The Infused Heart

Zmogaus Galios

Most people have repetitive dreams at some point in their lives. And it’s really not surprising, because an aspect of our dreaming is to give us guidance about our journey back to God, or back to what created us. The human system is designed for certain types of repetitions as a way of deepening the understanding of what is being done or shown. And certain dreams will keep repeating until some inner aspect of us takes up the message that is being given. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: I think I had my dream and then as you were talking most of it just kind of dissolved. But what I can tell you, I know I lost the part of the dream that had to do with a woman, but the other part of the dream felt like a repeat dream, and it feels like I’m masculine.

It feels like I’m in China, and I’m maybe behind enemy lines, so to speak. There’s a way that I can capture soldiers or something. It doesn’t really involve weapons. It involves almost like a spell or something because it involves a going back and forth in a way. And it’s like I’m out there a certain period of time and I feel like I’m being observed. And then at another time, as I capture people, that I come back.

But that’s just my impression of it because I think as you were talking it just kind of went poof, so I’ll just have to see if any of it comes back. But it definitely felt like a repeat dream. And I was being told in the dream at points when I needed to come back, and I had a little resistance to coming back.

John: It’s a dream about observation in that you’re using a type of looking at something that’s in-between. In other words, to look at something is in-between that and a more direct vibration of it – but it is a way of shaking loose a connection.

So repeat huh? So you’re constantly looking and taking into account, and summing something up inside of yourself, as a way of trying to break yourself back into a deeper linkage that is natural and constant.

So what you’re repeating is this process by which you’re using this in-between quality. In other words, most people get caught up in things just going this way and that way and this way and that way. This is a dream in which you’re not caught up in that, you’re caught up in looking at how what it is that you look at keeps redirecting you in some fashion – and this repeats.

It repeats from the inside, and obviously on the outside, too, and that you’re to catch the hint of what that is that lies behind that: because it’s not what you’re going through, it’s something behind that. And you keep repeating things up to a point and then it stops, then repeating something up to a point and then it stops. And behind that is what’s there for you to suddenly catch, to suddenly get. What was kind of the part that you forgot?

That part that you said felt all masculine would be considered the harsher part, and it’s an aspect of a truth, as we know it, in terms of the way things come to us in just the day-to-day life. And, in your case, you’re having things come to you that cause you to come up to a point, and then as things come to you and it comes up to a point it’s a harsher quality trait.

There are two traits here. There’s that, and then there’s the offsetting one that’s softer. And the softer one is the easier one, and the other is harsher and much slower where things come up to a point. But the softer approach is where you break through from something having come up to a point and then that puts you into the heart – and then you start to be affected and trained on both the heart and the soul level inside yourself.

This is like a training that works both inner and outer with the quality of a type of truth. In other words, as things come and they come and they come up to a particular point, from this you inflect something. You reach a point where you inflect something so you know things are okay, you know that this is right, you know that this is a part of the path, or you know this and you know that.

Through that inflection, as a quality of letting go, is where the infused heart awakens, and that’s an aspect of love – and much softer and much faster – and the real essence of what this path is about. It’s interesting that other, though. So, you had the other half, which means you had the softer part.

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