Coming Together


Since we are all the characters in our dreams, we can see that there are many aspects of us that seek to communicate, that seek to connect, that seek to integrate with other aspects of ourselves. In Jeane’s dream she sees them all coming together under one name at a party, which would indeed be a reason to celebrate. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: My third dream is just really brief. It’s like there’s a whole group of us coming and it feels like from all over the country to this large party. And what’s unique about the party is that we all call and reserve our space using the same name.

So we’re all going to arrive at the party with the same name, and I keep thinking there must just be one credit card with that name somewhere. I’m not sure how this is all going to work out, but we’re all going to arrive at the party with the same name and that’s kind of the theme of the party.

John: That reminds me of the dream I had yesterday that was short and there was the one part that was all dressed up with a different look and different air and flair about itself, and then the other part that was dull and kind of dense. And I was told that both of them were me.

And what this dream is doing is it’s basically saying to you, okay, everything in life is intertwined and interconnected – it’s all you. And it has to all come together, and when it comes together it magnifies the whole.

And so the dimensionality that each of us has is kind of recognized and denoted in terms of a certain systematic process that functions a little bit like a science in which it can be said that when you bring two or more together in my name, which is the same singular thing, that I am there or something, but also there is the understanding that the potentiality magnifies not, you know, in some linear capacity, double or triple, but in some humongous way.

And the reason is because we each carry this connectivity in which we are able to see ourself in everything, and when a bunch gather or can come together that are like that the possibilities, the potentialities, the sight that is possible as a consequence of that can explode.

It’s just like trying to understand a dream and realizing that the dream has a particular aliveness and meaning to it when looked at in a particular schematic or setting, and if you can open that up and intertwine that in an auric atmosphere of others that are intertwined to catch bits and pieces of that aliveness as they’re able to see it inside of themselves, you set in motion the seeing inside of one’s self and the connectivity coming together that is spontaneously mutual. You see things suddenly magnify and it can be such an amazing wonder of what it is that can be there – simply because all of the parts are coming together, feeding off of each other in an intertwined way.

And so you are having an image of what it’s like to come together in a wholeness in which everything in all parts of yourself come together in one great big party or something, meaning that it’s all you, it’s all you, and to really know that is to really know something. It’s the only way you really know something. Otherwise, you’re still bicycling around in some aspect of a density trying to pretend that there is this, or that, or the other and, in that regard, you’re staying in kind of a separate mental dense way.

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