A Pure Transmission

RTR32M3LHere’s one way to think about spiritual development: learning how to connect within ourselves to the parts of us that connect to everything else. Because that’s how it works; the human has in its design the faculties needed to connect with all the energies of the universe. But, of course, those are very fine instruments whose information can get buried under our fears, anger, and any number of psychologies we pick up on the way. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so what is this whole other language, because I had to ponder this, too? What is this whole other language? Well, rather than describe that whole other language at this point, I will tell you my way of fumbling with the same kind of aspect of dreaming, and then this whole other language will explain both of them.

In my dream I have the sensation that I’m pushing on a string, which is the image of pushing… something inside of myself is constrained or mannerized in some manner, and so there’s something else that’s wanting to wake up or come through. And so it’s like pushing on a string, and the string is me holding it back.

Because what I experienced last night was a steady stream of dictation that were like unfolding thoughts pent up inside that just popped steadily out, as a steady too-much-to take-in kind of transmission – plus it was kind of incoherent. I suppose I could have grasped for some of them but it was like this, this, boom, boom, boom. There was no dream-wise context to it. It was just a steady bombardment.

So I didn’t write any of this down. Even if I could; I’m not sure if I could have even because the delivery was way too fast to properly grasp it, and there was no dream quality that I’m attached to that’s part of it. In pondering this bombardment, I drew the conclusion that because I carry myself with a particular motif, whatever that is, or manner or personality or how you might want to say that, that I’m not yet conducive to hearing and seeing this inner intertwined language.

I need to be more empty and, until I get that way, this means that I’m a poor listener. I hear myself and my responses and reactions and synaptic nature, instead. In other words, my mannerisms are such that this other then can’t be pulled out at the same time. Now that I am noting that this occurs, I need to make an effort to take it in. I also need to review the limitations of my receptivity, in other words, what’s keeping it from being receptive enough to take it in to catch up with it, to go fast enough, all of that, so that you pick up on this whole discourse or language.

In other words, how do I do this given that I still have this mannerism and demeanor that tends to filter or weigh upon a proper listening center? In my case it’s just a bombardment, almost a dictation. I believe what is happening is that the synapses are firing off with impulses that are going to the brain, or to the center of whatever it is in our nature that takes this stuff in, and that these firings off of the synapses and whatnot have something to do with what has gotten imbedded in the cellular tissue.

Now normally what gets imbedded in the cellular tissue is you absorb everything that you go through in the outer and then you function in a limited way; what happens is you pent up things that may have to do with your anguishes, and frustrations, and defense mechanisms, and things like that, that when given an opportunity they have to play out, and live out, and flow out and they generally occupy center stage.

Now, the way the language of the soul works to begin with is this is all too much for you to contend with and grasp. If you took and got flooded with this it could drive you crazy. To begin with it would be way, way, way too much, and so it filters out by way of dreams. And so you have these dream images and you go back and you look at the shadow aspect in it, you look at the other little characteristics and qualities that imply that something is trying to get your attention from deep inside. And yet it comes through and has to go through the limited faculties of your nature, the filters of your nature, in a way so that it becomes palpable and you reduce that light-like transmission back to something that you can kind of somehow get a grasp on.

And so in this way you’re seeing inner and outer, but through a quality of a lens. But if you’re able to see it directly as an inner and outer coming together, then the way the firing off occurs is automatic. By that I mean it’s like because we are comprised of everything that exists in creation, we’re intertwined with that completely, that if we can get beyond the way that we hold ourselves in some sort of separate like capacity and just be part of the whole – without having to maintain some sort of distinction, in other words, be an emptiness, then this communication has a one to one correspondence. It’s direct.

And so the cellular makeup is then more truly the cellular makeup of everything in life. I mean it is, but it’s been veiled, and covered, and smeared, and contaminated, and tarred over and defense mechanisms and all of that, but then if the cellular makeup then is left in a state of natural completeness without having been imbedded with nuances, then when the synaptic quality fires off this whole synaptic emptiness that exists between the cells, that are connected to everything in all of life, gives you a pure transmission.

And that is the language, that is now going from this symbolic so to speak kind of language of imagery and dreams that depict something so much more; you go from that to something that has a direct communication with everything that there is. And you have to get out of the way or otherwise it will be too overwhelming for you to keep up with and take in. So that’s what I believe is going on there.

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