A Basic Flow

670.jpgIn this series of images, John is being shown different aspects of the same issue. To be in the flow with life and the universe is a connection we make gradually. It doesn’t happen by flipping a switch or by making dramatic changes, it happens through a moment by moment letting go of what prevents us from our natural connections. It happens by letting go of our personal involvements, and by letting go of the idea that if we try harder and do more we’ll get there. The flow is a natural state, but we have become unnatural in this world. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: And so this part is I’m looking about at what I need for groceries. Generally I do not pay any attention to that sort of thing, and let it just naturally unfold. In other words, you just go and get the groceries, I don’t pay any attention to that.

Well, apparently, there must have been some little nuances percolating beneath the surface, as I point out something you wouldn’t have ordinarily thought us as needing. And when I do this, what happened is you suddenly got excited or animated about it that and started acting really grateful that that got pointed out, thanking me profusely for pointing out what had been an oversight.

The meaning is we don’t mean to take on airs, traits, and patterns and unfulfilling abstractions which veil us from our true inner need. To be able to see what we have done to ourself – and reacquaint to that which is divine – is to be at the heart of our nature. We are ever grateful each time that is able to be. There can be long stretches of time when we are cut off from that as we pursue some tangent, or idea, or pattern, or whatever that carries a demeanor or some motif that veils us from our inner need.

So in this dream, I get a newfound sense of this new place I am in. In the image I see a dresser that was part of, or came with, the condo. And I am of the impression that this is the heaviest piece of furniture in the bedroom. The thought comes up: maybe I should move it. This is followed by the question, as if you are even raising the question, why?

My response to this dialogue is, why do I need to do anything? In other words, it’s like I’m even responding to my own question, and saying why do I need to do anything? The thing is serving its purpose in sitting there. It’s not affecting anything one way or the other, so why do I need to go off on some unwarranted tangent?

In other words, this dresser is just a part of me. It is just a part of the space, the overall space. And, yes, it’s heavy, yes, it’s like a type of burden or something that has to be carried, but it also serves its own purpose. I don’t need to dwell upon it. I just need to let it be, just go about other things. It is what it is.

The meaning is, there are things given to me that are natural to my nature that I can identify to if I seek to overly do that, overly direct my attention, in terms of how it is that I am put together in manifestation. In other words, this dresser is just a part of how it is. I don’t need to get into the nuances of it. That’s where you get into the mind going off and off and off and off. I mean, it just doesn’t know how to settle with its own base. I just need to leave certain things be and allow myself to remain open to life.

In this dream, it’s like I’m in an area where there are computers for rent, and there are like three or four of them in a line up. There’s a guy to my left. I’m on a computer, and then I guess there’s an empty computer to my right, and then there’s a person on that right there that seems to be observing, from maybe the other side of that computer. And then there’s a person on my right that comes up.

Well, I’m at a computer looking things up when this person, and it’s kind of like in a type of library, comes up to me seeking my guidance and help. I explain to him what is possible, in other words, the options. I explain to him the options and, in an effort to get him oriented because I need to know what it is in terms of guidance that he seeks, but he can’t seem to tell me.

By going over the options to try to see and better understand what it is he wants, or where this goes, I’m getting frustrated because it doesn’t seem to generate a response from him that helps. Meanwhile, I have a lot to sort out on my plate at the computer, and everything in front of me is a mess, and so I’m at a kind of inner crisis seeking to figure out what I’m doing.

Suddenly I realize that he doesn’t know how to respond, but I realize he needs to start with the basics. and then one will see where that goes. And then I’m also realizing that the way I’m acting, in terms of this frustration inside, is unacceptable because that’s this other person that’s on the other side that seems to be there listening. And he can see my terse conversation where I’m jerking and jabbing at this guy to try to get him to be a little more forthright. And he feels I am being rough with him because I am not getting the response from him that would give me an idea of how and what he needs for direction.

So, from all of this I realized I just need to get him in a flow. So I take out a disk that will open up the system. I tell him he needs to go and reserve the open computer next to me. I will put this disk in and this will enable him to do the basics, things that will not require a lot of complexity, because I kept looking at this and trying to actually overanalyze it in terms of its complexity, but basically he doesn’t even understand the basics. The regular flow is sufficient. If he could just do that, that’s enough. And so I finally realize, aha, well let’s do that and see where it goes, and then what more might be required one will contend with that then.

So this dream portrays as a meaning a shift of my attention to a part of myself opening up for the first time, or again even, or as a step back even, that still isn’t able to identify its need succinctly. It’s like a human being never ever can really know what’s going on, so you identify and come to know it as a type of infusion of the soul. This is on the path of understanding the soul.

The heart works to a certain degree, then comes the soul. In other words, like I said: first you understand the mind, you understand the heart, it’s a whole other thing to understand the soul. When I am in such a condition I just need to keep it simple and stay basic. Work with the level of the heart that trips into, then, the infused understanding of the soul. Nothing more really needs to evolve; in other words, you don’t get into the complication of it and try to change, or do something, because just the basic flow is going to take all my attention for the foreseeable future.

And then the deeper aspect meaning is I tend to act as if I’m put out and peeved when confronted with a shift and change. It would be nice if I could be more fluid and natural. To do that, I have to get out of the way and let go of preconceived notions. So, the unfoldment inside of me is something percolating, trying to find its way. This is portrayed by the person asking me to help him get set up so that he can find what there is to the need and flow which is before him.

There also is an appearance demeanor, too, that’s involved here which has to do with the guy that’s looking at me carrying on like I am with this guy, being rough with him because he can’t specifically state what it is that he seeks to try to do. And, initially, I’m jumping over the top thinking and wanting something that’s way more complicated than needs to be. What needs to be is just this basic flow, and then see where that goes, and what evolves from that. So that was an interesting dream.

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