needed is a catching up with a language that is at the essence of everything there is in creation.

This language is done within the veils of manifestation. In other words, you penetrate those veils. In other words, it’s recognized not in so many words. It’s a subtle vibration that penetrates, being like an inner language, goes into life in a way in which everything in life, I should say, it goes into this life in a way so that everything in life is able to readily relate to it. In other words, this language penetrates the dense barrier and is nonverbal, it does this in a nonverbal way. In other words, you carry this inside yourself.

In other words, it’s kind of like saying that in the outer world the way we live everything is verbal and through the senses, but then on a soul level we experience everything that exists in all of creation because we’re intertwined with that, and we can do that in a vibrational way. And yet that vibration is a language. It is the language of the whole.

Everything experiences and responds automatically to this intertwined way of being. In other words, when you hit it, you touch everything. This connection is what causes what others call meaningful coincidences to happen – because there’s no distortion in this. You naturally fit, you hear it all, you know it all – vibrationally, that is, in a language way that is in correspondence with everything else – even though on an outer level that everything else can look pretty dense and you don’t have that insight.

To state this in other words, a human being is said to connect with manifestation and be heard through the third eye. The kundalini energy is said to rise from within. This kundalini energy is aligned with life from the heart center, which is alive in all things. The vibration has access to all that there is via this intertwined vibration.

Now this must seem really profound. I mean, it just seems more esoteric and like words as I go through this, but when I was in this it was a knowing and an aliveness that was really profound.

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