Cashing the Check

80_nAs a human being, what is our true inheritance? Perhaps it is the entree into the whole of the universe that can be ours if we use our freedom of choice to be in service to a greater purpose. And our connection couldn’t be closer – it’s been inside of us all along. Because of the training of our culture, it may seem foreign to us, but it is never too late to awaken to our true calling. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in one dream it feels like an ex-boyfriend and I are parting ways, and he’s given me a check. Now the check is actually almost like an investment-type check that was written on a bank account to I think his ex-girlfriend, but now it’s supposed to be mine. But getting that type of check deposited is kind of a problem.

It feels like I’m trying to figure out how to get the check either cashed or deposited because it isn’t initially in my name. It has just been endorsed to me or something, so you can’t just go to the bank and cash it. It’s like you have to figure out a way of putting it in the bank so that it’s eventually good. And it feels like I’m going through some kind of a process to try to figure out how to do that the fastest way possible.

At the same time, I think there’s this car that I also feel like he left me, or it might have been my car I’m not sure, but it’s a very low-slung sports car, two-seater, that’s a little hard to get into. And it feels like somebody else and I are going to get into it, and it already has some stuff in it so it’s a little crowded. And then it’s not high off the ground so when I open the door and I start to get in, I think she on the other side does, I realize I’m starting to get in the wrong side and so we have to walk around.

It’s just like hard to get oriented at first to even get in the car, let alone make room to kind of slide down in so that you can fit in and figure out you’re facing the right way. So the dreams last night felt like that where I was struggling to get something to work right.

John: The dreams portray the opposite of what everyone in the dream group is inclined to think, and that is that the feminine gives something to the masculine but doesn’t receive anything in return. Yes, it’s the feminine’s role to extend something out into life, but how can she do it because she’s totally unconscious? And the masculine is totally misaligned.

And so it’s the role of the masculine to protect the feminine, to safeguard something so it can happen. It means that something has to be brought down as an awakened spirit energy that then is embraced by the feminine and then carried forth into life. And that’s what you were dreaming.

You were dreaming about how something is left you and you have to figure out how it is that you cash it, or make it happen. And then to point out that it is you, you added the punch line that it’s like a car, that you have to get into in a particular way and whatnot, or adapt yourself, or whatever around in order to go somewhere with it, that has also been left to you.

And that’s the nature of how the masculine works in the world and the feminine receives something, as an understanding, in order to proceed. Yes, it is the feminine that does the dissemination of things. But what you’re describing and looking at in that one step where the feminine just establishes a recognition and a realization, she just doesn’t get it herself.

And the idea that it’s harder for the masculine to do all of this is quite true, quite true, but the masculine can access the information, which is called wisdom or knowing, much more readily than the feminine can. The feminine can get into life much easier, much more naturally, than the masculine, but you have to take and pay attention to both, or you’re going to end up with a mess.

It works in that capacity. It doesn’t work in the way that we think things work, and the feminine doesn’t wake up and do her job in the way that everybody thinks, and that the masculine walks around as some sort of Neanderthal. That isn’t correct either.

Your dream portrays that you’re inheriting something, you’re inheriting a recognition, and that it comes from somewhere else – or so it seems. It’s all inside of you, but it has to be woken up in a whole other mannerism. You don’t just jar yourself and cause yourself to awaken.

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