Inner Rock Star

crab-nebulaWe all have our inner rock star. And, since we are all the characters in our dreams, being with a rock star points to being with the part of oneself that is able to soar – in this case to the top floor of the hotel. What part of us is truly able to soar? It’s not any outward talent we may have, it’s our inner connection to the whole of the universe. And it’s a talent that’s in every one of us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my primary dream I’m traveling with someone who’s been like a rock star and his band, and it feels like I’m supposed to kind of maybe learn something about just kind of casual singing with the band as we travel; not so much concerts or anything, but just in rehearsals, or kind of getting a sensation of that.

We’ve gone to this one city and we’re kind of high up in a hotel where our room is, and we leave the hotel to go to some kind of a reception meeting – or we don’t leave the hotel, we’re more like on the ground floor of the hotel for that. And then it just gets kind of way too mobbed, too many people show up kind of in a circle around; it feels like the rock star is getting way too much attention in a way, so that we want to get back up to our rooms.

So I start looking for a way out for us and I see this elevator, and it’s kind of like a secondary elevator that goes up the side of the hotel as far as the tenth floor. So we’ve gone over and gotten into this elevator. It has kind of an interesting sensation as it goes up because it’s kind of on the outside of the hotel.

And then, as it approaches the tenth floor, I start having some doubts. It goes pretty fast. It just stops at the tenth floor. It doesn’t go any further, but I’m trying to remember, is that actually our floor? Then the elevator does something odd: it feels like it goes straight up and then it goes inward for awhile.

When the door opens his manager is there and reminds us that we had a meeting with him, which I think I’d forgotten about, so I guess then I think it must be the right floor, being on the tenth floor. That’s all that I remember of the dream.

John: I was wondering this yesterday: when it would come back to point out kind of the levels of all of this stuff, too. In other words, it’s like there’s a correction being made to what the teacher presented, who presented it in the context of life.

And so the way it was presented is like you would develop a balance called life, and then you would go up to the brow, which is like the sixth chakra zone, and then you would bring all of that energy back down into the heart. And that’s kind of a core beginning. That’s how you have to do this at the beginning in order to hold a note of something that is meaningful.

However, to get to that which is prophetic and has a sense of knowing, in other words, to be able to really fully take in a note, in other words to be in the presence of the vibration that you need to be in the presence of, which in this case in your dream is symbolically the rock star. And when you’re around the rock star you automatically kind of know something, or are able to be in a way that you need to be.

That can get a little askew when you’re caught up in the collective and things like that, you know, the surroundings and the environment around you. So what you need to do is you need to know how to hold that presence, how to try to sort and maintain something inside of yourself that builds this energetic power. But you’re doing this to bring all of this together and open this up for something that is beyond that – because a rock star is an energy, and where you need to go with this is to the manager, right?

In other words, you need to go to a higher source base and so that requires traveling within. That requires an ability that tends to get blurred out by the activities of the outer around you, and that actually puts a new wrinkle on the idea of climbing the chakras and then coming back down.

What chakras? What number? Where is it that you’re meant to be able to fully take into account internalizing the body? First of all you have to hold the knowingness center, but then you have this whole transcendent nature that shoots over the top, that you’re not able to hold, and yet your heart center is big enough to hold everything. And so initially you just have to contend with what and how it is where you are at, which means taking it up into life, taking it up into a certain knowing center, and bringing it back down. But then as the knowing center and all of that expands, and how that works in the human body is that you actually go and if you were to say that that was on the brow of the sixth chakra, you actually build all of this to an overall presence that, what you’re saying, goes to the tenth. You have access up through the tenth.

And that tenth has to do with getting up to a particular point, being able to hold it, and being able to go across – or travel within – and there access this greater dimension that takes you to another part deep inside that actually, what this part deep inside does is it catches up with the succinctness of how it is that something is to unfold. When you go further within you can develop that. You can find what is the safe place, what is, in your case, a reporting or bringing back into a proper stasis. It’s a rock star to the tenth floor, back to the manager, all of that being you.

So you have to find it to the depth inside of yourself that goes beyond just the quality and the energetic that is communicated as the rock star. Now, the rock star, to begin with, is the teacher. The rock star is the guide that facilitates, and is constantly facilitating, a deeper and deeper grasp of the note that, if held in the body in this proper triangulation between life and sight and heart or power, if held in this proper triangulation creates or enables the access that is necessary so that the level of wholeness while in this particular case expands out into because deep down you are part of everything, expands out into an even greater level of life, which is equated to the tenth level.

Now take what you have grasped that you can hold within and you have to apply it in this way now that is part of you but it has been kind of hidden, or out of access, because your normal predicaments and contanglements had been drowning it out. The main thing that was keeping that from happening was that the energetic wasn’t being properly held or properly brought up to the sight level, too, and then brought back down. So what you’ve done is you’ve taken this forward into more of an advanced way of being.

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