Two Places at Once

two_worldsHumans are designed to straddle the physical worlds and the energetic worlds. Yet, for the most part, we have lost our contact with the energetic worlds. Being on a development journey means reconnecting to that aspect of life. It requires that we let go of our reliance on the external world and begin to trust our inner world. That, in turn, connects us with the intelligence and guidance we need to keep on our path. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Then I proceeded to have a dream in which I took and looked at the extremes of variables which is similar to what I have done before. A prior similar dream would be where you see a person that is really in an amazing attire and then you see another person that’s not, and the person that’s in the amazing attire has so much more dexterity and involvement and clarity aliveness, and the other person is kind of dull.

And then you come to realize that they’re both you, and then you come to realize that you have to integrate the both of them because like I say they’re both you, which means they’re one and the same. Well, I kind of get the understanding and the memo of that, so I kind of reviewed that almost as if this time I have to realize the only way to understand this is I have to realize it was like a precursor to taking something to another step.

It’s like I get that, I’ve seen it. I don’t need to keep repeating that, so I reviewed it and was intent on waking up and writing it down – but it just went poof and it was amazing. I mean, it sat there right on the surface and all I had to do is just move the eyelids open and down it would go, and it’s like I knew it was going to do that, and so I laid there in this hypnagogic state or whatever it is, all of these other images started floating in – and that was the next step.

And so here’s one of them. I retrieve a guest who has luggage a bit different from what I am used to contending with or dealing with. And the luggage is placed in the trunk of the car and I’m to drive him to my place. When we get to my place I retrieve and carry the luggage up to the house, or to where we’re staying. Ordinarily I wouldn’t do that; I’d let my guest handle his own luggage. And this would have been an even greater likelihood or tendency in the past because this is not luggage that interests me at all. It’s kind of strange looking luggage, so it’s not something I am accustomed to expecting, or seeing, or accepting even. So my tendency would have been more reserved.

But for some reason I let go of those nuances and free flow, and so I find myself picking up the luggage. I don’t bat an eye even though some of it is a little bit different, that you wouldn’t expect a person to necessarily be packing.

And so the meaning of this is, I am under an inner guidance that in previous dreams I sorted out by noticing the difference between an outer nature and way of being versus my higher-self characteristics. In other words, I wasn’t pulling them together. In this dream I am letting go of my lower-self habituations and more naturally abiding by the inner cue that free flows and touches my heart when I am able to get out of the way of set mannerisms.

So again, this is a process that’s still working with trying to bring something inner into an outer, but also not being overly indulgent now in the direction of the outer. as opposed to you which was a little bit overindulgent in the direction of the inner, which is strange how you did that.

And yet at the same time again along the motif of paying attention to what is coming in on the inner, which is what this dream was doing, I am observing a fighter who is used to overpowering his opponent. It’s almost like I am the fighter that’s used to doing that.

I am suddenly going up against now or am observing a movement up in class to where I fight an opponent who you do not just walk in on and pound down because he’s an excellent counter puncher. You know, you could get knocked out that way. He sets you up and kaboom, one punch. And he thrives off of opponents getting cocky and over extending. I realize that this time the match is different because we both understand each other in that way.

And the meaning is this is another dream about being able to be attuned to the heart and not the head, or to the inner flow and not to the outer mannerism and nuance and linear flow, focus. Even though a person likes to get things over with, or act as if they know where they are going, this is not possible when it comes to the heart that has an inner process; it hears and often must wait for this in terms of how it is meant to come into manifestation, or function in manifestation. In other words, it may have functioned one way before but now it is a little different and you have to be sure you catch the change, the note.

And so in the last dream I am used to proceeding with what is apparent to me in a linear way. In this dream I am being compelled to put two pictures into the same image. I have a viewfinder that has a line that goes across it, across through the center of it. It has a top part and a bottom part that you look out of, and then you have that line to contend with.

And I’m on a ship and I’m looking out across the waters to an area where you have land and mountains and trees and such, and from where I’m positioned on the ship my line of vision, half of it is water in front of me in terms of the view, and half of it is the approaching shoreline, mountains, land, and whatnot in the distance.

So to appreciate this better, it somehow or another takes away a certain kind of shifted way of being in both places. To appreciate the image better I take the line and I put the image so that the line goes along the shoreline so that above I have just the image of the trees and the shore and the mountains and whatnot that are there, and below that line is the ocean view or water below.

By doing it this way I seem to be able to bring in the majestic image of the mountains with greater appreciation, otherwise it would be affected by an image of water over the lower half that would tend to bleed out the wonder.

The meaning is to see what there is to see and know I have to be able to take into account impressions that compromise the effect. In other words, you have to be in both places, above and below, in and out. I do not wipe them out, because this is also part of creation. I just do what I feel in the heart is necessary so the present doesn’t effect what is opening up as a new potentiality and challenge that is arising.

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