A Natural Seer

seerWe have all learned from the school of hard knocks, meaning that we’ve found ourselves in unexpected circumstances and had to struggle our way through the problems that arose. But we have a much greater inner awareness that we don’t always give our systems credit for, and if we can tune in to our intuitive knowings we can avoid disagreeable situations before they happen. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Your last dream fits with the last dream that I had in which there are two chairs, kind of like bench chairs or something, and they sit outside of an area or hall or dining area or whatever where people congregate. And it’s maybe somewhat like in the outer courtyard of it, or outside of it, and people come and go inside. And I’m just sitting there.

I don’t remember when I sat down there. I mean, the dream picks up with me sitting in one of two seats that are there. And from time to time someone else will come and sit down there and get up and leave. I don’t say anything to them. I might look at them a little bit and see where they’re at in terms of how they’re trying to perceive something and look at something, but they kind of come and they kind of go.

And I just sit there and I observe the precession of things, the unfoldment of things that all cycle in relationship to this place. I don’t seem to formulate any opinions about it, either. I just seem to observe it. I finally get up and go to the back of the line just as it’s coming to an end so I don’t have to wait long. I get whisked in. I’m kind of the last person in line. And I remember sitting in the dining hall with everyone having pretty much eaten and I’m kind of there by myself.

And then the dream kind of shifts as if now I’ve come out and I run into a young woman who just has been living in life, that doesn’t have a huge awareness about much and for some reason I’m intrigued at showing her more, so I take her for a walk

And as we’re walking along I reach a point where I say, well, we shouldn’t go any farther than that because right up around those steps and that curve is where bad guys hang out, and they can accost you, and rob you, and pillage and who knows what else. And, of course, that sends the heebie-jeebies out because she’s never quite experienced anything like that, but she can tell from what I’m saying – and I ‘m speaking as if I have a familiarity about all of that, but actually what has happened is that I know the vibe of things. I can tell from the atmosphere. And so then I turn and start walking her back with her having realized and recognized that the world is a lot bigger than she would have ever imagined.

Now the meaning of this dream is that I was settling back and taking things in until I reached a point where I had pretty much grasped or understood the vibrations of the atmosphere around me to such a degree that I didn’t have to, and don’t have to, live all of that. And if you have to live all of that, then you incur traumas, and defense mechanisms, and collateral damage that has to be sifted and sorted through.

But if you can step back and not have to go through and get caught up in the usual antics that other people get caught up in, and access an awareness, a sight, a knowingness, and hold the rootedness to this within, you can come to grips with what is possible, available, recognizable as an overallness because of a natural intertwining that you have on a vibrational plane, with all there is that exists because a human being is created out of everything in life. There is nothing that it’s not.

This is like a type of skip a step in that for most people in the outer that live in the physical world they learn from the school of hard knocks in most instances. Sure, they read the papers and stuff like that to try to bring themselves up to speed so that there are certain things that they can avoid because others have already experienced it and realized that it might not be how or where you need to look or go. And, at the same time, by reading the papers they can find out something else and oh, well maybe I should be interested in that.

And so most people perceive something like that. It’s a type of observation or looking, but it is not at the depth that I was doing sitting on the bench as a type of natural seer – to the point that I took in everything, everything, vibrationally energetically before I got up to live or to act out. I pretty much had put myself into a position where everything that needed to come first, had come first, so that I was bringing up the very last of things with everything now before me.

And when it was like that then, I could then go, with parts of myself, with softer, subtler, what may have been even more innocent and more fragile aspects of myself, I could look out for that. I could take that into account. I could show that. I could bring it into a recognition of things so that the awareness could be there without the process itself having to be indulged, which is very slow, often times very painful, and can have a lot of collateral damage.

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