Not Getting It

Dreamstate-1When we don’t quite get the realization of our dreams, in other words, complete the connection that the images are trying to encourage, we tend to dream the scenario over and over again. Here John finds himself coming upon beautiful ripe berries unexpectedly, yet as he begins to enjoy them, they seem to suddenly not be ripe anymore. This discovery takes the energy out of the initial exuberance. This is the third dream in a row where an abundance has been denied him, and it has something to do with the balance between his inner masculine and feminine energies. Has the understanding been reached? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: First of all, what’s the meaning of something on the left? What’s the meaning where things are just on the left?

Jeane: It’s receptive, feminine.

John: Is it feminine? Is that what it means? Because I keep dreaming left and right, but I don’t really understand left or right.

So in this dream I take a walk from where I’m at with friends, and I don’t recall anything on the walking out. All I could say is that I probably needed to shake something off or something like that, and maybe was in my own daze, or mood, or something.

So there’s nothing memorable as I proceed out on the walk, but on the return something changes. And it changes with me suddenly noticing on the left these huckleberries. The bush is bigger than normal, and the huckleberries are perfectly ripe. And it’s rare to find huckleberries; it just was a shock and surprise. They’re usually in kind of a more isolated setting and whatnot.

And it also seemed that there was nothing to look at on the right, everything was on the left. And then from the huckleberries I went to some other berry that was black, and these berries were almost as big as an avocado or something. They were oversized, really oversized.

Well, when I saw those huckleberries they were all perfectly ripe, and I took and I stopped and had some and they were tremendous, and I was excited and exuberant and couldn’t wait to get back to be able to tell, and show, and share with others what there was to be noted. Who would have guessed?

Now the berries were all berries that turned black and they were all different kind of berries. I mean, whatever it is that you could think of that turns black when it’s ripe, whether they’re olives, or blackberries, or huckleberries or whatever. And, to begin with, the bush would be bigger, the berries would be plentiful, all black, then the berries would be bigger. It went through the phase where the berries would be bigger like almost the size of an avocado or something, elongated – but no flavor, no flavor, which is amazing.

The huckleberries were fabulous, now all of a sudden the flavor was gone. I felt like I needed to not only pay attention as I was walking along seeing all of these different kinds of berries that have supposedly turned back, and now I’m saying “supposedly” because as I’m paying attention the berries aren’t necessarily all black anymore. They’re getting ripe, and there are not as many of them and so I can’t readily sample like I had been sampling. And, like I say, it was all to the left and there was kind of a perception that maybe there was a waterway or something that helped support that being lush over there as opposed to the right side.

So a little bit of what I wrote about it is: when I sampled them I have to wonder did that have an effect in terms of the berries, that I indulged in some fashion? Was there something to that? Actually, I think there may be something to that conceptually, but overall, no, it’s looking at it too narrowly.

What about the excitement to show others an exuberance? Well, yeah, that leads to a fulfillment, that causes something to break through. You get to the bottom and you get something out there and the aliveness then magnifies that kind of condition. But then as I progress back, having indulged a bit and then getting closer to coming back, the urgency and the excitement goes away, the aliveness goes away. In other words, what had been ripe is not ripe, they’re still ripening. You have to look hard to find any that might be edible or ripe. And so you tend to realize that there’s further to go, almost as if something has shifted from that exuberance to something that is a little more stifled.

The meaning is there is so much wonder, pent up exuberance, and energetic excitedness about life when I am not in an imbalanced way with how I feel myself. There is a lot of that. In other words, it’s like when I started the walk out I may have been in my own space a little bit, affected, or in a trance or something, and it’s only when I got turned around and started to come back having gone out there that I realized something different on the left. But when I got back it was like I come back to a different set of conditions.

The dream is also indicating that this tends to go away, in other words, this thing that I experienced, or take a step back when I indulge. Now how does one indulge? You can indulge just by being affected by something that is not quickened, that’s in a stupor or something, and you are affected or infected by it. Now, if I try to rationalize what took place this only takes me backwards.

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