At War

inner6Whether we want to admit it or not, we are in a state of war, one that is being waged between our inner urge to do what we were designed to do, and the fascinations and distractions of the outer world. In a sense, our life is at stake. Do we use this earthly experience to satisfy our personal desires, or do we use it to participate in the universal process? It’s a battle that can have only one winner. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I was just looking at how to describe something that I clearly know so I can see it inside, and both of my dreams indicate that I see and note this really clearly inside. But the dilemma I have is how do I bring this across so that it’s relatable to others?

The first dream has to do with how this works in relationship to the way things unfold in the outer. Well, both of them do, actually, but both of them have to do with how things are able to unfold in the outer because they both require a person to be aware from with inside of themselves how it is that things are unfolding.

Over the loudness of the dream is the oddity and the peculiarity of what is clearly imbedded in one’s nature as a knowing connectivity. It seems to be so hard and removed from others who from my perspective should be able to get this straightaway. To me it seems that obvious, but they don’t. That’s kind of the theme of the dreaming. We’ll see how your dreams do in relationship to it.

Jeane: So with my dreams, in the first dream it feels like a number of us are involved in a war. And what I’m primarily trying to do in this war is to stay hidden. Sometimes I’m staying hidden in a pile of people, but I just keep seeing moving around and primarily to be hidden. That’s the first dream.

John: Since I know what the dynamic of the energy is, what’s going on is that the part that is hidden is a part, a higher part, of your innerness and that’s what’s hidden. But in a war everything tends to be right there in front of you.

So the greatest contrast between inner and outer occurs when there is the element of something that’s like a war which totally engages your dense nature to having to take a position, or a stand. And when a person is in a state of war, in terms of themselves, or in an environment, the outer conditions of that can tend to traumatize a person to such a degree that they can actually come out and back from the war estranged from any good common sense sensibilities – because they had to contend so literally with that dense dynamic.

The element of a war felt in the way that a war is able to be felt in its dense dynamic, that is able to traumatize a person, it can leave a person’s psyche nature even more twisted and demented when they take and they contend with that, and that had to contend with it literally, and have no way of going to a greater depth and overall meaning in terms of themselves.

And so what you did is you took and you took these two contrasts and you say, okay, you’re in a state of war, which is true, when you’re in the outer you’re hit with forces and features that take and keep you veiled from seeing the greater dimension of things. And in the greater dimension of things it’s like a hiddenness by comparison to that which you take literally in the outer.

And so you’re making the simple statement that you need to keep track. You’re in a state of war, or there’s the element of a war, and then there is this hiddenness that you need to stay in touch with. That’s your sanity, staying in touch with the inner able to come through.

If you can’t, that’s why you see so many people coming back from wars that can never get their act together, they’re traumatized; can’t shake some traumatization that he took on that is a feature where he got slammed into something in such a dense way that it haunts him and he can’t set it aside so that he can catch up with the inner quality that wants to break through.

Now the problems is this inner quality is trying to break through, but it doesn’t quite come out and what he gets is scary images instead, all part of the trauma.

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