A Right Demeanor

droppedImage_2Humans are always so concerned with how we appear to others and can spend huge amounts of time and money to create a certain effect. But, we spend zero time and effort in considering how we appear to, or worse, don’t appear at all to, the universe. Because we have been born into Its thing, for us to be recognized by It we need to vibrate on Its frequencies, or be like It. When we only consider what is personal to us, we put ourselves on a frequency that is invisible to the purposes of the universe. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So then I have a dream where I’m going to be going to a wedding, and it feels like the woman getting married is Middle Eastern, and the man she’s marrying is maybe even an old boyfriend of mine. Now, in real life the man’s from the Dominican Republic, but in the dream he also seems to be from the Middle East.

So I feel like there’s a certain way I have to dress to go to the wedding. Well, initially I’m going to wear an outfit with the purple blouse I brought, cotton blouse that I bought in Egypt, but it feels like that’s needed by somebody else that’s going to wear it. Also, in the dream it feels to me like I think the blouse comes from Israel, but somebody else needs to wear it, so a couple of the women take me aside and we go to a shop and it seems like it has Middle Eastern clothes in it, but we’re kind of rushed on time so one of them goes into a room and they come out with this long skirt and outfit that I could wear to the wedding and to the dancing that will be happening after the wedding.

So then we’ve gone back and we’re right outside the area and I’ve kind of put the clothes on, but I have to make some adjustments. It’s too big around the waist, so I’m making some pleats and trying to pin it, and then the man that I know comes out and I kind of am trying to cover that up a little bit so it looks nicer, and I wondered if he was going to be annoyed at all of this but he actually seems to be very welcoming. But I’m trying to figure out some way that I can fix the waist of this outfit for the dancing.

John: Well it seems to be somewhat correlated to the first dream, from the standpoint in the first dream you’re having to be at ease with everything that is happening, however it’s happening, in terms of the way you’re repositioned in life. And, of course, it isn’t about what is happening, it’s about being able to be repositioned in life and be neutral, or okay, about it.

In this dream you’re dealing with… in other words, that was just a setting, just establishing a setting from which then maybe something occurs. But you’re going from one setting that is situated with a certain degree of protection, or mannerism, about it defensively and in terms of an orientation, to another setting that again from that setting things arise, or are taken in differently in terms of, again, an aspect of your overall nature.

So now that nature is being filled in, which means you have kind of an action orientation established with that, which means now you’re looking at things that are happening around you, and there’s a greater orientation of things happening around you. There’s a wedding going on, there’s relating to people that are of different nationalities, there’s a relating to others in terms of how they see you involved in the equation of what’s unfolding, and how you see them in regards to what is unfolding.

If you were to take out all of the dynamics there, it’s kind of like, is it all that much different than just being able to hold the space of a placement out in the center of things, like you had in the first dream? Because once you introduce all of that activity and where your attention can be drawn this way or that way, is that going to wig you out or distort you in some fashion? Are you going to be able to handle that? It’s kind of an interesting question and challenge.

Jeane: Then I just remember an image I was having after I had kind of woken up. It felt like there was this plate in front of me with various fruit on it, and then powered sugar had been sprinkled over all of it – so you can just kind of barely see any color through the powered sugar.

And I’ve taken something about the size of a strawberry, you know, I have it balanced on a fork on the edge of the plate kind of backwards, and so it looks like I’m going to hit like the bottom of the fork and then I can propel the strawberry somewhere.

John: What kind of image is that? I mean, the negative idea of powdered sugar is that you’re sugar-coating something so that it is different than what it… it’s not necessarily what it appears. In other words, you’re kind of deceiving yourself, but I don’t think that’s what this dream means, because a strawberry in and of itself reflects something different. And fruit represent again something different, and sugar in and of itself being white is an aspect of grace, looked at in a positive way, so I suspect what this image is doing is it’s giving you information in terms of what it’s like to be able to be in a dynamic of life that is happening all around you.

You’re able to hold a center of it. You don’t have to require it to be any particular way, and you’re able to relate to all kinds of things that are going on as part of something coming anew, and you’re able to add a certain element of… I mean the taking of a strawberry and propelling it with a spoon, firing it so to speak, that’s almost a joke. That’s almost a glee. That’s like an image of glee. It adds an element of twinkled excitement to the whole thing. It’s an image that’s kind of the opposite of what it would be like to be overwhelmed.

In other words, instead of being overwhelmed… I mean you could have considered yourself overwhelmed by your bed being in a place that wasn’t of your choosing. You could have been overwhelmed by the changes that are going on and, yes, it’s neat that it’s a wedding, but people are from foreign countries, and what you’re wearing isn’t quite right for all of that that’s about to take place, and you’ve got to try to change this to fit the orientation of how it’s to be perceived or something.

That could all be kind of discombobulating and disorienting, but if you could handle all of that like you handled in a neutral way, in a balanced way, the first aspect of the dream, the bed being however it needs to be, it would be just fine, and actually more than fine with a certain reverence, or divine joy about it all. You get the element of glee in there, you know, propelling strawberries around with sugar coating and other fruit.

And a fruit of course is the highlight. It’s the so to speak cherry of it all. In other words, it’s an image of a right demeanor, having a right demeanor, if there is such a thing as a right demeanor. And I guess there’s such a thing as a right demeanor if you take yourself completely out of any nuances or equation that dictate or control how it is that you need to be situated in relationship to what’s going on. It’s an interesting space. It’s a pretty strong position.

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