The Memento

g3As we begin to understand what is of real importance in life, we find ourselves seeing beyond the surface allure of things. In this dream, a commemorative coin becomes the symbol for something else, something that is no longer there, and is something that no longer holds any real value. To see that which has true value is the journey of awakening. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well these two dreams, I don’t know why they threw me in such a deal. I kept thinking when I went to bed that I was going to have trouble dreaming. I had actually two dreams when I went to bed, but I couldn’t remember the second one because this one, that I did pull out, which I thought was doofus, actually kind of captures these first two vibrations just in a goofy dream like this.

In this dream, I’m handed a memento coin that is three or four times the size of a regular, say, silver dollar. It’s very light, though, because it’s made out of junk metal. It’s a memento coin. It’s blank on the reverse side. It only has the image on one side, on the front.

The person who gave it to me, this thing that depicts something that I suppose is the real thing but this is just an inflection of it, a memento, probably got it at a cheap price because it has no significance other than for appearance purposes. And the person probably bought it thinking, okay, he knows that I like the real thing, so he doesn’t know how to hand me or get me the real thing, so he gets me something that’s a memento.

And he asks me, “Do you like it?” Well, I can’t hurt his feelings, so I say I do, “Yeah, I like it.” But ordinarily I wouldn’t give it a second glance because I don’t like fake objects. Isn’t that an odd dream?

So this coin reflects something that was and is no more, in other words the way one identifies with things. It should be no more. The problem is it still might have an identification in some way that takes the attention from where it needs to be attuned, or aligned, and intertwined.

So I find myself, when I’m caught in a situation where there’s just this sort of memento imagery, nothing real or dynamic, I find myself feeling flat with no excitement or zest for life because I’m not good at trying to make something out of that which is fake – because that’s a nauseating way to be. And the idea that I would hold onto something like this is even demeaning.

And then I thought that was enough, but then when I laid back this sort of thing came in in that the purpose of a dream like this is to inflect an image that is intended to cause one to visualize what I really feel, and to visualize it in terms of how the heart needs to be – so that one isn’t clinging to that which is false. And so then if one wants to beat up on one’s self, the fact that one had a dream like this it actually isn’t proper to probably do this, but one is still inclined to do that.

And that actually is a wrongful thing to do now in dreams, but the wrongful thing that kind of closes the dream down, is to impute upon yourself the fact that you’re still playing games like this, even though you know this is illusory. You’ve got to be careful on the degree to which you shoot the arrow back. Seeing it you should be able to just, okay, and then just that’s just kind of how it is. Otherwise you put yourself in a position where you can’t keep progressing because you keep assigning, you keep putting some sort of judgment or sense upon yourself when you beat up on yourself.

That’s what makes for dourness instead of a certain excitement in terms of the way things are just laid out as a quality of a knowingness to be taken back into a greater heartfulness.

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