The Highest Sense

2014023700It’s easy to say that the journey is what’s important, rather than the destination, but both are important. Yet as these dreams show, greater knowledge unfolds every step of the way – as long as we stay on the path. That’s the nature of it: our consistent, and persistent, efforts are what unlock the intelligences that will guide us forward. We have to resist thinking that next month our understanding will be the same as today. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Oh, my meditation dream was hard. I wrote it and scratched it, and rewrote it, and rewrote it and finally I got it because the key here to understanding a meditation dream is to try to find what it is that resonates, as you’re doing it, so that you hear it, or otherwise it leaves you in a state of bizarreness.

So in the meditation dream I see myself glancing back, and in this glancing back I see myself and another to have set aside our differences. In other words, what has happened is that there’s myself and another person and we’re kind of like side by side. However, this is an unnatural side by side because, if this were to occur in the outer, I would want to get away from this person because I have nothing in common with them. I don’t relate to them whatsoever.

Yet in the dream this person or this image is standing there and I am standing there and, to the eyes of an observer who would be looking at us, we appear to be practically one and the same. By that I mean to say, there is such little actual difference between us energetically that we’re like same/same.

However, the dilemma I had to sort out in this dream is – even in this dream this is somewhat shocking to me, and the reason why it was somewhat shocking to me as an aspect of life is that in the outer I guess I already still carry or harbor synaptically the sense that this isn’t the situation because we differ in our outer reactions, beliefs, and mannerisms – and about everything. So what I see even in my dream bothers me even though it’s just a dream because I am biased by something that is keeping this from making sense, as if I still sense the outer aspect yet.

And the meaning is that the coming together is an ideal that exists, but what I find unusual is the lifelessness of such an issue. In other words, when you’re reacting and carrying on and whatnot you’re making all kinds of commotion about something as if you’re sorting it out, and figuring it out, and getting yourself in a place where you need to be. But in this particular instance, by lifelessness it falls into kind of a calm or a stillness. And I believe it is because, in the image, I have come to accept every aspect of an appearance to be alike.

And the purpose of the dream is to shake me out of a doldrum so that I take into account a whole other motif that I had been keeping at bay. In the dream, I am going beyond those mannerisms in order to see an overall condition of connectivity, or intertwined linkage, that is the one and the same, which was a shock to me, even in the dream. Because although I might be able to know this to be true in the highest sense of things, but living it is a whole other thing. Isn’t that interesting?

And so, that’s the meditation dream which is kind of a big gulp; in terms of getting to something like that you have a lot of in-between things to work out. You have to open up to a lot. And so the recognition that one’s on a path, or on a journey, that opens up to things little by little is what this dream is about.

In this dream I find myself, I can’t explain why I find myself like this, but I find myself on a bus. This is a bus that goes way, way, way back in time. It’s evidenced by the fact that starting in the back and going all the way forward along kind of an upper ledge rim are these eggs, and these eggs are placed in kind of a chronological order from the oldest egg going forward.

And so I’m noticing these eggs there, just like you can go into a restaurant or something and they have the accoutrements of the past and like some people put Coke memorabilia in certain restaurants, whatever they might have that’s a fascination that kind of gives you a throwback in time. That’s what these eggs are like: they’re catalysts to a throwback in time.

I know I need to do something, or eat something, or I’m going somewhere… I know something is to happen, but I don’t have a sense of what it is. And so I guess that causes me to want to know a little bit more about these eggs. So I get up, and I must be kind of towards the back area, and I look at these old, old eggs that are there and I keep walking forward and they keep getting newer and newer and newer until I get to the front. And when I reach the front I ask about the eggs, and that’s when I’m told that these eggs go back in time up to 30 years.

And I, of course, have already figured out that I started with the oldest and am coming forward and that they’re kind of chronologically laid out. And some of those old eggs didn’t look too good of shape because they’d aged, 30 years old, and somehow held themselves together on this bumpy old bus and didn’t break or anything. Some of them had cracked maybe a little bit, but they somehow or another… I mean that part is kind of impressive.

And that’s when I wake up. In other words, in the dream I don’t see myself going back down the other side now seeing the eggs as they keep coming forward in time.

And the meaning of this is I am on a path that accesses a history within that is being made known to me and, in so doing, I am taking into account what is rooted in a tradition that extends way back.

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