Realigning Guidance

Gabriela Pomplova

If we consider that everything in the universe is in some state or process of refinement, we can make the leap to see that the human being, the crown of creation, can be in service to the whole by being assistive to the refinement process. We can do that by holding the best of people and things energetically, which offers allowance for where everything else is in their process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And then I noticed, almost like as a separate shift, that I had to wear a vest in a new way, in other words, as if I had been wearing it inside out all along, I had to switch it around to wear it properly in order to accommodate a transitioning.

I also noticed that I do a great disservice to myself and everything around me when I quibble with those who hold a wrongful view towards an issue. That is not what helps them become who they are meant to be. In other words, people have opinions not on purpose to be wrong, but to try to shake something through on the other side of that opinion. And it’s better to look why it is that they think the way they think, as opposed to try to correct that, because what is trying to come through and the approach that they’re trying to shake through is what needs to be supported and enhanced – and that’s what you have to look to.

To quibble with them takes away from who I am, because I am them in that fashion trying to awaken, and is like a failure to take a step forward in time. And so, what this is is just like I adjusted the device causing the water to leak and needing just a tiny bit of… there’s no blame to be cast, just set it right. Somebody may have fouled up, but that’s because they were a little inattentive with what they needed to be seeing when they were looking to find whatever they were looking to find by way of going into the library.

And I learned to wear the vest on the opposite side, which means the right side, which is the way it was meant to be worn. In other words, there’s no carrying on like one really was blowing something because they didn’t wear something properly, or didn’t look properly, because it has nothing to do with any of that. Just like I’ve also learned to embrace and pull for a person who is reaching out to become more real, in spite of their struggle, the struggles that are just naturally human. And when one does this, we all become free.

If you learn to function in each of those regards, in that way you further everything becoming free, and more conscious, and waking up, and coming out to how it’s meant to be. To quibble with any of that is errant behavior that either stabs one’s self, or shocks one’s self, by refusing to take on a greater overall way in which one sees one’s self in all things, and is part of everything that happens.

And so as a meaning, in terms of what this is pointing out, is I have been hurting my heart because I have somehow forgotten that every nuance, misalignment, contrariness, and misconduct is associated with something I am not properly taking responsibility for, in other words, because you’re connected with everything. It’s not like you have to whip it into shape. That isn’t the way you do it.

Until I honor all mannerisms of expression and appearances as being information essential to pointing out and portraying what needs to unfold, or how far I have yet to go, and take it to heart with each reflection, I am just furthering and continuing to find new ways to hold myself back, in a type of stab shock of the heart, in this or that way.

A truly conscious and supportive person takes every unusual mannerism, oddity, or imbalance of life, and helps it to be how it is intended or meant to be. Such realigning or supportive guidance is what connects the threads of what needs to be brought forward in life.

In me, in life, where I wear the vest inside out, or react to something in a wrongful condition or a person in a benign way that isn’t their fault, is likened by an image I see as being akin to me taking the breath up and down in a nonrhythmic manner. To be in contrast in an outward appearance that is actually supportive to an inner way is the way to be in life to usher in a necessary alignment or change.

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