An Enhanced Recognition

poster4a.jpgIt goes hand in hand with a spiritual journey that, at some point, we students of a chosen path also become its teachers. Yet teacher here doesn’t mean in the sense of just passing along facts and information, but in the sense of being a teacher of the human race by what radiates out from one’s alignments and knowings. A spiritual path raises one’s energetic connections into one’s higher-self, and that gives those connections access to others, through our lives, which is a rare and high service. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So in my main dream it feels like I work at a school, more in like the administrative offices or something, but I also as a student take some classes there. And I really could get out of there fairly soon, but I realize that there are certain classic books and things that I can actually share with some of the students there, and it makes something about education really fun.

It’s like if there are certain classic books, a certain number of them or something that you can share with the students so I, rather than maybe get out as soon as I could or leave the school as soon as I can, it’s kind of out in the country, there’s something about the pleasure of sharing the books that makes me feel like I’ll stay there a little bit longer. And then as a different part of the dream, it’s like I’m also working in the offices.

John: Yeah. So, what you’re doing is you’re portraying the parameters of life that you have taken on, or been presented with, as your format, as your frame of reference, to that which exists.

In other words, this is your schematic, so to speak, to have to embrace, and what you have to handle as the overall life that is placed on your plate. So, to handle that, or to be conscious with it, or to unfold with that, you have to cause this whole overall to be brought through to all parts of yourself or, as a way of saying it, to everything else that is an aliveness in creation.

There’s a deep-seated principle in terms of it having to work this way because you have made the step, in terms of some sort of acceptance and understanding, that in order to become more conscious that you have to hand this out, or in other words, this has to be taken in or made known and available to… not so much as a me, myself, and I consideration, but as a flow that involves others.

You’re covering a very deep-seated theme in that there comes a time when for you to become more conscious that you have to take on the role of being in a position in which this exudes, or is handed out, to others. You can only go so far in terms of working upon the mannerisms of yourself in terms of alignment. Once they have reached a particular point, in order for that then to unfold further, you have to take those parameters – which you have the parameters in both ends of the dream, in other words, you’re both the administrator or in other words the guide and the teacher, and at the other end you’re the framework, or the first step in terms of holding something in place, thus making you a servant and student to what there is that needs to be made conscious and known at school – and school being life.

So the two parameters you’ve established is the bracketing in of the schematic of the overall, and in the middle is the process upon which something exudes, or extends, or takes place within these parameters, that goes out and into making something better, or more conscious in terms of the overall, or in terms of others, meaning students, that can partake of a spatiality that is there in which they can grow and come and become more conscious.

And the process, in terms of this happening, that is an enhanced recognition and conscious growth for you, for yourself, is the process that you now have an attention upon, that you make possible. And as you make it possible, as you work out whatever it takes for it to become more possible, that is how you become more conscious.

You might say this all falls under a general overall quality in which you are everything in life, and that as everything in life, you need to come to know that, and your way of coming to know that is to start to see the components of yourself, and the importance of yourself, in an intertwined capacity in terms of others.

See how that dream was? Could you feel that? Could you get the sense of it, you established the parameters and then you worked with those that were in the scenario, and in that scenario you were the student, and as a consequence of being the student that was the framework for something to become more conscious.

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