Breaking the Cycle

cycleThis dream has the disturbing image of an abusive father and a sense of the fear of the wife and children. And the darkness of that image gives us a glimpse into the seriousness with which we will try to maintain control over aspects of our lives – to our own detriment. It shows us what we are capable of in terms of inner resistance, even toward goals we desire. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in the first dream I seem to be part of a family where there’s a mother, a father, and two children. And it feels like the father’s actually abusive, so he’s hiding that, and then he’s controlling the situation when like the kids come home from school he makes the mom and the kids go live in a room underneath the regular house – and in that room he can kind of be as controlling as he wants.

And then he’s always keeping someone down there while the others, you know the boy or girl, go off to school so the mother can’t do anything about it, or they’re afraid what will happen to the mother, so they go back there when they get back from school.

Finally one of the kids must break the cycle, somebody breaks the cycle, and tells somebody – but it’s not like you’re sure that people believe you at first, so it seems like what they have to do is try to figure out a time when they’re all above ground, or the kids for sure above ground, to reach out for help because otherwise whoever’s left underneath the ground is kind of at the mercy of what the dad might do.

So there’s like this little plot going on to try to get everybody above ground when there’s someone who can be like his teacher or someone in authority, it’s actually a woman I think, who can rescue them.

John: That’s an interesting way to talk about defense mechanisms and veils that a person takes on. I’ve never ever thought of looking at it that way, that a person gets themselves twisted or out of alignment and finds themselves taking and doing things to try to maintain a power and control, or a presence, over a set scenario in order to maintain what they consider a way of life. And the only expression that exists is based upon having certain dynamics that are always kept in place from which everything is screened through.

So the degree to which there is any growth, or understanding, or learning, or consciousness is conditioned upon the way the defense mechanism, and veils, and barriers that are naturally utilized as the filter on which life is faced and met, it is really limited because you have such definition until you are able to let go of it. And the process of letting go of it is a process upon which some part of one’s self has to get strong enough, clear enough, focused enough in terms of what it can aspire to, or want, or need to break the cycle.

Otherwise, the clutches of a pattern keep something in place for a long, long, long time. And that the deeper meaning behind this dream, or what is triggering this dream, is that there is a sense of breaking out of some sort of repetitive cycle, or habituation that is functioning as a mannerism attitude view way of being stands in-between something that you sense as an even greater way of experiencing life.

And so there is this element that is percolating in your nature, that you have to experience and cycle and repeat and go around and essentially try and recognize exactly and precisely everything about it in terms of how it feels, to the point where you reach almost a type of nausea breakthrough, or you build a potentiality inside to where you thrust beyond that and suddenly, like a pent-up force, you project to another level, or to a whole other schematic in terms of how you’re able to experience life.

But the image is one in which those nuances and nuances and nuances with the suspense of something that is more in the background kind of being felt as in the offing eventually, but it isn’t there.

So it’s a very interesting and creative way to point out how one breaks through veils and takes on a greater consciousness, and meaningfulness, in terms of who they are, is that this sort of stuff builds as a crescendo until all of a sudden you throw it aside, or go beyond it. It’s an interesting way of preventing veils.

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