Surrender to an Inner Space

InnerspaceIn this image, John has a piece of property whose value lies below the surface (on the inner level), and the property itself is not easy to access. And so it is with us as individuals. What is being show is that the path to knowing how to access that value, to unlock it, comes through a connection to the heart – the feeling part – rather than through the brain, the reasoning part. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: There is a piece of property that I have never seen other than on a map. It’s in the shape of a railroad strip, and this railroad strip it’s almost as if it lies up between… you know, above the top part of Canada as Canada maybe connects to Alaska or something. I see it as a line that comes across, and there’s water and whatnot, so it’s not easy to get to the spot. You would have to go up and over and around to get to the spot.

And this line comes across and this line is like what separates the two areas and it is in a cutoff spot, like I mentioned, because it’s cut off by water on both sides. And I owe taxes on this parcel, and these taxes seem very excessive. I’ve gone into my pocket and I’ve checked and I’ve got just enough money, if I go to the loose change that I have, to pay these taxes. It is like $1803 to pay the taxes – but it’s going to take everything I have, including the change.

Even though I haven’t seen the property and do not feel that I have any interest in using this property, that is the surface of it, which is like the lower-self nature, I know that this properly sits in an oil and gas area and is within definitions in which there should be oil and gas under the property, but that’s like a whole other story, a depth.

Because of the oil and gas potential and what that might mean in other regards, in other words regards other than the surface because there’s something about the surface that I don’t know quite where I fit in relationship to that, I am torn over what to do. In fact, I am wearing myself out trying to resolve the issue, thinking about it, or trying to find within my own intellectuality or something, what’s the right choice? And I know I have no intention of ever using the property, nor will I ever travel to see it. I mean, I just locate it on a map. So in that regard, if I wanted to relieve the tension I could just blank it out and let it go.

But there is something innocuous, something tripping me at some sort of inner value at depth that makes me have to ponder, in other words, not just amnesically let it go, there’s something more. And I realize that the answer I seek over what to do is from kind of what I would consider a feminine perspective, because from a masculine perspective you weigh it up, see if it was tangible right here and now, and if it’s not you move on. And it’s more feminine because of the potentiality that’s latent perhaps underneath all of this even though the surface is something of which again this is a strip that ties between two places. On one side is one place, it’s kind of a no-man zone.

To know what I need to do I need to let that part of myself come through. In other words, a part that listens from the heart, or sets aside the intellectual mannerism, in other words, to find this nonintellectual knowingness that comes from an intertwined quality I carry at a hidden depth within. By accessing that I will know what to do. From this place there is a knowingness that will either resonate or not in terms of what you might say an inner flow.

Now, the thing that’s difficult about this dream is the inner flow has a certain excitement to it, and then just looking at it in the outer sense it’s flat, it’s going to be flat, because I have no use for it, no understanding of how to use it, I’m not there.

The meaning is, is the sight that I seek to know what to do comes from a part of my being that is connected to the higher self. This is a part I do not readily know other than that therein lies some sort of potential value which makes things important in another regard, other than strictly a means of connective association. In other words, connective association I do not yet understand for myself in terms of where I’m at in manifestation at this time, so it’s bland, it’s blank, it’s meaningless. But then there is something even more so, in that regard, in terms of manifestation, in terms of looking at just from that opinion other than what lies beneath, I am flat.

So the intrigue continues because there is a unique wayward appearance on a map that is fascinating, even though it’s flat to me, and by that I mean this piece seems to lie between two separate regions of the world, i.e. between two countries, and I am not in touch with where I am at on this issue. The only link I have is an intertwined interest that comes from an inner depth in terms of the location, and that is it may have a potential importance that I am not meant to disregard. To know the answer to that I need to surrender to an inner space where a knowingness resides. I will only tear my psyche or soul nature up if I remain divided against myself from the physical perspective only.

The deeper meaning is that there is a closed-hearted coolness in my nature, in other words, the part that is flat about the whole thing. That’s kind of where the heart closes down because it does not have a tangible way of knowing how this fits and so it quickly jumps to conclusions. So, there’s a closed-hearted cool that is in my nature that is making this hard for me to discern. Otherwise, I would readily know what it is that I am meant to do because there is an inner flow that is more concrete. So, that is the deep meditation dream.

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