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anubisWhat does it mean to discover something ancient in a dream? Perhaps it helps to consider what is the most ancient aspect of being human? Could it be the reason for our design – for our purpose? As we have touched on here, what we are knows what we are here to do, if we are willing to quiet the loudness of our personal identities and listen to what is ancient and universal in us. We get these nudges in our waking life and in our dreams. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in my last dream, which seems to be the only one I remember, there were kind of two dynamics going on.

One it feels like there was a group of us that were told that there’s something that we ordinarily do for which we’re going to be slightly penalized – and I remember thinking I really didn’t quite agree with it, but it just was how it was. It might just be something like the socks you wore or something, I don’t know.

Then where the dream seems to take place is I seem to be in this large building, and I think about it almost like the Smithsonian or something, and part of the building has been recently excavated. And this young woman I know has gone into it and come out and, apparently, in this part of the building they’ve excavated, they’ve found something that’s old and radioactive, almost like an old mummy or something, and I’m supposed to go in there now with someone who’s kind of like a guide and we’re going to get whatever was preserved. And it’s like we’re going to take it somewhere where the government can examine it.

So I go over with him to get it and we’re to go through the doorway. The doorway is just kind of like this wood that’s broken in and some steps that go up to that, and there are spider webs – and I look down there’s even these little yellow and black spider in one of the webs – but even though I don’t like that I leave the spider alone and I just crawl in.

We bring it out and then I find out he’s also a pilot and he’s going to fly us down to some place where the government or whoever is going to examine what we’ve brought out. So I go to my room quickly because I feel like if I’m going to fly and go into this government office with this kind of… it’s not quite a mummy in that it’s not wrapped up like a mummy is, but it looks kind of like a mummified outfit maybe, you know, maybe has a person in it. I can’t tell, but it’s something I can carry.

And I have to hold it in the airplane while we fly down, just a little two-seater plane of some kind, but before we fly I feel like it’s important since we’re going there I need to change my clothes so it feels like the right outfit I decide to wear, so I put on a dress and then I put on cowboy boots, and then I have socks that I tuck down in the boots and then I’m ready to go. That’s the dream.

John: What you’re doing is you’re dreaming about having to contend, or to work, with an aspect or something in life. And initially your idea of how to do this is off. In other words, you haven’t quite zoomed in or zoned in to the note, or the quality, or the manner in which it’s to be done. And so, in a sense, that’s like being penalized.

What it is that you have to do is you have to deal with this something that, in the area, is radioactive, old, and mummified. Only it’s not radioactive in the nuclear sense, it’s activated through radio waves or, to keep it even simpler symbolically, it’s activated through vibration. And it is something that is old, ancient, and needs to be reawakened in terms of its aliveness, which means that it’s like mummified, or amnesic.

And so even though initially you’re handicapped in this process, this is what you need to do. And so as you go into this area you retrieve this, you retrieve these items, and you carry and bring them back. So you bring it back to a condition in which the next step can be taken. And then the next step is you fly it down to where it can now fit into the whole.

So when you place this back into life again, as you reintroduce what needs to be reintroduced back into life, you go through changes in which a certain aliveness of yourself – that is basically the whole or the overall – takes place, which in the dream is like going back to your room and putting on new clothes before you fly down and take and introduce it back into the whole.

So this is a dream about you having an involvement in a process that changes the note of that process and, in changing the note of the process, you yourself change as well as the overall continuity of the schematic of life as you know it.

You start off being a little askew. The quality that is triculating inside of you from wherever it comes from that is rising to the surface is out of place with the order of things as they currently exist. So because that’s out of place, but is something that needs to be brought into the equation of life, you’re doing this because it’s something that you feel needs to be done but, nevertheless, in relationship to the overall, in terms of how the overall is, it to begin with has… well, it’s out of place, in which case it’s deemed to be out of balance, in which case in terms of the overall, it’s penalized because it’s not fitting in.

But, nevertheless, you cannot not do this in terms of what is meant to be from your perspective. And so you work with that which needs to be awakened, brought back to life, in a particular capacity that it’s in, which is kind of amnesic, ancient, and old needing to be reacquainted back into life. And in doing that, and in bringing that about, you yourself change, or take on a whole different attire, as you then bring it through into and before the collective of it all to establish a whole new way or note to life itself. Isn’t that an interesting dream?

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