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the-big-picture.jpgIn this culture, we have become so brain dominant that we no longer trust our instincts; we follow our reasonings rather than our intuitions and knowings. And that’s a mistake, because the brain is much slower at processing data than our instincts and other faculties. We may not always get the same precise language that the brain offers, but that’s why we must learn to trust our systems. And what brings all of our systems together is the heart. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: My dream has to do with things that have to yet be. It’s almost as if I’m hearing something that hasn’t yet happened and is going to happen. And whatever that is that’s going to happen, then that happening is a precursor to something else.

Now the problem is, is for me tuning in upon that which is to happen. And I know the general aspect of it, but the particular mannerisms and decisions that I make, is that going to connect or address it?

In other words, it’s like where can you get a right of access to a garden plot with vegetables that can be grown, and need to be grown? And you need to have this garden access right in terms of what’s coming in the future.

So in terms of trying to accommodate it, in which it’s kind of like a one-day deal for these things to be wrapped up, in order to pull something together the first place I check out is fairly close, but I’m of the opinion that the strip isn’t long enough, or is too vulnerable, too close in – in the event of some sort of upheaval that’s also going to come when these vegetables are going to be important.

Even though these things are going to go on a first come, first served basis, for some strange reason this facility is offering an extra plot if I sign up, in other words, two for the price of one. Well, I’m not sure that even at that rate that the layout is quite right, so I go to another place that is more out of the way, but there’s something about it being more out of the way that makes me feel that it might even be more secure – it’s going to be harder to go, and I’m not as likely to go there perhaps or whatever.

The other is all too easy, and too easy also in terms of everybody else, too. This is a harder place to get to and it has its sign out there, too, for a one-day special. And the signage that it has out there, it’s almost as if you have to struggle to get back there, when you get back there even the sign is misspelled and whatnot. In other words, it’s not anywhere near as sophisticated as the other place. What I notice that the lines that it has stand out and that is what I like about it, the lines in it, plus the strip is longer. I knew that it had to be longer and the strip is a mile long with the tie-in lines clearly visible, which were not as visible as I felt they needed to be in the other.

What causes me to energetically race out is I’m told that I can get two extra strips or two pieces, two extra, not one free if I buy one, but I get two free. But the only thing I don’t know about – because this like the other place has nothing growing yet, it’s just an open area – is if this property or ground is conducive to produce what is needed. It doesn’t matter how much land you get, or how much area or rights you have, is it conducive?

So I have to make the decision based upon how it feels. In other words, I’m looking at all of these combinations but I can go around and around and around comparing this and, at some point, there’s something that you just never will know. You’ll never know if this ground is going to grow the vegetables as good as this other ground, or how that’s going to be.

And, of course, even if the other ground grows the vegetables better, if they’re not as secure, or if you can’t get them when you need them, then what good is that? So the decision I have to make can’t be made by the head. In other words, your head can’t understand this other. What understands whether there is a connection or not, is the heart. So to make the distinction between the two possibilities – because you just don’t know what the future brings – I have to figure out a way to get it so that it resonates to the heart.

And so I’m realizing that only if I’m able to get it so that it comes across in this way will it be possible for something to open up so that I can grow, or have grown, what needs to occur.

I kept thinking, gosh, this is really a loud dream. So I’m sitting here pondering this and then this other little image that pops through is an image about the potentiality, so the decision that is made where one might work, and the other might not work, has to do with what can be disbursed in the future, or what this evolves into, or is meant to be as something that is brought forward in the future.

So in the follow up image what I see is I am writing out a check that’s a disbursement. In other words, I’m paying something out with this check. And I wake up because in writing the check it’s like I write a sentence in there. I’m making it out to this sentence, this action statement. And in this action statement is the word “can.”

And as I write this I lose focus or something and so I have to rewrite it again, and I’m writing “can” on top of something else, and so it’s hardly legible. And so I’m wondering if I need to initial it and write “can” above it so that it’s clearly spelled out, or if I have to rewrite the whole thing and start over in order to make the thing viable?

So the meaning is, is I’m trying to be receptive to a connection that is possible, but to establish it I have to figure out how to make the decision with the heart more than with the mind. My mind considers the option, but it is my heart that directs me to how I need to be. To hear what I need to hear from the heart is important for the future, in terms of how something opens up to what can be done.

The potential of “can” is what I am trying to reach as an inner recognition. This is a knowingness that is verified vibrationally by the heart. In other words, within the decision that you make you have a flash of energy, kind of an “aha,” an okayness, say. It’s kind of like something totally lets go when it doesn’t have this mental aspect in there, too.

When you hit that moment there is at my disposal a means of distribution that can be, or is, possible. In other words, that moreness is just there. That’s why you do it because that moreness, the next step starts to open up. I reach this awareness based upon an inner knowingness that resonates in the heart. This is how I am able at this time to sort out that which is not readily determinable by my mind and senses.

You can’t tangibly put your finger upon it. You put value upon an impulse, an impulse that is a heart impulse instead of a mind scoping that can have the appearance of knowing something, but what it knows is not necessarily what needs to be known because it’s only the heart that takes in the full picture.

What you can know with the mind has to do with only a scope of your consciousness, whatever that scope may be. But when it’s brought back so that it resonates from the heart, so that you get that confirmation, so to speak, in kind of an impulse – that is when you know and are aware that what it is that you’re tying into connects and intertwines as it needs to, to the whole. Or otherwise you are still doing the piece of the piece. You’re getting in the way.

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