Moved From Within

0In this series of images, John is again concerned with the process of letting go as a means to become more connected or to gain greater inner knowingness. As we have said, in everyday life we often feel we have to do some grand gesture to make significant change. But on a spiritual journey that isn’t usually the case. It’s what we don’t do, it’s what we no longer will do, it’s when we drop our expectations of how things should be that we begin to get somewhere. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so then I see this whole sequence of little images that show the contrast between appearances and inner, or something afoot, or a change agent possible as a consequence of letting go, or dropping a mannerism, or a set way that blinds one from picking up a deeper memo.

The first image is of a combustible man who races over and puts himself in a position of sacrifice. He’s got this outfit on that’s designed where you light it afire and it burns up and he’s gone. He didn’t need to do this, but he is doing this as a statement that’s intended to further the unfoldment of another energy that is in need of coming into existence at this time.

So the way this works is when the time is right this person will go up in smoke – and in his place will be the dawn of something new. Without this sacrifice no significant change is possible. Isn’t that a strange dream?

What I am saying in this dream, well, it holds a very ominous sign. A memorable effect is needed as a statement, just like a symbolic or something, just like you have rituals that signify something and then something takes place. It breaks through some barrier. So as a statement, and this is a statement that’s a precursor, that harbingers as something new, you have this person doing this purposeful transition sacrifice. The result will be something outside of the current existing status quo, and this is a precursor to a shift to something new.

In this dream, I’m in a place that I know I must leave immediately. In the front door comes a person who I do not need to meet. Until he comes in, I was okay in this place. I now know that there is a change occurring and I must leave. The back door is still an option, but only if I act immediately. This door will be blocked in the very near future and what may even appear to be an inadvertence because there’s going to be a bicycle, it’s tire is going to stick out into the doorway. And when that happens, this will block the door.

What is going on is that this didn’t seem to be much to even my frame of reference on one level in the dream, but on a deeper level this was a big deal because there was no way for me to overcome this even though it struck me as a minor incident. This reminds me of the saying – and in this case you apply this saying in reverse – so it’s a reverse element of dreaming, big things start in little ways, is the tire in the way.

The meaning is a significant event that is about to affect my psyche, and psyche in Greek, the definition of psyche in Greek is soul. A significant event is about to affect my psyche or soul is at the cusp right now.

So I have the feeling in this next dream that the setting is not right. It’s over and over, it’s the same harbingering thing, just like you, you did it in terms of something in your mouth and you were trying to find the alchemical change that would automatically put you in a place of being in which you would hold that place of being and so something more could be. See, you do it like that, plop, just like that. Me, I do the flip flop of it all.

So I have a feeling that the setting is not right. I am able to take in what there is in this place, but as I do so I know that there is nothing here to take in as set, in other words. It’s just not right. Because this is not something I can settle back and appreciate, I know it is going to change, I am looking for a simpler way to be.

The significance of the dream is the dream is showing me that there is a knowingness that is reachable when I let go of what I am holding onto. A simplification brings me closer to where I need to take in life, filter free.

And then in this next dream, the last dream finally, I wake up making the statement that “this moves myself,” this moves myself. I keep wanting to change those precise words, this moves myself. What moves myself, is the question? So in the dream I see myself moving about uneasily. The feeling is uneasy because something is off. Suddenly there is a change that frees me up. That is when I make the statement, it moves the self.

The meaning is, incorporating the prior dreams, if I get off a precarious ledge, or edge, quit paying attention to that which is an uneasiness inside because that which is uneasy dwelling upon that is not going to get you anywhere because that is destined to change. I then can reach a point to where you let go of a condition that you’re in.

The condition I am in – when I let go of it is only when I realize this because otherwise I’m anesthetized – the condition is way too complicated. What I am looking at has its own set of complexities. I’m thinking I’m figuring it out, but I’m not, I’m just going into another set of complexities.

This is keeping me from letting go. When I let go I can be moved from within. When I hold on, I suffer from the unfolding outer consequences that I seek to control. I am being shown how to go with the flow from an inner perspective point of view. It’s kind of like an inner perspective point of view because you raise up and you get it, you’re swept up by it, you know, it moves the self.

It’s like a language is something that moves the self. It’s more than an impulse. It’s more of… it’s a light bulb moment. It’s something that actually sweeps you. It’s a little louder, in other words, than just an inflection, which can be just a brief inflection then drowned out in something else and you don’t know what validity to give it. It moves you.

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