The True Giving

lightmeditationWe’ve all heard the saying, “Everything you know is wrong.” And, of course, it’s true. And it’s true because we look at life from the wrong end of the lens, so instead of becoming a part of everything, we have narrowed our lives down to all the separations that we find amusement in. That’s not the purpose for which life, and this universe, have been created. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: Well my dream had a repeat in it today, plus kind of like an aside. I don’t know how to describe it. Anyway, it feels like in the beginning of the dream I’ve gone out with a group of people. Everyone seems to be in their 20s, we all seem to be about that age. And it’s night and we’ve gone out on water and it seems like it’s part of a party, and people are partying and they go out in boats and maybe they skinny dip. And then they kind of come back and we assess.

By assess I mean it feels like there was always someone in charge of each small group of people, so maybe one person in charge for every four or five people, to see how the party went and that people were safe – if they went swimming, and swam off the boat and whatever. And we’re going to repeat it and go out the next night with maybe even more people and more boats.

But now we have to assess what’s the safest way to do this and so we meet, those of us who maybe are monitors I guess would be the best word. We found out that other people have found out about this, and some people maybe want to come and be like spectators which may effect the equation of how things go. So we’re discussing kind of what safeguards you need, like how many monitors for how many people, or maybe trying to get out to the general public they’re not really going to be seeing anything if they come out to watch people skinny dip or anything because we’re doing this at night. It’s not like it’s lit like people go in the ocean, and it’s not like that kind of thing anyway. It’s more like just if people do decide they want to go swimming you just want to create the safe circumstances.

Well, then as an aside it feels like there’s a part of the dream where I’m trying to assess what’s the effect of either alcohol or smoking marijuana on people that show up at the party and do that. So I do some kind of an experiment with myself that I actually design. And what I conclude out of that I take the results back very scientifically to my boss, which is that it’s not really going to be a problem for some people because like myself smoking anything just totally irritates them, so you get it down to like the smallest portion and try to see what effect that is on you.

And I have it all graphed out on a piece of paper on exactly how the study was done, and what the effects are, and what I feel like the problem will or will not be. At the same time I have a little trepidation because I’ve kind of done this on my own initiative and it could be misinterpreted, and I had to even maybe recruit a few people because I couldn’t do the whole experiment because I can’t stand the smoke.

And then I’m taking the results back just so that they know those, and then I’m going to the meetings with how we’re going to break everybody else up into small groups for the party, and discouraging people from coming that might just be kind of more voyeuristic, and that seems to be most of the dream.

John: What you’re supposed to realize out of this dream is that when you’re seeing yourself as separate or unique, or having particular characteristics or traits, and you go around as if that is you, that one of the things that people do is they take others, little groups, around, and they can try to show them what it is that they see or know or understand – as if to let that sort of thing go.

At some point you kind of come to recognize that what is important is actually letting go of all of that, as if you offload it into others. And if you can do that, then you become invisible. Now what is it that you actually offload? Do you offload the ideas, do you offload the mannerisms, do you offload the things that you learned? No, that just keeps you deluded, and keeps them deluded as well.

In other words, everyone thinks that they’re interested in this, and they want to do that, they want to go to the Disneyland of this, or the Disneyland of that, so to speak, or the activity of this and the activity of that. They’re enamored by this or wanting to learn that.

What you have to somehow offload is the absurdity of anything that there is. You offload from yourself the unplugged recognition that doesn’t mean a thing. But instead a person gets caught in the treadmill of maintaining and continuing to maintain the appearance of things, because what they come to understand they then want to share with others. And as they share that with others, they keep the chitchat aliveness of appearances active and controlling one’s perspective.

And so a person then becomes demeaned by those projections. In other words, they think that when they make these projections and that they show others and stuff like that that they are technically doing something wonderful, but what they’re doing is they’re taking where they are caught and lost, and they’re projecting that upon others so that others then buy into this. And then the degree to which others take this on they, then, reflect back what they have taken on what they have learned and it keeps this whole thing going.

So, what you’re kind of coming to the recognition of is how to do the exact opposite. In other words, that you’re not out there to try to portray something as worthwhile, as interesting, as a way to go, because all of that takes away from the whole. Whatever a person takes they take as if they are capturing an aspect of the essence of that which is real and, therefore, they end up with nothing, they end up with just a reflection, they end up with just a projection.

And so the true way of being, the true giving is a giving that reflects back the importance of letting everything go, it reflects back an emptiness that reflects back the understanding of the importance of wanting nothing.

But who can do that? This is a path of losing everything, not taking and finding that this looks a little better than that over here, or a path in which there is something that is awakening because whatever image awakens it too, as an awakening image, multiplies. It can multiply, it can have its own power, it can have its own reality. And if you’re really good at it you can even sell that to others, and they who bought this can think that this is amazing and, in turn, by taking this on they then create a reflection back in terms of how they see you as a person who helped them to understand this sort of thing and that seals the projection, which becomes a continuance of a putrification.

Things are meant to be shaped as a way of flowing through, but there cannot be a design limitation, in other words, where something becomes set, becomes ordered. In other words, where you attempted to create a freedom, you created an imprisonment for yourself. In other words, steadily better widgets of understanding, or steadily better widgets of activity, or steadily better widgets of something that is designed for image purposes, are just still one and the same thing: they create a world in which there is a support that bifurcates from the whole, or steals from the essence, so to speak.

That was like the big problem with the Garden of Eden. As soon as you partake of something, then the rest of it goes away. You have it all, then as you take of something then you have what you have taken and that is all you see – and it goes around and around and around and around. And you have to figure out how to let go of that to get back to the experience of the wholeness, or the oneness, of all that there is, that that is what is real.

But instead you keep going this way and that way with ever emerging ideas of something reflective, and that reflectiveness can be ideas, it can be objects, it can be all kinds of things. It’s best that it is an object of course because you can see that it’s just an object. If it’s an idea you might actually believe that it’s true, and you could spend a long, long time with a given idea before you realize that it is something too that you just pulled out of the air of things, and that in the wholeness of it all it falls away as well.

We often times see things falling away from us when we expand our auric nature where we may have been really impressed and caught up in something, and then all of a sudden we are able to experience glimpses of a greater experientiality, or greater auric nature. And then that mood, that tone, or whatever it was that was afflicting us just kind of goes “poof,” and just falls away.

Imagine how it could be if it could always be like that, so that there’s nothing that noodles us and therefore we don’t cause others to have to respond back in terms of how they feel that they need to respond back in terms of how it is that they see us – because we see ourselves that way. What a mess this creates. This is nauseating. When you see that one is doing this, this is nauseating and very sad.

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