Accessing Your Dragon

EUROPEAN_DRAGONSIn this dream we can see the shift from more normal imagery (a business meeting) to the more fantastic (a dragon that eats people). Yet it is all a personal, inner journey, and describes the process of accessing that greater energy that is within all of us. If we make this journey within ourselves, things will shift from mundane to magical. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my second dream was so loud it kind of chased away my first dream. All I really remember of my first dream is that there were two parallel figures. That’s all I can remember of it.

But the second dream, I’m living with this woman who feels like a relative, it’s no one I’ve really ever seen before but seems to be in my grandmother’s house, and I even feel like she has her husband that lives there somewhere but I don’t see him much.

I’ve gone off from there to a meeting in the city; the meeting seems to be in one of those like offices and conference rooms that’s in more of a hotel-type building that has things going on. Initially, I go up to this room. I go in there for where the meeting is. I’m kind of listening and there must be a break or something, or there’s more than one day of meetings, and I leave.

And when I’m going through the hotel I go into a florist shop. For some reason it’s near some date that I feel like I should be getting flowers and taking them back to my grandmother, and I want to walk with some friends that I see from school, but it feels like they don’t want to talk to me and so I kind of shrug that off and I go into a florist shop.

The door is almost all the way closed. It’s just slightly nudged open so I have to scoot into it. There doesn’t really seem to be any customers in there, there are just people from the floral shop that are arranging things, so I start looking at the different arrangements and different colors of the flowers.

I’m noticing the beautiful colors and things and I must be checking out the arrangements or the types of prices. I’m kind of going over in my mind if I took something that had artificial flowers back to my grandmother, I mean like they would last a long time, these are nice arrangements, but fresh flowers feel like more what you should do. But it’s not even a bouquet that I’m getting today. I’m just thinking about it. I’m kind of planning and looking. It’s kind of pricey in the hotel, too, but I’m just looking at what they have.

And then I kind of leave and I go back to the meeting room and then I’m told at the meeting room that I need to come back actually the next day, and they’re having a specialist come in who’s going to be talking about attention deficit disorder. I go over and get a piece of paper from one of the people there that tells me like the time of the meeting, and then there’s a slight shift, because it feels like when I leave the building I know I’m coming back the next morning at 8:00am to go to the meeting – even though it’s Saturday morning.

But when I’m coming back the shift just shifts to when I’m coming back. When I’m coming back I seem to be bringing a little boy with me and we’re also bringing this dragon, but this dragon isn’t really a friendly dragon, it’s mostly a dragon that eats people. And it seems to be on some kind of a motorized cart and I’m sitting on the dragon’s shoulder. It’s like the dragon is going to be some kind of an exhibit at the top and he’s under some kind of a truce agreement that he won’t eat any people.

And like he’s being pulled on this cart lying down so it’s not like he… you usually think of a dragon just flying wherever it wants to go, or walking, but he doesn’t look that well, or he’s just kind of a little anesthetized or something because he’s going to be at a meeting with people he normally eats.

So, I’m sitting on his shoulder, I’ve got the boy behind me a little bit, I’m talking to the dragon because it has got this truce not to eat anybody, but it still kind of leans over and sniffs my foot or something now and then like it wants to take a chomp.

And then the dragon is communicating to me, too, that after the meeting he’s going somewhere like Paris and that’s the whole dream.

John: You start off at the grandmother’s house, which is where you have some sort of reservoir of yourself that you access and it’s an ancientness of your being. You then go into the depths of life with this part that comes out of you, or opens up, or that you access. It’s part of you but not yet something that you tangibly put your finger on, but you do carry with you as an energetic vibration – and for lack of a better term it’s your grandmother vibration.

And as you go to a meeting that’s a coming together that enables things to open up, because it’s a type of intertwining that occurs and, as a consequence of this intertwining, you find yourself a bit estranged from others around you, in other words people that you want to walk with or something you can’t walk with. They’re in a more laissez faire manner; you’re in another state of attention.

So as you carry this vibrational attention that has opened up for you into a florist shop, you’re still contending with the residue of those that you wanted to walk with that you couldn’t because something has changed. It’s not bad, it’s just you notice that that’s been left behind and so in that regard the energetic shifts a little bit to how you contend with this slight change in your being.

And, whether it’s slight or big, what’s reported to you is the difference between something that’s plastic as an arrangement or something that’s alive. And you come to recognize that, yes, the plastic can go on and on and on, but the aliveness there’s something much more real about it. So when you take on this aliveness, you then become a bit like a force of nature if you don’t know how to carry this aliveness in a pacified way.

The part that knows how to carry itself in a proper way is not the grandmother energy necessarily now. The grandmother energy can access all of that, but it’s the new energy going forward, which is the little boy, and it’s a type of sight because it’s a little boy, instead of a type of presence, it’s a type of sight. You have to be careful with this sight because if not brought forth in a way that doesn’t disturb, it has a tendency of tearing up everything in its path.

And it’s the innocence and the quality of the little boy that’s important in this equation. You can access this dragon, which is this quality of power inside of yourself, but it requires a type of sight that enables you to take what you have accessed and bring it across in a way that doesn’t take and cause collateral damage in the physical sense of the world.

You have this all welled up inside of you and your challenge is to be able to keep it and to work with it in a way so that it comes out and across in an intertwined, connective manner. It’s a heck of a dream, tremendous dream,

And, of course, the scenario for that was the fact that one invoked this process of realizing what one had to have a relationship to things in our surroundings, that we’re not separate from those things in the surroundings, and that that has its own dialogue, it has its own inner power. It’s tremendous.

Your dream is a dream in relationship to a quality of bringing the energetic of inner into outer, only you’re looking at this from the standpoint that there has to be a way to do this so that it doesn’t tear things up in the outer, it isn’t too bright of a light or something

The key to the understanding of that is not you in a sense of power trying to sit on its shoulder. That helps, I mean that’s where you are at, that’s how you’re trying to work with it now. But the little boy plays an important part as the new energy that’s able to bring it through and get it to intertwine. Really wonderful deep dream.

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