What Is To Be

consciousnessWhen we talk about oneness, we rarely consider the intelligences that we would gain by being in sync with what is unfolding. Because such an integration would be a connection into the fabric of life, and once we are part of the fabric of life, we would understand where it is headed and better be able to go with that flow. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Okay, so in my meditation dream I’m discovering that in a dreamworld where there are subtle inner influences at work behind the scene of things, it is possible to sense the forces trying to shape and manifest into life. It is possible to notice where, in other words inside one’s self a person recognizes this pressure, in other words, a pressure that is from within, or a movement or however you would say it.

The way you sense it is this sort of thing doesn’t quite resonate to however it is that you would normally be putting your intention. That’s how you recognize it, so you know that something else is emerging. It is not necessary for an event to fully evolve to get it because from within it is possible to sense an inner process trying to have its way over an unfolding outcome. So in other words, if you sense it you can go with it. You don’t have to necessarily know where it goes, you just know that what exists is not what you fuel or pay attention to. You pay attention to what’s coming through.

So in the dream I’m noticing that I carry a focus or a purpose or something, or something in terms of what is to be. Some part of me seems to already know what is coming. As a result, when I come up short in a dream in which where all things are taken into account as being equal, the intended result is not what the imagination is hoping for.

To keep from being left behind and awkwardly out of flow with the inner situation, it is important to let go of self-limiting nuances of my pent-up nature. To apprehend the inner unfolding from the sensation I have to unveil the mannerisms that stand in place and, when I do, it’s almost like that opens up the prophetic side of myself that is able to perceive and go beyond what is a harboring of a pent-up suspense. The part of my consciousness that is able to put my finger upon what is unfolding and when is the dream space and prophecy.

Meaning: to sense in the dreamworld that there is a part of myself that I am able to sense is coming, but isn’t ready to be here yet, is to come closer and closer to seeing the unseen outside of time. To do that with a clear groundedness is to be able to foresee the future. The dreams of sensations that hearken to a process lying within is what this dream is about. The challenge I am presented with is to catch up with this inner unfoldment with a clear and succinct, oriented knowingness.

This dream may sound really peculiar, but there’s a lot going on in it. It’s portraying how something really is at in relationship to myself and others, or the dream group, or however.

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