Alchemical Stasis

alchemHere are two dreams that bring us to the core of spiritual development: how do we have to be in order for higher essences to come join us? We’re always thinking that we have to “achieve” something, even on a spiritual journey. But instead, we have to decide what we want to be with, what we want to become champions for, in our lives, and then set about being attractive to those essences. We don’t develop, higher essences develop us. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well in the first dream it’s like I’ve gone to this dental office. There’s a dentist and the woman that’s his wife I think is assisting, like the dental assistant.

And I’ve gone to have some dentures fitted, but it feels like the upper denture in my mouth there’s a tooth that keeps coming out and another part that keeps sliding down. For some reason there’s some kind of a piece in there that slides almost and it doesn’t fit quite right. So I’ve been there now two or three times trying to get it fit right.

Well, one of the problems is it’s hard for me to sit still as long as I should sit still for something to set, and then I don’t understand the whole procedure quite. Well, I’m back there like my third time, kind of sitting there in this chair, and they’re fitting parts together to get it to hold and one tooth has come out. She’s trying to get it all back together, and then she’s kind of mentioning to me maybe she needs to change to this top-of-the-line denture.

Well, I thought we already had good dentures, so why are we changing so soon, you know, within a year or two? But then I’m thinking that, no, if you put any money in anything this should be something you should put money into, and it makes sense, so why don’t we do that?

Then they have something in my mouth that’s setting, but it’s still hard for me to sit still and never move my mouth – so I never know if I make it a little too loose sometimes. That’s that first dream.

John: What you’re doing in this dream is you’re describing and portraying an alchemy of a process. In other words, you’re having to take, and you’re having to get into, a way of feeling, a note or a tone, so that something then is able to change or evolve.

And the ideas may be one thing, that’s the dentist, but it’s the woman, the alchemy or dentist assistant, that is important in this that you get her process in that she’s the one that is looking at how something needs to be fitted, or the result, how the result needs to end up. In other words, the dentist can do what the dentist can do, but she being part of the alchemy team is having, this part of you is having to catch up with the note or tone that you need to be in in order to recognize what it is that you have to adopt, and accept, and take in as a good deal, as a good investment, as a practical thing in terms of change.

I’m curious where you go with that now.

Jeane: I think after that I know I had a dream with a horse in it, but I didn’t remember that. Then this morning I was having a dream, and it feels like it’s a Sufi gathering, spiritual gathering of some kind, in a large auditorium area, men and women, and there are about three of us that have gone.

There are some people sitting to the left of us somewhere, but a little bit out on the auditorium floor, and the rest of us have come around, at least three of us, and maybe someone behind me too, and we are kind of bowed down. But the normal thing would be we would start gathering a little momentum in holding hands and maybe move up into a dancing rhythm.

But for some reason this day that doesn’t feel right. It feels like staying bowed down a certain period of time feels more right – even though I can kind of hear the music. And also there’s a sense that this group that was sitting over here, they just don’t feel like they would be really supportive of us going into any movement today.

So initially I go over and I sit near them for a second, but that doesn’t feel right either. Then the next thing I know I’m standing up against a wall and there’s a woman next to me that, in the past, I’ve had some conflicts with, but I’m just looking at her now, you know, she even makes some comments to me. It feels like I just kind of want to let all that pass. And it’s more like right now we’re observing. I think that’s when the dream ended.

John: What the first dream is doing is it’s setting a tone or a note of a kind of alchemical stasis of balance that you need to have, and what that is is not necessarily in keeping with the idea of what is to occur in a spiritual way that you perceive unfolding around you.

The theme of the dreaming also had to do, and this is why it was so interesting to see it as an alchemical thing in you, has to do with the letting go of a particular way or mannerism that had existed. When you let go of a particular mannerism, when you’re able to release yourself from that, that’s when you have a sense of whether something is right or not right.

So even though you can be in a setting in which the seeming flow and appearance of something is, for all intents and purposes, would seem to be what is in order, you’re able to tell that from the alchemical kind of quality change or shift that you’ve gone in, which has a certain kind of power to it from the little image of the horse, that awakens and is an awareness from the heart center, you’re able to tell that you need to not necessarily even observe. In other words, you had been kind of participating, and then you were kind of observing, and then you have to let go of even that and go even more so into such a letting go that there is no paying attention to what is deemed to be the way something is meant to unfold, that you actually hear.

And again the theme of the dreaming last night is moved by, because of the alchemical quality that you have tied into, moved by and are then complying with, a way that you’re able to tell here, or know, that has nothing to do with anything that may seem to be so, or true, in the environment around you – even in an environment that has spiritual connotations.

What you have done is you’ve taken and you’ve encapsulated what I’ve broken down into little pieces. You’ve encapsulated it all in one great big schematic – that would look peculiar and bewildering in and of and by itself, if it hadn’t been for all of the little bits and pieces broken down in my dreaming.

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