Everything is Us

everything is connectedEasy to say, harder to do: we are connected to everything. What makes it hard to do has a lot to do with our inability to truly believe it is so, because if we did believe completely, letting go of our personal experience of life for a universal experience of life would be a trade we would make gladly – as everyone who has done it will attest. So, the question becomes, how deep in us, or how complete in us, is our belief? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, in my dream I started out doing what I had done yesterday in my meditation dream. I went back into it. And what I had done yesterday apparently in the meditation dream that I didn’t properly fully report, or didn’t notice at the time, I’m kind of reminded of in this dream in that I had to come to the conclusion, so I go back where I had been yesterday to look for what is true.

Now what I had done yesterday that I didn’t quite report was that I had come to the conclusion that when I go back inside what I thought to be true is the opposite of what I think is true in the outer. And that somehow didn’t feel right to me, but that was kind of the conclusion. It was such a shock of what I saw back there.

And I remembered the strong sensation this left me with realizing that how I had thought things to be, the way I thought things to be for all these years, was a little off, and that what was true is kind of the opposite. So it seems I go back to take a look at that again, and I go a little deeper. And when I do I discover that what I really felt to be true is how it actually is, that the other was wrong.

So what this is saying is that you start on a process and a path in which you kind of naturally know what is true. Then you get a bunch of information that can tend and send you on tangents, kind of like what we have going on right now. And so then you come to believe that that is true – where it doesn’t quite feel right.

And then you come all the way back to the point to what you really knew deep, deep, deep down inside – and you were right at the very beginning. But, of course, there are levels to this, and so how does this apply?

So I go through three examples. One is I believe that everything that arises from within us, comes from us; that it may seem that we are affected by superiors or an energetic that is correlated to our lineage or Tariqa – and for the longest time this is true – but way back deep inside that falls away. Everything is us. We are God.

Two, that we are each God at the core of our essence. For the longest time, however, we experience life as if we are catching up with the ideal and are embodying a soul that is missing out in some capacity. That isn’t right. It’s misaligned is the better way of putting it.

Three, that when we buy into something, or when we sell something, nothing actually takes place; in other words, the actions that we do in the outer. It only seems like there is this dynamic, but on the deepest inner level the stillness still resides. The idea that there is something to sort out is nothing more than the never-ending perpetuation of some separation, or another experience as existing that we have taken in and pretend exists, that lies between who we are and God.

So that’s the meditation dream.

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