The Action of Life

stateThese dream images get us into the territory where we have to begin to see, understand, and know the subtleties of life. Yes, there is much happening that we don’t see, but if we connect to the energetics of life we can know much more about the truth of what is unfolding. And our systems are designed to do just that, if we let them know that that is what’s important to us and, ultimately, listen and respond to what they tell us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I guess I should jump exactly to how I did that, too. It’s interesting. The only reason I understand something as crazy as that is if I had dreamed that, too.

So, in my regular dream, not the meditation dream which adds another quality to all of this, I am looking at a predetermined overall grid that has been filled in with those who are meant to be part, or have been part. They’re still meant to be part of it, but something needs to change with them, and so they still are part of the action of life.

It’s like in a grid, just like a big board game or something. The grid is somewhat tiered, in other words, like various levels of an energetic, to take into account the various different natures and energetic qualities. On one hand it looks like they are people or something but, at the same time, because the whole thing has been shut off or something like that, has been decommissioned to be given a new texture, or note or something, or to have something more added to it – because something more is being added to it, each of the grids now also looks like a plate of food, each of the little spaces, so to speak, that are in the grid.

In another way of looking at it, these plates are like players in the game of life, but when the whole things is being subjected to a change in the octave, it then has a quality of being like plates of food in which something is different and is going to be added to each plate.

So I’m standing back from this feeling and knowing that something is missing. I think I have this idea that I know what is missing, that the octave of it all needs to be changed to give the whole thing a slightly different pitch. So to do this a new ingredient needs to be added so that there’s more pizazz before it’s turned back on, and I determine that that needs some tomatoes.

So I feel that from where I stand that I can just throw one tomato at a time to each player which, on the grid, is like a plate of food. They don’t catch it, in other words, it lands there. I have to hit each spot. My ability to do this is impaired. I’m not very graceful at this and I’m splattering these tomatoes around, which is embarrassing. They don’t quite go where I want them to go, kind of rusty.

So I have to individually go to each setting, very laboriously, and add the ingredient needed and clean up any mess I may have made thinking that I could do this in a more cavalier manner.

So the meaning is, life is changing, a new note is being added to it. What currently exists has gotten dry and stale and lost its viability. This has been taken temporarily out of commission. I am trying to rapidly implement a new note to the menu. My initial approach is too cavalier. I need to go to each plate and deal with the situation individually; trying to do this more expeditiously doesn’t work, it only makes a mess. I need to be attentive to one plate at a time while cleaning up any mess I may have made attempting to do it in a more erratic and less conscious way.

The meditation, I only wrote up this much, three inches or so, and I struggled with this for an hour, hour and a half trying to figure out how to say it, because what I did is I again went to a whole other depth of trying to review… it’s just like I keep going back into the same thing to try to see where all of this goes.

So I went back into this meditation dream and this time I somehow was expecting, or had an anticipation, that when I did this I was going to get to some sort of black-and-white result where there’s going to be something like this and something like that. And because there’s something like this and something like that, then that’s what creates the flow, and the action, and the energetic. In other words, there’s a pro and con, there’s a good and a bad or something.

In other words, there are components in life that happen that aren’t quite right, and then there are higher octave components that are right. This is what I seem to be carrying as a preconceived inner notion inside myself as I go looking, and what I end up finding out stops me cold in my tracks because it isn’t that way: whether you’re in this octave, or that octave, in the end it’s all the same.

I guess I just wouldn’t have normally believed that. I would have believed that there is a higher, more outstanding tiered or whatever quality that is different based upon as you go deeper and deeper in. But when you go deeper and deeper in, you’re inclined to get stuck like I was cold in my tracks realizing that none of it mattered whether you went this way to there or that way to there. It didn’t matter, it’s all God, it’s all one thing.

And I don’t know why that was so hard for me to grasp, but it was. And I struggled and struggled trying to figure out how to write it down. And even when there was a clash, it even created a clash in the image where something could have hurt itself in terms of the energetics smashing into each other, even when that happened – when you have a clash, you have a contrast – it was as if the contrast didn’t mean anything.

Even that was all same/same, which was again hard to take, but that’s just how it is in terms of the big picture that it doesn’t have all of these idiosyncrasies that we want to believe that somehow or another are in the big picture package like they are in the microcosm in which we are continually trying to sort things out.

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