The Flow of Grace

fishes-yin-yangYes, we live out our lives in the material world, where time is always a consideration. Yet for us to be connected to the flow of life, we need to be aware of, and allow for, more that just the personal and cultural timings that govern our lives. We need to keep our focus on our place in the universal unfolding, and how we can play a role in that as well. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: Well, the dream image that I had was I see what I consider like a Tinker Bell, you know, something that floats and fairies around, and I find myself powdering her nose in a playful way, and she’s just tinkering about being what she is.

In other words, just being as she is meant to be, which is a type of joyous presence without any airs. There’s something touching about that in which there isn’t a sophistication, and rigidity, and attitude, or mannerism because none of that exists in that image. It’s just a presence without any weight or physical limitations that exudes a pleasant uplifting vibration.

And so that creates kind of a nice, soothing, touching thing. It enables something to kind of pull back down into the heart again with that kind of a sensation and sense as opposed to something that tightens; when there’s a denseness it has the tendency to tighten. So that’s the meditation dream.

And then the dream I had as I was sleeping is, I see myself at a college and I have accepted kind of like a homework assignment, you know, that I’ve gotten from a class or something which involves having to first of all gather up through kind of some sort of piping mechanism or something so that I can put it into a container, water. In other words, water runs into a hose and it tends to run out both ends of the hose instead of staying in something where its nozzle then is sprayed – it just freely flows.

And so what I’m attempting to do, because it’s awkward when water’s like that I tend to lose it all over the place, and then I attach it at one end and it just pours in the other, so what I’m attempting to do is get the water then to go into a container, and so I’m having to work at this because the way it is there’s a tendency where it could get contaminated, or muddied, or something like that.

I don’t have any control on it but I need to fill a container and, when I do that, then I’m supposed to take that to a place in the city that I can sense and I can feel. This is my assignment, and then I have to document that place that I took this to, and what I have to do is I have to find two reference points, address reference points, so that on a map I can schematically locate where it was that I did all of this as my project or assignment.

And so I have this intentionality that I have to do this, but I have a friend who has a certain very directed and straightforward mannerism, in other words, he does everything in a black-and-white way. I mean, he doesn’t get distracted or detoured too readily. And he knows that there’s something else that needs to also be done, and so he has come over and he sees me all pent up to do this particular assignment.

And so what he wants and feels that we need to do, that needs to start shortly, is like a whole different thing, which means like on a different level. And he also knows that what I’m doing is important to me, so he can’t really redirect or change my mind from that, so he finds himself trying to help me, to speed me up a little bit, so that I can go ahead and get that done, and then come back and tie in with what needs to be done next.

And so as part of speeding up I can feel his pressure on as a type of firmness to try to stay attentive, on top of things. I can feel his pressure on, and so I’m only able to coordinate one close proximity address to where it is that I have to go off to. I was trying to coordinate two of them, but one of them will have to do.

When I turn this in I’ll have one of them to reference so they can take and pinpoint approximately where I had gone in the location city of things, to touch something, or help something, or do something that had to be done in that spot. I’m suddenly realizing I have to make an adjustment because I have to do this other, too, and this guy is busy waiting, keeping a pressure on for this to occur. He’s correct, I can’t lose the focus of this. It does need to happen. So that’s how I approach it.

The meaning is that in my energetic makeup there is an internal clock that correlates to an unfoldment process, in other words, to how something is designed or destined to occur. And the timing that’s associated with how it is is something that comes into one’s consciousness. It’s kind of like it affects one in terms of a pressure or presence. And so in becoming more conscious, I find myself having to extend out over creation. This is built into my energetic synapsis and energetic wiring of my being to do this.

Because of what is important on other levels of existence, I find myself having, as a need, to access an important focus and attention to keep me centered. But I’m not rhythmic with both unfoldments, and the one I’m working with you know too is taking up a lot of attention, and yet both levels have to happen.

So I do the best I can under the circumstances and allowances are made for what I have taken on. The two activities aren’t correlated, yet they’re somehow or another important because the other part that’s pressuring me also recognizes and is trying to provide an allowance, and wait, so that I take and I deal with this first so that that other can then happen.

So it’s almost like timing-wise they appear to keep one from being too easygoing because of the way the responsibility imposes or crisscrosses itself on one’s nature. And so I sort out this commitment I have in which I have to do both, and I welcome any guidance that is there to help me stay connected and attuned.

And the purpose of the dream, or the reason I had this dream, is this is intended to help me see for myself how it is I make things difficult with the way I get adamant and set in my nature in terms of what has to be done. I do not know how to be more even and fluid with the process and this tends to make things clumsy and harder than it needs to be.

Fortunately, the limitation of my being is understood as an issue for me in terms of looking at, and accessing, and denoting the presence and the pressure of a fortitude, a steadiness, and an unwavering focus. And that is like the protocol type of guidance or what keeps me on key. In other words, this has opened up and is at my disposal. And it appears to be, and may be, what I need to keep the grace flowing between the two levels – providing I handle this graciously, and it isn’t something that discombobulates. I mean, it’s almost like those two things going on are almost too much, and the key is to let go in a certain way so that they both can be handled without a greater overindulgence of one over the other. Everything is meant to flow, and is meant to fit, but I am having trouble with finding that as a smooth, balanced echo.

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