consciousness-parallel-universeIt’s one thing to realize
that the universe, and everything in it, isn’t here for us – we’re here for it; it’s another to act with the responsibility, and honor, of what that means. Because to be self-involved, or separate, from everything is to do a dis-service to what created us. And that leads to the most limited experience we can have of this life. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So I almost felt, just like yesterday, that I didn’t have anything to write down, that it went poof or something. But I thought okay, over and over again it was one sequence of dictated things and another sequence, incoherent in the sense, no semblance to anything, because I try to make the semblance out of my mannerism instead of being able to listen in a nothingness or in an emptiness.

The precursor to this is watching this pattern that I have that I just do not let go of and I see it, initially, as if it’s ratting me out because in this dream I see myself to be either caught up, or part of, a group situation that isn’t working out. I can’t find an at ease manner from the atmosphere of the situation. In other words, I’m carrying myself in a particular way, but the way I carry myself is loud, it interferes, it bothers with what is there, it doesn’t settle back, it doesn’t just let it be.

Deep down I know that this is not meant to be this way, in other words this uncomfortability or awkwardness where something isn’t in sync with a natural flow, but it’s the way that it feels to be at this time and I am at odds with that in which something else that is intended as a type of rapport is possible.

So that’s a very esoteric kind of trying to describe a vibratory state of lack of freedom so to speak of being that I am having to fess up to. So what is going on? I’m not in the space that is in keeping with the atmosphere around me. I sense that this will go away but I am not able to cause this to occur at this time. I’m not able to facilitate it. I’m not able to be in a space that there is the letting go so that it does.

And so then I report as to what it would be like if this was possible. If I were in a fully accepting space, the insight of what is out of sync would go away. To be in a state that can’t get comfortable because a cohesiveness I am to know from within is limited, something is getting in the way, prevents this type of communication of a letting go state from being there.

So, where is this going? I mean I am sitting here and this was no dream and yet this presides as a quality over my being, so where is this going? This is probing to a place in which there is a letting go that is possible when I no longer struggle. I’m probably only talking about temporal states, however, because it is my nature to keep pressing myself towards a deeper and deeper sense of it all. In other words, my concept of how I need to be in terms of the outer – and that would be, like you might say, a spiritual illusion of yourself.

So out of all of this, what is it that’s real, or is the need; what is the need? The need is to be at ease with what is in my surrounding environment. To do this, my attention switches to what is needed in the environment, not what I need, and that way I am then able to take in this greater overall sense of things, or be you might say intertwined inner and outer as if one and the same. And as long as this is missing there’s a general imbalance that I identify with that puts me in some sort of other limited, bifurcated, vibrational sensation that’s my self-limiting motif.

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