Lost in the Reflections

chicagoWe separate ourselves from the oneness of life in many ways. The imagery in John’s dream uses works of art to depict how we focus on singular emotions, or inspirations, and even though what is created may be considered art, it is still a mere fragment and reflection of the whole. The danger is when we think it is everything, when it is not.  (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So, how is it that I’m becoming, and what is taking place? What is on the other side of all of these actions, whatever these actions are that I’m doing?

So this starts off as two levels in two layers. First comes the kind of intangible one that is based upon ideas and concepts and reflections of such. That’s the first dream. And the next dream takes it where it is created or turned into something as a manifestation. You have to let go of all of that, both levels, the ideas and thoughts as well as that which it can be turned into objects and images. You have to let go of both in order to take in the whole – or otherwise you’re stealing from the essence and it’s a type of putrification.

So to start off with, I’m at a carnival place where what is there has been replicated from that which was seen from somewhere else. Those who come to see the wonders here are not seeing the real thing. They are seeing wonderful replications.

And, of course, in this particular case the replications have to do with stuff that’s reflected, depictions of things like writings and drawings and paintings, you know ornate things like that that stimulate the way that one wants to see themselves in a way of thinking, in a way of believing, in a way of imagining who they are. A person gets deceived when they think that they are learning something that is genuine.

In the dream there are some incredible replications of writings and drawings that seem original, but I know that they’re from somewhere else and are portrayed as if they are real for someone to sort out, and just maybe take in, but let go of, don’t hold onto them. What happened is these ideas, these drawings, these depictions that I’m looking at, it’s like you have this long area that’s a procession of two together or whatever is passing before you and, all of a sudden, it stops. And it’s real ornate, and then it stops.

Now, the average person doesn’t understand that. They find whatever they see to be incredible, but I know what happened. The reason it stopped is because there is something wrong with revealing, or being, this sort of way, a reviewing that causes one to be this sort of way, in other words, thinking that this is all there is. In other words, it takes away somehow or another when you get caught up in taking that in – as if that is what there is to take in.

The sense is it’s kind of like dangerous to one’s health. Well, what is one’s health? One’s health is the freedom of the overall and to suddenly have this little segregation, that’s not right. The dream doesn’t explain why it’s not right, it just isn’t. And the way I see that it isn’t is I’m suddenly noticing a person who’s enamored with trying to copy down the image of something portrayed as a kind of carnival depiction drawing that is situated and able to pass before them, that extends elaborately, which I know to be incomplete because it wasn’t fully replicated.

But this person, when they start taking it down, they’re not going to realize that it doesn’t go all the way through. I know that it doesn’t, so the person copying this and trying thereby to take it all in by the time they get to the point where it stops, they’re caught, they’re stuck. They’ve taken in what they’ve taken in and off they keep going in some sort of tangent that can’t go anywhere.

So this guy that’s doing this, he thinks he is accessing something imminently important, but I know he is messing up his psyche, which means the soul, by getting indulgent like this. I remember in the dream getting real upset with him because I know he is getting himself lost and doing a damage to himself that he does not know. What he is doing is a form of self-tranquilization. If he knew that he was doing this, he wouldn’t do it. I know it, and know how harmful this is as a form of anesthetization – and I am furious.

The meaning is that everything that there is to see and know takes a person away from that which is so much more. To truly be able to take in all there is a person needs to know how to leave the images alone. Otherwise, you get lost in the reflections and suddenly find yourself acting like they are real.

So that has to do with things that have to do with ideas, drawings, depictions, writings, in other words, something that is portrayed that takes and comes into your causation of how it is that you see things, or perceive things, and therefore separate that and take that out as if that is something that you can capture out of the whole.

And you have the whole sense when you understand this stuff as having gotten something out of the essence, but when you take something out of the essence the rest of that goes away because you’re not meant to hold onto anything, you’re meant to have everything.

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