A Rite of Passage

Burning BowlIn thinking about letting go in a development journey, we could also think about the idea of removing blockages, because we are designed to be in the flow of life, but we have become blocked from it by our egos and personalized identities. Developing means dropping the things that prevent, just like removing a clog lets the water flow smoothly. So we’re really talking about a kind of mindful consciousness about what we are doing and why. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I only remembered a few of my dreams from last night. The first dream it seemed to be these images of there’s a rock star, like Steven Tyler, and I’m looking at the energy behind something that he did and I notice that it kind of scatters, or pushes things out, in the room because it has a little too much force to it. That was the first dream.

John: The only thing I can denote about this is the theme of the dreaming has to do with things that bother, or perturb, or get in the way of a process where you let go to a flow, that you’re able to catch up and hear, that you’re not able to do when there is something in one’s nature that is creating or getting in the way, by maintaining or holding onto something that stifles the flow.

So you’re observing something and how you observe it often times has to do with where you’re at. And if you’re seeing something like Steven Tyler in a way that bothers you, then in that same way you’re bothered to some degree in the outer, accordingly.

Jeane: Then I think I lost some middle dreams and there are a couple last dreams. One dream you and I are going over to visit a friend of mine who, he’s done writing, consulting, that sort of thing, and I haven’t seen him for a while. Anyway, we go over to his house and he’s in the other room when I first get there, but he has this little dog that’s on the floor so it’s like I have gotten down on the floor and I’m playing with the dog, ruffling it and you know how you kind of rub its belly and scratch its back. It’s a cute little thing.

And he comes in when I’m still on the floor. You’re kind of behind me yet, and it seems like his mother has died recently. And he has his sister, but you feel like there’s a little estrangement there. But he has this necklace of his mother’s and he’s put it around my neck – and it’s a very long amethyst necklace. He’s talking to me about the necklace, and I don’t know if he’s just having me wear it, or if he’s giving it to me. It almost feels like he’s giving it to me instead of to his sister. That’s that dream.

John: Not only is the theme about having things that one imposes in terms of how they see themselves, or how they carry themselves, that stifles something from coming through as a flow. But once you quit doing that, or if you stop doing that, you’re able to access a consciousness that is all around you. In this case you’re able to catch up with a necklace, or something that’s given to you, that just naturally then is something that you can wear, in which the quality of that can become you. Now how did the dream start?

Jeane: Well we’re just going over to his house to visit him, haven’t seen him for a long time. He’s kind of sitting behind me and I play with the dog when I get there. His mother has died.

John: Yeah, all of those are scenes of releasing. In other words, something has passed away, which means something has been removed or has gotten let go of, something that might be stifling even, that precludes one from having an access that you’re able to recognize and appreciate the dog, which is the friend. You’re able to play with that, so that it keeps you in a free flow.

And then he comes out and gives you a necklace?

Jeane: Yes, he’s actually kneeling on the floor with me, talking to me while he has put the necklace around my neck.

John: Yes, which shows a rite of passage even, too, because an energetic that normally would be in the way, goes away, and the rite of passage is so that can open up, or so that you can receive the necklace.

Jeane: So in the last dream it’s like I’m in bed with you and it’s like we’re going to make love or something, but then suddenly I notice that you’re actually on the right of me and it’s the doctor that’s on top of me, this woman doctor. And then she gets up and she makes a comment to me because she actually did a little surgery, like removed a polyp or something that she just was tired of it being there, and I’m just a little shocked. I didn’t feel any pain, but she did something almost without telling me about it, I mean ahead of time, but she was just tired of it so she removed it.

John: There’s something in there again as a nuance or mannerism, that way that you’re seeing yourself, or carrying yourself. In other words there’s a vibration in there that was keeping you disoriented or distracted from going into things quite the way the flow needs to be. So there is a concern or something that’s plaguing you. Whenever you get something that plagues you, you have to kind of try to pay attention to why it keeps plaguing you because not only does it affect an intended flow, but it could also be spawning a mannerism that is off – by the way or nature in which the body is meant to hold things, that would then go into the body and be held.

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