A Self-Continuous Process

labyrinth-13If we are trying to be impersonal on our journey – and we are, because it’s not service to something greater if we are taking it personally – we get derailed when something happens and we become personally involved. It can be anything – an emotional upheaval, or disappointment at a certain outcome – but it’s bound to happen because we are human after all. What’s important is that we realize that we have been swept off our path and onto a detour, and find our way back as quickly as possible. Not via suppression, but by finding in ourselves higher reasons for why we do what we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In the next dream I’m with a group that is traveling on foot through rugged country, and we stop at a cabin that is kind of a resting spot along the way.

And when we leave the place and we start going, I suddenly realize I have to turn back because I lost a key out of my pocket. So I go back to the cabin to retrieve it and, of course, the cabin’s been locked up supposedly when we left because we were just there visiting. It’s just something that’s part of the wayfarer journey along the way.

So I’m told where there is a key hidden outside the cabin that I will need to find to get back into the cabin, and then when I get back in the cabin where I need to go is to the bathroom, and there’s a drawer in the bathroom and I will find, first of all, on the counter inside a bunch of keys. And so one of those keys will open the drawer in the bathroom, and in that drawer is kind of a lost and found where you put things that are misplaced, or out of alignment, or can’t be found, will be the key that I need.

But when I come to the cabin the door is not fully closed; someone had forgotten to close it properly so it wasn’t a problem getting in. I didn’t have to try to find that key. So when I opened the drawer up inside the bathroom – and of course at this time others had come back, too, for one reason or another to this cabin. Most of the precession has continued to go on, though, but I finally get the drawer open and the others had to share this bathroom and whatnot held me up.

In the meantime I start indulging on food, making a bigger mess. When I finally get the drawer open, there’s no key inside. And then I quickly, in a split second, accept that and adjust as I realized it’s not the key to something that I need, so the key that I lost, because I wasn’t sure what key I lost, the key that I lost is not the key that I need for the car, and it’s a key that isn’t all that important. It opens a storage space I have that I can easily jimmy open. I don’t actually have to have a key to get it open. I can figure another way to get it open.

So what I’m looking at here is this is not really a loss that I can’t handle. Now the others that have come back for one reason or another they’re coming back creating confusion because they had to use the bathroom and all that kind of stuff and slowed me up, and of course I didn’t know what keys that were left on the counter there would actually fit the drawer and I had to ponder that a bit, but I got it right in the first guess when I finally got in there.

But all of this other going on created a little mayhem, so I’m kind of like the last one ready to leave to rejoin the group. I seem to even have food in my hand that I haven’t finished. The imperative is that we need to hurry back to the main group. No one wants to get too far behind because we might not be able to catch up or, in my case, get even further lost.

So I went back into the meditation dream. I had to take another look. And in this early meditation dream I had found within what I needed, and what I needed had to do with one specific feature, the issue was an alignment problem. So I’m currently letting go, thus eager to get back on the journey. So that’s how that fit with this. It was all part of a journey: letting go to get back on the journey, not making too much of something that you don’t need to. Or the meaning of the dream, a self-continuous process has been worked out and I am ready and able to continue on the journey.

And then in the next dream a woman who is convinced she can grow that which is not natural to the area and kind of has left me to look after things because she’s out of the area, she’s touring or out of town in some fashion in the dream, suddenly gets back to a person who she trusts, or is left behind here, and of course I’m looking after things, but then there’s somebody else that’s in charge of things, and she asks for a particular item to be sent to her that has to do with what I’m looking after that’s in the garden or whatever.

So the person comes to me and so what it is that I have to retrieve involves pulling in a bunch of line as if it’s in the water this time, although it did feel like a garden. And so if you got a fish or something out there on the line it can’t be more than 30, 40, 50 feet right? Well, I pull the line in and pull the line in and pretty soon all I have to show is this huge gob of line in my hand. It’s just all I can do to hold all of this line in one hand all wadded up. There’s nothing to show other than just all of this line.

And the person that comes to me to get what this is connected to wonders what to do. He’s thinking he can’t be sending all of this line, and I say, “Why not? This is actually what she seeks.”

And I feel that what she is seeking to do, given the climate conditions, if you look at it in the ordinary sense it just doesn’t make sense. In other words, this is an area where things can be brought together and put together here aren’t going to be easily done because the weather is just too inclement and hot and all of that. However, because she is able to tend and water this, she has got me doing that, in an environment that is harsh, perhaps it can work out for her. I am not ruling anything out in spite of appearances.

So what is happening, so to speak, is the dream is indicating that my involvement with a woman who isn’t here yet seeks to harvest what she had me nurture, and only able to get all line and no product as a baffling response. Even so, I do not believe it is all for naught – in spite of appearances in the outer. I just know she can’t harvest it in the other way.

What she seeks to maintain is not natural to this area because of the intense heat, but that’s okay because while she is away it can be taken and looked after and things could be made sure that they’re properly tended and nutrient and all of that. And so, as a consequence, because it evolves like this in kind of a state of absenteeism, I do not rule anything out as possible other than the idea she is going somewhere personally with this. Then I have to rule that out because the evidence doesn’t seem to bear that one out. Again talking about the invisible, the in-between.

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