A Quiet Power

PowerIf we can’t handle the power we connect to, then we have to dissipate it, basically expel it as exhaust. The better way is to be able to manage and process the power, in and out. That’s true of even the coarser powers, too. We need to expend them safely. And safety is important to the design of the universe, so for us to be right for the universe, we need to show that we are safe, too. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My meditation dream started out really, really kind of… well, there were three different scenarios, and three different ways of being in each scenario.

And one of them had very little energy or power and was kind of stale, and I forget what the other one kind of was, but it in and of itself wasn’t very clear either. And the third one wasn’t necessarily in a state of knowingness either, but it had an exuberance, or an excitement, or a zest for life.

And then there were three more and again, there was something that couldn’t quite happen with the first, and it couldn’t quite happen with the third part, but the middle one had some sort of fervor, or way of being, that engaged in life, that didn’t hold back and engaged in life. And even though it did not know what it was doing, there was an access that was possible there.

But what this was showing was, okay, there is the access that’s possible, but there’s something more yet that’s demanded. In other words, it’s not that you just accidentally somehow fall into what is intended to be – based upon having the right focus and attention or, in this case, in the energetic, the right fervor, the right exuberance, the right zeal in your nature. To have that there is the tendency to blow the energy. There’s the tendency when something happens to look at that and take it in a wrongful context – and thus lose the energy.

So, there was the third scenario to choose from that was presented, and this one had maybe the first and the third somewhat similar, but the middle one that you were meant to put your attention upon, its traits and characteristics weren’t loaded up with this exuberance and zest and zeal, and all of that, where something could get blown off the top. It had accessed a quality of equanimity with that vibration.

And so once it had accessed this equanimity, the image that was created was that of a perfect triangle, where all sides were equal. And the characteristics of this state was that it didn’t stand out, it was non-assuming, it drew no attention to itself, and yet it carried a quiet power because it was in life, it accessed a degree of knowingness but didn’t get carried away in any fashion because it had brought it back to a heartfulness that took it back into a quietness.

And so it didn’t conduct itself in ways that dissipated, and so no one paid any attention to it. Human beings denote what is newsworthy. That’s why people have TV and respond and are entertained by bad things that are happening because it’s as if they need to know that. People don’t pay attention and tend to ignore that which is flowing, and fluid, and fine in and of itself.

That which is flowing and fluid and fine in and of itself ends up being kind of dissipated, or manipulated, or used in some fashion towards some sort of ulterior motive – a person in the outer tends to do that when they don’t feel very complete in themselves. They tend to steal from that as if that’s going to help them.

So a person who isn’t doing that goes pretty much unnoticed, and that was the note, or the state, or the quality that I was shown in the meditation dream, upon which in a way that is totally unassuming, it’s the way in which something then actually unfolds, and can be changed, or changes. It’s where the true understanding is actually at, but who sees it? Who recognizes it? Because you don’t have any over-the-top mannerism to it. So that was the meditation dream.

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