Towards the Union

SHAMANHere’s an idea that far too seldom acknowledged: humans used to be more connected to their purpose and to the higher realms than they are now. It’s easy for us to think that this current world is the pinnacle of human development, but it’s not. We got away from our purpose thousands of years ago and are still trying to get ourselves back on track.(At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my first dream it feels like I live somewhere where, at one point, people used to have like racing teams, but all of that was broken down or disbanded or something. But now some people will be able to race again, but not like they did before in complete teams or anything.

And it feels like I’m digesting that information, and then I have kind of a little side image where I go over and I go to visit one young woman who’s now staying in a house with a family and, for some reason, she must have done something that upset the mother in the family, and the mother set up this table outside the house with different objects on it and is serving the girl a meal, or doing the cooking, or doing something out there rather than in the house where she would normally do it because of some problem the mom seems to be having with the situation.

The girl seems fine as far as I can tell. Then I seem to go from that image back to the racing, and now I’ve gone into a stall in the place. I’m talking to the person that’s going to be driving the race car and it seems like we’ve had a little bit of a break. We won’t have a full race team, but we’re going to have more than what we had before. And I’m just trying to figure out how to get in the races. That’s all I pulled out.

John: That’s going from group to individual, so on an energetic level it’s like something shutting down or starting to open up again. Well, I guess we’ll have to see what that means as far as further developments because what you’re depicting is you’re depicting a change in energy in which something had been for the team, and then it got banned, and then it got started up with a smaller number.

So you’re able to play the game again, but in a lesser degree, or at least not with the same force of energy. Interesting depiction, huh? The way things are getting reduced there where you start off with a bunch and then you end up with just a band and then you come back and arise out of that with just a few. It’s almost as if many are called and few are chosen or something.

Jeane: No, the sense I had was when I first started dreaming, it’s almost like there were just two of us that were going to race, but at sometime in the distant past there had been teams and then there’s a shift. And it feels like there can be more than just the two of us, like we’re starting to pull things back together, but the time when people raced these really complete teams was way in the past.

John: So the image is something that was the past, in other words, it used to be more of a whole in the past, meaning a complete team. It used to be more of a whole in the past and then it got down to just a couple? And now it’s going to come back more towards a wholeness, or it’s going to become more inclusive.

Well, that’s actually a prophetic dream, then, because when you put it like that then what you’re saying is that something existed in the past that was more inclusive, and more together, and more functional, which means more whole, and then that apparently got lost, or fell by the way boards. And so it got down to just very, very few left that were trying to hold an attunement, or an alignment, and now more of them, now there’s an opening up and more is able to connect in terms of towards the whole, or towards the union, and the oneness.

But it won’t ever be like it was in the past, but at least it’s coming back towards it, towards opening up to a oneness. That’s kind of like prophetic, and I guess the schematic and the scenario it’s under, in terms of our prior dreaming, is we’re developing a sense that we’re intertwining more with everything in life in terms of with others, in terms of with the way things happen in the outer, just kind of the way manifestation is we’re learning to intertwine or come into an inner into an outer.

And that this had been something apparently rooted in our nature from ages and eons ago, but it got lost or, in other words, just very feebly held onto, the note very feebly held onto, and now it’s reawakening and reemerging. But it doesn’t look like it can be like it had been. In other words, it can’t come to the point that it had come to in terms of union and connectivity like it had in the past. In other words, that’s what’s the potentiality, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to… your dream is not indicating that it’s going to all be coming back. It’s only somewhat coming back.

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