Giving Up the All

Garrett Lisi

We have to be careful here, because to be a part of the oneness of life does not mean that we do nothing. But, as these images point out, to identify with things, or ideas, or actions, is to take ourselves out of the greater, universal, game. As we have talked about before, we don’t stop doing, we just have to be aligned differently while we do whatever it is that we do. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: So now I start dealing with it in the physical. The next dream explains the process behind what can further evolve when a person takes the conduct, in the prior dream, to an extreme and creates outward projections that confuse the senses of themselves and others.

And you primarily confuse yourself when you confuse others because you tend to see everything through the eyes of others. You don’t see them so much through the eyes of yourself. That’s a little bit, again, of an illusion because your eyes are meant to see the whole. So when you see through the eyes of others, you’re seeing reflections, and then you’re buying into those reflections and keeping yourself tranced out.

So in this dream I seem to have been given raw material to work with, several truck loads of granite block. And there are outside forces trying to get me to take this granite and carve it and do things with it, that I know how to do, that they think that they know that I know how to do. In other words, turn it into something memorable, artistic, or whatever. In other words to shape it into works of art, or incredible handiworks for others to admire.

I’m holding back from doing this because what is the point? The resolve only carries a person into an indulgent trance. But what causes me to go off on the tangent is my mother and father are visiting, and so I have to show my family around. Or maybe I have this idea that I have to impress them, so I change my mind.

I turn the rock into amazing images that I can show them. Now I have something to show them. So as I’m taking them along a road in which on each side I have converted this rock into wonderful things to look at, this roadway goes past these sculptured works of art, I suddenly feel real dirty and slimed. And that’s when I notice at the same time that it’s as if someone hauled in another bunch of truckload after truckload of granite rock blocks, and then these, too, got turned into works of art that blend into everything I have.

But where did this come from? How did this happen? There’s no way to tell the difference, except I know the difference between this and what I have done. My family thinks it is all wonderful, as if I’m getting credit for it. I’m ashamed. I realize the mockery that I am making. It took hearing the image like this to an extreme – and that’s what happens when you indulge in the world, you don’t know how to stop – by carrying this to an extreme for me to get and realize just how shallow this is. I have an opportunity to do something memorable, and this is what I do? How embarrassing. I feel disgusted by this.

So the meaning is, from abstract images and ideas the next natural step is to become enamored with physical representations. Where does it stop? There are, or is, in the final analysis, this becomes in other words, representations of what? When you put it like that, the whole thing that sucks a person up into some carried-away state that from there deceives others, in other words, into thinking and being and whatnot, they then reflect that back at you and it’s pretty hard for you to keep from seeing what they see through their eyes. It’s disgusting and embarrassing.

I mean, it’s obvious to me when I see it that way that the whole thing is real because of the way other people perceive it, and then that reflects back and then you’re ashamed because that isn’t what you really want. What you really want to see with your own inner eye is something so much more – and this is what you end up settling for.

It is because the opportunity for a person to realize what transcends such trivial reflection, I mean in one’s shame, because if you ask the question why is one shamed it is because they have squandered the opportunity to realize that which transcends such trivial outer reflections. And in this dream I am feeling real bad for the role I played in perpetuating the illusion into the outer.

To see others take this in as real, as if meaningful, hurts the heart. Well, the reason it hurts the heart is because a joy that is there able to effuse through the whole world is compromised with each moment that is captured in such a limiting way. It’s captured in the eyes of others and then you take it back in. What stops me in shock is the realization that when I get on such a replicative treadmill, where does it end? Who is there to impress? I am realizing that by doing this it causes me to believe that what they see is real or is meaningful, so I then get taken back in again in those counter reflections and then that side keeps me weak along with them.

I weaken them, they weaken me. Because they are me, I am doing this to myself and not realizing that I am creating the trance that keeps me in a trance, or I’m doing this through the eyes of others. I need to bring others out of this and, in so doing, I extricate myself, in other words, out into the whole. That’s why you don’t project anything. You don’t have to do anything.

This last one you might as well say I just went into a visual trance, I didn’t go to sleep again. And I see myself reacting to someone who is identifying with who I am in a way that leaves me separate. I say to them, “I wish that instead of doing that, that you would simply choose me.” In other words, suddenly I see a whole bunch of various options portrayed in a series of pictures that portray me in a chosen and various ways, chosen ways and various ways, not for me to define. If someone chooses that, then that is what I am. I’m suddenly there wondering what will be that comes into manifestation as a way of being for all to see. In other words, it’s based upon what gets chosen. In other words, that which becomes the essence of yourself, and yourself is the essence of everything.

The meaning is we are all reflections of the outer impressions upon us by the way we see and carry ourselves, and the way others perceive us to be. To have to live like this as a manufactured reality is nauseating. It is nauseating when you come to realize that this is how it is for everyone.

To be real a person needs to be themselves and become an empty vessel for life to ride upon as it flows through. When the person sees themselves in any particular way, what they see is demeaning and nauseating because what they perceive is the result of taking an essence away from creation and, in so doing, there is a giving up of the all that had been.

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