A Fallback Position

trees9As this dream unfolds, John finds himself battling a group of women. Yet as unsettling as that may seem, the good news is that what happens next is a return to a home base and a type of safety. How our dreams end can tell us a lot about our inner resistances: if the fighting escalates and ends badly, we have a deep resistance to what our systems are trying to bring together. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, there is a tortured theme here, and you don’t get it right away. I mean this is actually a good dream to maybe tell the dream group to see what they could make out of it because what this breaks down and into, in terms of subsequent dreams, you would never guess could back up to this one single dream.

So I am in a place by myself. In other words, it’s like off to the edge of the back of a field or something, in kind of a protected nook. And in front of me I’ve got this chuck wagon and I’m behind this chuck wagon and behind me is woods or something that’s out of the way, and in front of me is just this huge open field.

And so behind this chuck wagon what I’m doing is I have acquired a new silver dollar. I have a whole roll of silver dollars that are complete, I don’t know how many is in a roll, and then I have this partial roll that’s 20 silver dollars. And what I see myself doing is I have a new silver dollar and I’m taking out an old one and in its place I’m putting in this new one.

The old silver dollar I’m removing doesn’t blend with the rest. It’s a square silver dollar instead of a round one, and so I’m removing it and then I realize as I’m looking at this that there’s still one more square silver dollar that needs to be removed before I’ve got everything right. Plus I know that this isn’t quite a full roll even as 20.

And suddenly this roly-poly woman appears, starts becoming visible in the field coming in this direction. So I step out to be in front of her and also keep her from seeing what is hidden that I’m doing back there, and it’s almost as if I’m not sure what she’s trying to do, whether she’s trying to accost me or something, because all of a sudden I see myself hitting her – but every punch she just absorbs into her body. But it does enable me to keep her at bay, and she has other cronies that come out and I keep doing this, and they’re all women, and I keep doing this as I keep backing away from where I was even, completely distracts them from where I was at.

And I keep backing away and backing away and I eventually get to a place where I’m staying, a house that I’m staying. In other words, I end up getting backed up to this house which inside is a bunch of women who are on my side. And they come out and they thank these other women for assaulting me and driving me back to them.

The whole time they are breathing a sigh of relief that these other women weren’t a bunch of guys or highway robbers because at least they could step in and somehow or another be on the same token or manner so that something does not continue to go. Well, had they been highway robbers they wouldn’t have been able to help, you know the power and control. I would have been torn to pieces.

And I’m also relieved to be back where I am safe and where I belong. I’m also relieved that my stash is safe. If these women would instead of being women had been actual highway robbers, guys, I would have been overpowered and in the process lost everything.

The dream is about being pruned in creation by feminine energy to be more at home there. And, of course, feminine energy takes in the wholeness of everything, takes in all of everything, isn’t anything in particular. It’s the masculine that keeps trying to make something in particular.

If I had to learn lessons about power and control, in other words if this was my karma, that is a karma or involvement in life that involves losing everything that one is holding onto because you can’t hold onto things. You can’t keep going from this to that. To hold on to anything is to have an ego, and then your ego has to get smashed.

In this dream the tendency and focus that I am being subjected to is intended to shift and direct my attention to what is needed by creation, because it’s all a feminine correlation. Apparently the way that is, is not seen to be so reprehensible. In other words, I’m not really holding on to the stuff that appears that I appear to be playing with in terms of the silver dollars and trying to get the squares to the rounds and all of that. I’m not so caught up in that that it gets in the way of something that needs to further evolve in terms of the wholeness, because if it did it would have to be smashed or crushed. Instead what I am seeing is a process that has to do with getting aligned. Isn’t that interesting?

And the scenario is an unexpected turn of events is occurring that I do not feel is intended to crush my heart and smash what it is that I am doing, and how it is that I am becoming. So, how is it that I am becoming, and what is taking place? What is on the other side of all of these actions, whatever these actions are that I’m doing?

So this starts off as two levels in two layers. First comes the kind of intangible one that is based upon ideas and concepts and reflections of such. That’s the first, that’s this dream. And the next dream takes it where it is created or turned into something as a manifestation. Both of these take a person. You have to let go of all of that, both levels, the ideas and thoughts as well as that which it can be turned into objects and images. You have to let go of both in order to take in the whole or otherwise you’re stealing from the essence and it’s a type of putrification.

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