Between the Layers

H. Koppdelaney
H. Koppdelaney

In this dream imagery, we see two stories unfolding at the same time, but on different levels. And isn’t that the issue we face in our spiritual journey? We live in the outer, physical world, but the energetic, unseen worlds is the territory that affects what we experience the most. So our efforts are to bridge that gap, or pull down that veil, so that we are operating on the level that creation is operating on. Then we can be in the flow of a truer connection to what is unfolding. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: It’s almost like I had two dreams going on concurrently, and one seemed to be a dream based on reading The Hunger Games because it feels like that’s going on somewhere in the background, that there’s someone who’s kind of either fleeing or fighting for their life, a young woman, and I don’t really see that dream very clearly.

It’s not like I really see battles. It’s more like someway that she’s striving to survive against certain odds, and maybe against a collective. And then in the foreground it’s like I’m going to a class reunion party. We all seem to be in our 20s or 30s. It’s like when I get there, maybe I’ve gotten pulled over by a policeman for speeding.

Then I’ve kind of gone away and I’ve come back approaching from a different way and gotten pulled over by a policeman, and I’m trying to explain that I really couldn’t be going as fast as someone thought I was because the road wouldn’t permit that, something like that.

Again I was having trouble pulling out the details of the dreams, even though they were going on for a long time, because it did feel like a couple of them were going on concurrently. And maybe in the second dream people are even trying to invite me to sit down at a table, or be hooked up in a certain way with people there where I wasn’t that close to them.

And somebody else came over and like gave me a big kiss at one point, some guy that, I don’t know, more to make my friends kind of think that we were together when we weren’t really. It was kind of a lark for both of us. The second dream even kind of talking to the cop about how I could not really have been going that fast.

It had kind of a sense of a lark, whereas in the background you had something going on like The Hunger Games which had more of a serious note because it’s again like someone fighting against a collective perception.

John: That’s a good way of describing what I went through, in that I did it without the dream context, you did it with the dream. And what you were doing was, deep inside of yourself, almost out of touch with what you could quite put your fingers on, is an overall vibration.

And this overall vibration in my dream it was something you couldn’t see. It sat in a way that was too much to grasp. You know, I could provide evidence that it existed, or I could speak to evidence that it existed, but it was all circumstantial. I had nothing that I could say specific in relating to it.

In your particular case, the one dream that is overlaid over the other, the background dream, is going somewhere. It is pointing to something. It is pulling you towards something. It’s having a subtle intangible effect upon how it is that you’re conducting yourself in the ordinary way, or manner, of an unfoldment.

And so the way that you look at other things you have a sense, even in the way that you look at certain mundane things, you have a sense in terms of that approach and how that unfolds. There is a sense behind all of that that is influenced subtly, or that is subtly influencing that which you are doing in a mundane dream type way to slowly creep up more on the overlay.

It’s kind of like a higher self and a lower self. So you have the lower self activities and they seem to be, in one sense or another, connected to the higher-self mannerisms inside your being, and the higher-self qualities in your being is something that is out of touch in your normal, tangible, through your senses type format and reality – but you know that it exists nevertheless.

In fact, you know that it exists so much that when you’re pulled over and threatened to be given a ticket for going over a particular speed, you know that you couldn’t possibly be going over that speed because the road does not allow those conditions.

So you have some sense of the in-betweenness, even. That is what that part is like. You have some sense of the in-betweenness, or something that’s bleeding through from like a higher self or, as you indicated in your dream in terms of how you experience and feel that, as an underlaid dreamology that’s going on, of which you have an overlay that is more day-to-day, or mundane or something, and that to truly catch up with the ordinary there’s something intangible that you have to somehow or another figure out what you’re not figuring out, that has to do with this underlying thread, or higher-self motif that is sitting in the background – coming clearer to you, but not visible.

In other words, it is influencing to some degree what you’re doing in the outer-context way, but making that correspondence is quite difficult – and that’s why you have the underlayment there. It’s quite difficult because if you totally made that correspondence you would have pulled the inner and the outer together. You would be in a state where you were functioning with the underlayment as a form of guidance in terms of the outer mannerism.

That’s kind of an interesting dream, right?

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