Into Expression

maxThe laws of physics say that energy doesn’t disappear, it merely changes states. And as we humans process varied energies, i.e., excitement, anger, fear, etc., those energies can have a continued effect on us until we have processed them completely out. (We all know we can snap at a friend when someone else made us angry ten minutes ago.) In this dream, John gets a reminder of this process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this dream I had a close-call accident. In other words, there was something inside of me that causes a flinch, or reaction, similar to me jumping up to see if I had done something from last year or whether I forgot to file something.

So there’s that split-second flinch reaction – and every energetic has an aliveness it has to live out. So, consequently, I have this inflective thing where I sense that I had a close call and it’s still in my synapses, so to speak. I haven’t completely let go of it, and so it has to still manifest in some fashion in the outer, or the ethers of the outer, which are reflective.

So, what happens is, all of a sudden I’m driving along, and I could have stopped myself if it wasn’t for this energetic, but it was almost like I’m compelled to rear end a vehicle. And when I do this, as soon as it happens, there’s the whole sensation that I brought it on, which stems from this earlier vibe that set this effect, this equivocation of a lack of focus, or a lack of wholeness, it set this little deviation in motion.

I guess you could say it came from within, but a type of within that was living something out that was in the way of something even deeper. But this is when I start to see that I am changing, other than just these little reactions that I go through, that cause me to flinch about, because what happens next is such a surprise to me.

First of all, as soon as this action occurs, the driver of that car seems to disappear. In other words, you think he’d jump out, be pissed, and come out, because I’m the one that smacked him. He was just sitting there and I drove up to him, and attempted to come up real close and stop, but I kept going and bumped him. You would expect him to get out and be pissed, but he just suddenly disappears, like he ran away or something, the opposite of what you would expect.

So I back up just a little bit because I’ve hooked into the back of his car, and get out to assess the damage. But because he has jumped out and took off and he must have left the car in neutral or something, it starts to roll away. So I’m running after it, and it goes and it’s like it has got eyes of its own. It seems to keep going and it’s building up a little more speed all the time, and it seems to veer about, and it doesn’t seem to hit anything.

Finally it drives over the top of like maybe another car on one side or something, drives up and rolls over a couple of times and comes to a stop when I catch up with it. And that’s when I notice it’s just a toy car. It didn’t seem to do any more damage rolling over like a toy car does. I mean, a big car, you know all that weight, it would crush and be torn to pieces.

So I pick it up, take it over, and put it in the backseat of the car because I’m going to dispose of it. The idea I have is, if there’s no person who’s carrying on, or reacting, or has issues, in other words, that doesn’t seem to actually be truly the case. And also, then, no car as evidence of something haywire or damaged, I don’t see how this issue continues.

And so I’m now backing out and I’m having to figure out how to get turned around in this construction site area that I’m suddenly in, to go from there because it’s kind of a little bit of a dead end there as I then take the next step, whatever it’s going to be. I guess the whole mannerism I’m taking on is the idea that the energetic aliveness that exists, in this little deviation way, will be no more, on a physical level, when I’m done.

And the meaning of this is the theme is how vibrations create – or cause things to happen even – and this is something that has an effect when you have a vibratory mannerism that has its force set loose. In other words, you don’t just stomp it out. It has to live itself out if you don’t know how to absorb it.

And that can lead to a shock, or it can be a precursor to the unfoldment of another vibration pent up within. In other words, maybe it’s not just pent up, maybe it’s waking up to where it can let go. And whatever is pent up, or whatever that is, also has to come into expression.

And how do things come into their expression? Well, we indulge, and we flip flop, and we take this nuance wrong and that nuance wrong. So it caused me to ponder that little statement that was made the other day: true courage exists when fear has said its prayers. In other words, I could do something and not have to go through the contanglement because a part of me is no longer in a rattled, shaken, and cracked state that would cause something imbalanced to keep perpetuating itself.

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