Inner Responsibility

the Butterfly effectWe know that our thoughts, over time, can effect our physical health. Yet the same type of effect is true for the world around us. So to become truly spiritualized we must begin to take responsibility, conscious responsibility, for our energetic effect on things. Think of it like litter: how often do our thoughts add garbage to the environment of life? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream it’s like I have had a woman who’s a business partner, maybe we’ve made something like jewelry or something we take to a market to sell. When you go to the market and there’s even a certain motion of it – you might go around an oblong bottom and up to the top and back down or something.

That seems to be the sense of the motion of it, but if we’ve gone up and we’ve come back down, what I realized is that when I go to negotiate a price, or to get what I need to get or to sell what I need to sell, whatever it is, that I suddenly realize that I’m really on my own at this point. At this point I can’t really trust my partner. She’s kind of looking after her interest and I can’t really trust the marketplace in a sense to give me what the value is, that this is something that, at this point in time, I have to figure out myself.

John: Yeah, you continued that earlier dream in that initially when you take and you do things in the outer world it’s nice to have some support, or a structure, or a mannerism in which you can lean or be supported by, and that you can get used to that and accustomed to that because it creates a kind of flow and cohesion that relieves a certain degree of inner responsibility.

In this dream, however, you went up and about and around and so you took into account more of the variables in life and, as a consequence, you then had to factor that into the schematic when you came back down into life.

And you realize that you had to live who it is that you are, and that you couldn’t necessarily depend upon anything like you had been depending upon before – including the person who was assisting you – and the idea of how it is that you market what you market and everything, because you have now taken into account a greater scope of things. And in this greater scope of things the perspective of things that are going on in the manifestation that you’re bringing all of this down into is much, much greater.

It’s one thing to operate in a small orb where you just walk back and forth to one place each day and have that pattern down completely and nothing changes about it, but in this particular case you have opened up to a greater dynamic of life. And in a greater dynamic of life, you have to become even more complete or whole in terms of yourself. You can’t have any dependencies in terms of expectations, or feel that everything is coordinated and orchestrated through kind of say another mannerism that’s a little outside of yourself, that you’re finding that you’re having to catch up with this sight, the knowingness that you have yourself.

In other words, it’s kind of nice sometimes to only be able to go to a particular degree, but by moving around this, that, and the other and familiarizing yourself with so much more you can’t get away with that anymore. See how that’s similar to the first dream?

Jeane: So in this last dream it’s like I’m married and we have a daughter who’s about 14. She’s recently been involved with a boy who we think is about 16, but we’ve been told the boy’s a pedophile, but she doesn’t believe.

So we’re in this dilemma… she’s still at an age where we have a little bit of control of the situation. We’ve been keeping them apart. You know that can push someone into a relationship and then I’m discovering that maybe he’s 19, not 16. I’m really not even sure of the age now.

I also realized that the danger isn’t really to her, but if they get together the danger would be to her children more than anything. And I don’t really know the motives of the people that told us this information or whether it’s true, so it’s like what I finally figure out is it’s like my husband and I are going to have to investigate and figure out what the truth is in the situation, on our own, because there are just too many unknowns in the situation.

John: So this has taken the second dream in which you have to take into account variables and responsibilities and mannerisms that are part of the overall whole, that you had been able to kind of defer or leave off to one side and have a life that was kind of more streamlined.

Now, as the result of having taken on these additional variables, you’re now able to kind of have a sense in terms of what is… in other words, maybe your perceptions before you did that was one thing, but now your perceptions about things are slightly different. And because your perceptions are slightly different, you’re trying to figure out how it is that you adapt or find yourself coming into a natural accordance with that without shocking, or alarming, your being too much.

And you realize that how it is that you take this in, or take this on, is going to have consequential effects that’s going to send ripples into life. It’s going to affect the scenario all around you. And that’s an interesting responsibility to have to take on because when you do start to take something like that on, you now are at a point where you have to factor in the potentiality of this something else, this something new, this change, this greater horizon. You’re going to have to factor in what that means in terms of the future.

And so that causes your responsibility in the way you feel you have to touch it, or handle that, that brings in a certain vibration or acuity that has to work with that in a way so that it can be accommodated without it being something that is too much, or too alarming. And the reason why you find yourself doing that is that you are adding into this way of dreaming the prophetic quality. In other words, whenever you shape something you can’t just shape something in kind of an amnesic state and just say, hey, there she goes and turn it loose. You also have to shape something with a sense of how it is going to unfold going forward into the future.

So in dreaming into a kind of knowingness you have to, at some point, come to grips with the bigger equation of things. You have to know what is kind of intended in terms of the design, in terms of the will of something. You have to kind of put yourself into some sort of attunement with that. It has to open up for you. You can’t stay in a bewilderment where you just get information, you get insights, you get energetic inflections, but other than that you just kind of are adrift going in circles. You also have to have a sense of what it is that’s meant to be. And so this dream incorporates a little of that prophetic quality now.

You set off a whole sequence. You had first of all the idea of how something had to be aligned in terms of inner and outer. Then you had to contend with the energetic of getting scoped too far out of body and out of consequence to being able to properly pull it in – and that happened because you abandoned a certain mannerism of your own physical nature – as if you had a right to extract yourself away from that.

And then you came back into that. One of the reasons why it was easier to just go somewhere else, like in the first dream, because you then didn’t have to contend with having to take into account things that you had been leaning on, or other people’s opinions, or the collective environment around you, and things like that. But by coming back down and into the body and such and holding the energy more in a wholeness, you are then able to see what is needed and necessary in relationship to a greater responsibility that is opening up inside of you.

But as this greater responsibility opens up inside of you, you can, as shown in the third dream, get to the point where you actually find yourself having to contend with how something is ordered, or situated, or shaped and might need reshaping a little bit to bring it into a better alignment.

Well, in order to do something like that it’s not just something that you do willy nilly. You have to take into account what those actions might mean in terms of the consequences going forward – and that is the prophetic part. I mean, you’re having to take to heart what it would be like to contend with that.

So, in the second dream it’s real important that you kind of snap out of something and come down and get back into life, and realize that from what you have been able to scope or realize or recognize from within, that you have to own that energy and function from that standpoint of clarity and knowingness that you’ve accessed – and not defer it as if you do not have what it takes to understand, or to live, in a way that takes into account how it is that you’re coming to find yourself resonating on an inner level into an outer.

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