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life3We’ve probably all heard the comment that great ideas don’t matter if they just stay in our heads, i.e., if we don’t do anything with them to make them real. Now apply that concept to creation: we can connect to higher intelligences and knowings, but if we don’t manifest them into life – by acting on them, or living them – then they are lost to creation, another moment unfulfilled. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: The first dream from about three in the morning that I barely remember is… Well, the most I remember about that earliest dream is it feels like it was about something being distributed, and however it was given out in the beginning, or decided how it would be given out, in the end it feels like I go over to this woman who’s lying down and I unzip the side of her body and I reach in and I’m taking out something.

Now, what I’m taking out is something that’s made out of metal. It might just be a gold chain, it might be something else. It’s not something you would normally find in a body.

In the rest of the dream it felt like there was someone else that I was discussing this with, or that we were distributing it through a discussion, but in the end of it when it came to that it felt like I was unzipping the side of her body and taking it out of the body. That’s all I really remember from that very earliest dream.

John: The reason why you were having trouble remembering the dreams is that there is a change up or switch that is happening, in that it’s important to stay also in the present as one goes and sees something really, really deep inside.

The reason is that you don’t actually bring inner into outer if you just escape and go off and see something really, really deep inside and don’t actually pull it into a context – meaning bringing it back down into life. And so for some reason this energy has changed the way it octaves. For a while we were allowed to take and have dreams that would go really, really, really deep inside, and I still will have a meditation dream that’s that way, in that I will have the dream in meditation and then I can conk out, come back a couple of hours later having pulled it more together or something, and be able to write it down.

But that doesn’t necessarily guarantee that then that motif continues when I come to bed because what can happen is I can then have a dream that goes really, really deep in my sleep but I get the memo inside. I understand it inside. And so when I wake up I can’t necessarily write it down; I actually already kind of understand it. And it floats kind of on a periphery, and so if I hang out with the periphery I can then start to get all kinds of little images and whatnot that are practically awake, but are visuals that are all taking the energy that was quickened from within, that I was brought in touch with, and causing it to be applied or carried out and carried across into life in the outer.

But it is from kind of an inner coming into the outer by something coming down almost as if one brought the energy up through the heart and up to the sight, but then didn’t just keep going into the sight and seeing something so much more. It brought it right back down to where it stayed in a practicality in terms of creation, or manifestation, and that’s what you were, somehow, in this odd little dream you were having, you were trying to do. You were trying to figure out how to spread this out. Your ability to remember it was difficult, but the sensation you had was trying to spread it out.

You were unzipping the body… it’s a reverse, you’re unzipping the body to take something out of the body, which is like an extraction of a mannerism. I mean, you can have mannerisms in terms of how you take and dream and probe in the outer.

The distributing in the marketplace, and the functionality in the marketplace, can lead to, because it’s an outer dense physical world, can lead to issues that are awkward, especially because you don’t see how the outer combines with the inner. And so you find yourself having to throw something off or to extract out of the body in order to try to create the facilitation.

That flowing of taking something out of the body is not as it appears. In other words, you are inclined to think that this removal is something that thereby enables you to have a greater access to something so much deeper and more, but the removal could just as easily be the attitude that you have in the physical that propounds you to seek to understand and see something inside yourself. And in seeking to understand and see something inside yourself, you are vibrationally coming to the conclusion and opinion that you need to extract something that is in the way.

Instead, the energy that you’re able to maintain and hold onto comes right down into life. It doesn’t have to have these black-and-white distinctions between inner and outer. It can work right into the flow of life. And so if you were to view this as an extraction in the tendency of a linear way of looking at this, you’d be inclined to think that on the other side of it is something even deeper in terms of a quality of an expansiveness of the soul that you would be catching up with.

But what if you were to just view this as something in which you’re removing something that is in the way from keeping you from properly distributing or bringing something down that you then hold in the nature of your being. In other words, you are accustomed to dreaming in a way that includes or takes into account something that is going on in manifestation. You’ve used that as a container.

But where you’re going to get in trouble with the dreaming is if you get to scoping out beyond and losing those parameters. When you get to scoping out beyond and lose those parameters, then you’re going to be having a tendency of extracting something from the body as opposed to recognizing that everything needs to stay contained, needs to stay together. You need to bring the energy down. You need to be able to take what is knowable on kind of an inner transcendent way, to the degree to which you can stretch like that, to be able to take that right down into the physical so that it is applicable and workable and functionable in life. Does that help? It’s very complicated.

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