An Intertwined Oneness

colors_circle_light-webIt’s an interesting concept: the universe is demanding of us, more and more, that we be an integrated part of it. And it is our fundamental separation that causes us much of the pain and bewilderment we experience. Said another way, it’s becoming harder and harder for us to ignore the truth of what it means to be a human being. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I just remember the end of a long dream and it feels like it has two overlapping parts, one is trying to remember two supplements that a person should take, one which is glucosamine, which my sister had asked me about last night for my dad, and the second one I can’t remember the name of it, but even in the dream in seems like important to me that I should be remembering these.

I’ve gone out from wherever I’m living. It feels like I’m in a city. I’m in a hurry to get somewhere for something that I have to do, but I get kind of stopped on the street by this couple that looks rather Middle Eastern. They don’t speak much English and they seem to have some concern about a woman who lives with them and she needs a certain type of help. They don’t know how to really get her that help.

She’s not really even their relative but she’s living with them, and I’m able to talk a little bit of Spanish and they talk whatever language they talk plus some Spanish, so I finally am able to suss out that there’s this woman and she needs help and they need someone to do something about it. I have some errand I have to run and I have to get back home, but then I tell them that I’ll call an agency that can help them with this.

So I go to take down their number and give them some number, but when I turn on my cellphone the battery is almost run down so I’m able to do one of those things, like maybe I’m able to take down their number or give them my number. That’s about all I’m able to do. I can’t look up anything on it, or handle more than one number, and I have to go back to the house. This has something to do with the supplements and then I agree that I’ll either call them or I’ll have them call me so that I can help them in the situation with the lady.

Then I go back to the house and I’m trying to remember both of the supplements and I think that’s when I woke up because you’d woken up to write up a dream and everything started to kind of go away as far as the dream, but it was like the information on the two supplements was as loud as whatever they felt was the urgent situation in their dreams, so it was just kind of odd.

John: The dilemma that we’re being confronted with is having to take into account everything that exists in the environment. In other words, it’s easy to try to determine how to look at just this, or to look at just that, but because everything is intertwined you have to take into account everything  – and we’re not used to doing that. We’re used to having set parameters upon which we operate and function.

In other words, if we have chores or things that have to be done we have that ordered off to one side and in one particular manner. We’re not inclined to having to take into account how any one given thing leads to something else, to something else, to something else and that’s how this world is malfunctioning is that there is a spillover effect from one area to the next area to the next area to the next thing, and it’s all intertwined. And it’s like that and the barriers that had broken up the levels have fallen away because we’re meant to go towards what is called a oneness.

And so when you’re confronted with this sort of thing… where everything is busted into all kinds of intertwined pieces, and you’re used to a world that is ordered and put together, what happens is this develops this whole uneasiness, this whole kind of peculiarity that’s somewhat destabilizing to one’s nature because one’s nature, that is according to our devices, is held together by keeping correspondences, keeping the levels of correspondences in place, not having those levels all pulled out so that you then have to relate and connect all of it.

In other words, you can’t just look at one thing, you have to look at the consequences of that thing to the consequences to the next thing to the consequences of the next thing. And no matter how hard you try now to just try to remember to one set of loudness or routine or mannerism in one’s nature, which is how the world has functioned in its separation before, no matter how hard it is that we try to do that, it doesn’t work, and that this creates pain and chaos and confusion when you try to do that.

What is happening is on an intuitive sense level, in other words, something that you can feel in your bones so to speak, you can see it coming, you just know that it’s the way that things are going to have to be held in a container, in other words a container that includes it all, all intertwined in some very unusual way. You can feel this in your bones, even though you have images going through you of trying to remember or hold onto something specifically, as if you can isolate it specifically, and your dream doesn’t let you get away with it. You can’t seem to remember what you need to remember, and then as you try to remember that because you can’t quite remember it you’re falling into this component, and then that component, and everything about your dream shows that there is something that you’re not taking into account, that you’re not bringing in to the big picture.

Like I say we are being compelled to go into, not just an inner into an outer, but into an intertwined oneness. And to do that we can’t take and have any defined characteristics anymore. To the degree to which we have these defined mannerisms we go around and around in confusion and in a state and form of suffering.

It’s similar to having a dream where you’re busted into a million pieces, only this time you are busted into all of these pieces simply because when you hold onto something it won’t work.

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