Bringing in the Light

light-05We often speak about the idea of considering what the core meaning is of something in a dream. And in this case, Jeanne has made a shift – or her character Mary has – from making sound with geodes, to having pictures scattered on the ground. So we are in the realms of sound and light, symbolically. As John explains, the simplicity of it makes beautiful sense. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In this next dream I feel like I”m in a city and that I’ve gone to this large, elaborate hotel with many levels in it – and almost with a sense of pursuit, like I have somewhere in the background I caught a glimpse of someone I know who’s maybe a gangster or something that is around so there’s a little pressure on me when I’m at the hotel and I’m kind of going from one place to another.

I don’t remember why I went to this first place, but then I’ve left and I suddenly find myself in a room and Mary, a doctor, is there, and this room has these like elaborate geodes in them, and some crystals, and it’s almost like she’s learned how to make this sound. It looks like she’s playing these geodes or these crystals to make certain sounds, and it’s almost like they’re instruments, but she’s attached something to it and can cause a vibration. And this one sound is such I think I kind of fall over.

And then someone comes into the room who’s a master of something to do with this sound, and he does something with the sound with these different crystals and whatever are in the room. They’re more like geodes, actually. I’m kind of fascinated with the sound and the color of all of that, but then I kind of stagger out of the room and when I go out in the hallway there are these things that go up almost to the ceiling that look like… well, when I put my hand on one it falls over. I feel kind of badly about that, but it wasn’t really solid, it was more like on a Venetian blind like one of the slats. It was very light like that. I don’t really think it hurt itself or anything unless it scratched something a little. It’s lying down on the floor. There’s another one identical nearby it.

I’m thinking I should tell someone that I knocked this over or something when I grabbed it, but someone else comes into the room right then and it feels like she has something to do with the whole conference and I kind of stagger over to the elevator and I’m trying to take the elevator somewhere but I go up and I get off on a floor and I seem to be in this very red looking Chinese restaurant. Well, they haven’t quite opened yet, very elaborate restaurant. All of the waitresses and things are wearing red and a lot of the walls are red.

So I go back out into the corridor and I see another room that doesn’t feel quite like the room that I’m trying to get to. I go back to where the elevators are but there are a bunch of people waiting to get on and that feels claustrophobic, so then I go back into the room I had just come out of, that’s not the restaurant but next to it. And Mary shows up again and she’s holding a bunch of… it’s almost like cards with pictures on them, and she drops them and they scatter around on the floor.

And so I start picking some of them up for her. I know one of them is a picture of a baby. The other seemed to be almost like cards with writing on them and photographs behind them or drawings behind them, and I think she’s telling me something about them but I don’t hear her really clearly, and I think that’s when I wake up.

John: You’re actually utilizing two traits in order to breakthrough barriers and veils that exist in the outer environment that you’re in. In other words, your first dream just places you into a situation which you have to break free of. It leaves one with the impression that you break free of it by getting to a point, or a crescendo, inside of yourself where you just have to throw all of that asunder. It’s like it builds to the point where you just expand.

But the second dream indicates that it is more than just that, that there’s a certain alignment of things that are necessary, that are part of creating a sound. And creation is made out of sound, and the sound has an effect upon that which needs to be changed in the environment.

Then the dream backed away from the sound a little bit to where you could realize that there’s a certain quality or a lilt that you can feel inside of yourself. In other words, this isn’t necessarily just a Chisti way of doing it, that there’s a quality and vibratory link inside that you can catch up with.

And as you get into the subtler vibrational quality of this link, that’s when you come to realize that you also can work with light and that there is the octave of light as well, from somewhere else, that’s scattered about, and the pictures are this way and that way – but that’s the nature of light: it’s a little more transcendent. The sound is a little more direct and more imminent, and you also work with that – and that’s the Naqshbandi quality and trait.

So within the two dreams you incorporated an A to Z approach in terms of taking a step, in terms of dealing and addressing with a limitation that is like a veil in the first dream. It’s like something that you are able to break by an alignment with sound and then, even subtler than that, to the point where you can bring in light – or the pictures – and those are your tools, that that’s your natural way, your process, your oriented tool chest to being able to extricate yourself from what otherwise would be something that just seems to yo-yo back and forth in a trapped condition.

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