A Natural Wonder

haultIt’s so hard for us to do: to go with the flow of things, rather than always trying to control or “fix” them. It is our tendency to think we can control or fix things that has put us in the state we are in, because we have 7 billion views on how that should be done. Instead, we should have 7 billion people aligned to the one thing that is really going on: the universe is evolving and refining, and we can make ourselves a part of that process. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: In my dream, it feels like there’s this area that’s more on the edge of town; it’s like a cabin or a second residence out there. And there’s some other small residences out there that people have.

I remember there’s one part of the dream I didn’t quite pull out, but it seems to me like one of these residences has something about it that’s painted very gold. You know, I remember the rooms with gold color.

But actually, these are basically the parts of the dream I remember clearly, these are more like little cabins or even garages that have been converted into living quarters, or maybe living quarters that have a little garage added, and some of them the walls even kind of join together or are only a few feet apart. You go a certain number of yards and there will be another little cabin. Well, it feels like initially when I’ve gone out there and we’ve looked at a house this couple has, it’s a very small little cabin or something. The initial one, you can go out, stay a while. It’s like I like how it feels.

Then, before I leave that day, the couple tells me that I should look at this other place, too, but I think, that you would kind of add to it. That’s the best way I can think of. You just walk a certain number of yards and there are some buildings that run together—almost like they used to be a garage that had been broken up into living quarters, or something. And then I’m looking at that space, thinking maybe there would be a garage space in there, but there’s actually I find a room, that seems like some living quarters and has a washing machine and that adds something that the other place didn’t have.

So, I’m even staying there for a while. My sister comes and somebody else in the family comes and I’m doing some laundry, but evening comes and they decide they’re all going back to town – and I can’t quite figure that out. If you have this place that you want to use, it’s more like a weekend place. Like I said, it’s small and everything and it’s actually now grown into almost like two areas. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t stay there the whole weekend, but they leave.

And then I’m looking at—it feels a little strange to be staying there more by myself, but I’m also a little preoccupied because there’s a washing machine in a second little add-on unit. And it’s not too far from an area that one could use as a garage, too, that I also have my eye on.

But I had put some throw rugs in the washing machine, just like those little kind of throw rugs that one uses as you come into a unit, when I notice that there’s been some rock salt that had spilled, or something that looks like rock salt. And it’s caused one of the rugs to clump together. And so I’m kind of yanking it apart, seeing if the rock salt will fall out. Some of it’s clumped so much I’m not sure I can salvage that rug, but then I notice the rug behind it has come out fluffy and is okay. So I’m kind of preoccupied with trying to salvage that rug.

Then I also know there’s almost what looks like a little shack. It’s about the size of what an outhouse used to be, except it’s very pulled together and it’s a certain shade. It’s certain colors, like orange and yellow, or something, that’s even further down on the property, kind of overlooking a river area. And I’m looking at that, too, although for us to add any more property when we already kind of added to that are a little distance from each other to wherever we normally live. It doesn’t make sense to me. I notice that there’s something about that that kind of pulls one in that direction, as well.

John: The key is, why are you doing what you’re doing? First of all you’re pulling away from a flow that is occurring, as part of, say, a town, or in terms of the outer cause and effect of things, or the sensation of things, that’s of a town.

Or the other way you could say it is in terms of how the collective unfolds in a town setting. And instead, you’re finding value and meaning in terms of something that you can see yourself connect or link to that is not affected by other things. But it’s small. You’re not meant to stay small, you’re meant to intertwine. You’re meant to facilitate something that needs to naturally flow that isn’t affected by conditions that weigh down upon something.

What you’re not looking at directly is quite why it is, and how it is, that this flow kind of naturally occurs to where you’re able to continue to expand your overall presence. And the reason is you see this, but you don’t know what it is about you that compels you to keep adding to the spatiality. And what it is it’s kind of a natural intertwining. It’s a natural connectivity. The sum total of all of that is a type of exaltation.

In other words, it’s like you are learning to go with a naturalness that is there, that isn’t opposed by outer forces. That, in this particular case, isn’t a derivative of the outer forces either, it’s like something that’s able to just exist without any controls. In other words, there’s nothing that defines or keeps or restricts you from intertwining.

If there was, for example, enough contrast in place, you would realize that the intertwining is that of a type of exaltation. In other words, you’re not taking and increasing the area, under which you have a linkage or intertwining, just to be doing it because you’re out of control. That is what it would be like if you were working with the sensation functions. But you’re working with something different. You’re working with something that actually is employing an innerness that is coming through you in a non-sensation way, but in an exalted way, in which something is just taken over, taken on, assumed, and therefore, you can shift and change and do things, and be completely embraced by everything in the environment as you do this.

The underlying theme is: what is that energy? What is that quality that compels you to combine, unite, expand, exalt? And that energy is kundalini energy.

Now, the kundalini energy—I mean, this is hard to see in your dream this is what’s going on, but it’s more easy to see in my dream because I’m shown this, told this even, directly. But if you were to stop even in your dream and pause, why it is that you want to pull something together. I mean, there’s no reasons given. And you don’t intertwine if there’s any fighting or battle or resistance that exists.

What we have right now in society is we have things breaking down. And as this stuff breaks down, we struggle and we carry a heaviness in the heart. And we can get drained by it. And what is getting drained is a quality of the Kundalini energy, a power that we need, that soars into a type of exaltation in that it can become like intimately intertwined with everything that there is out there. But it cannot do that if it has issues with what is unfolding, if it can’t accept what is in front of it, if it fights what is there, what is taking place.

And this seems to be the big dilemma that seems to exist is that we live in a world of contrast, in which the ecosystem and everything is breaking down, and the tendency is to recognize that something needs to be done differently, or otherwise it is all going to come crumbling to pieces. And so the degree to which we take positions is the degree of derangement.

You notice that anybody who is really trying to do something, or anyone who is standing behind a cause, warps themselves. They exhaust themselves. They play out that energetic that is imperative and important to being able to cause something to change, to be different. This is kundalini energy. It’s almost like a strange way of looking at it in that it’s like it includes this side and the other side. It’s the linkage that already naturally exists.

It’s almost like when inner and outer were created, this is an aspect of inner that was left. And it is said that it’s for purpose of procreation. Well, yes, it procreates all the time. It procreates everything that needs to be, according to a design that needs to unfold. It’s not just that of sexuality. It’s that of an intertwining, as well. And it does it with a closeness that is almost, on one level, a type of sexuality by appearance if you were to define it from the standpoint of the outer in terms of sensuality and senses and sensation. But when you look at it from this whole other part or way, in which you don’t fight anything, but go with what is changing. And you do so in such an intimate, close way, actually you create no resistance from anything that would you normally consider as dark energy or negative.

The consequence of that is everything opens up, everything unfolds. There isn’t a need to have anything secretive or hidden. And that whole thing is so expansive, it’s so connective, it’s so intertwined, it’s so inclusive, it’s called exaltation. It’s an amazing characteristic.

And so, what you were doing is you were looking at an image that was unfolding and that, as it unfolded and everything intertwined and whatnot, and there wasn’t any reservations or restrictions or anything to hold you back from this just naturally unfolding, that you were dealing in a natural wonder. The idea that that is a type of exaltation is probably more of a statement that kind of comes perhaps in an explanation of, say, a masculine way.

But in terms of the feminine way, you were able to just exude and effuse out in a wonderful way. The idea of exaltation is not even in the picture, like something that is magical there and unfolds in a non-confrontational or hostile mannerism, because it can work with that. It doesn’t oppose that.

And so, my dreams pointed out a different change in terms of how the attention was placed, so that you don’t end up with exhaustion and a heavy heart.

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The Cosmic Connection

ngt1In these dream images we see things being manifested because of a need. Now that may seem magical, but it is actually the way the universe works. But the key to it working is that the need is vibrationally in tune with the purposes of creation. It doesn’t work if it is about a personal need, or the law of attraction idea. It is a resonant quality that, like a tuning fork, brings in a universal response. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: In this dream, the example I have is I am part of a very large family that is meant to be able to partake of fried chicken, because there’s a natural hidden connection that this family has that I can feel within.

However, the family doesn’t quite fully acknowledge this, although I know that they should be able to acknowledge it, and has the tendency to settle for something less. Something that is superficial, linear, and easy to explain. They have not observed an access I can feel, creatively. They haven’t caught up with that at a depth inside of themselves. They’re blocked by a natural veil. In other words, I know that they need to have fried chicken. I know that they have a recognition of the need of being on the fried chicken schematic of things. But their concepts keep them from knowing that because there is no fried chicken at hand.

So the challenge is, can I use my presence from within to shift them out of their demeanor?

The way the demeanor that they have is, that when I step into the area where they’re sitting around waiting for the food to be put on the table, nothing is there. But when I step into the arena, my hands are full of fried chicken. And I place it in a container in the center of the table. Then I use a certain key or focus so that they will just naturally accept it, because it certainly looks like it belongs there all along.

So, they were still waiting—there is this need—but they don’t know how it’s going to be met, and they just assume that the food will be provided in a linear way. But when I step forward with the fried chicken, it rings a bell somewhere deep inside of them, that fried chicken is meant to be. But where’s the chicken? Where’s this and where’s that? So, when I place this in a container, it suddenly is as if it is totally natural and is, like I say, already about the place, it just needed to be visualized. I’m the only one who has a slight trepidation because I know it isn’t as obvious as I am able, with a certain focus that I carry, to make it appear or be.

Because I was able to feel the need strongly through me, I was able to access the space where needs are met. The process started when I walked into a garage feeling that this needed to be there as a given for the family and suddenly there was fried chicken on the garage floor.

I initially felt that this was weird, dirty, or perhaps contaminated. But when I was able to drop the self-limiting conceptualization, I was able to find it abundantly there, able to be picked up with ease and looked fine as soon as I picked it up. I even found fried chicken to be in another inflective space within, that was, you know, having to be laying on the ground floor of the garage. And I added some of that to the chicken that I was carrying in my arms.

However, I did carry a little qualm because someone, who couldn’t quite make the leap of faith when I said that the chicken is just naturally there, had to ask me where I got this. And I had to reply and basically, I said I got it out of the garage. But I had to use a certain way of saying it so casually that it was kind of like an Obi-Wan Kenobi. They’d just naturally accept that, because they know that it needs to be there, because it echoes with the inner key that they have deep inside of themselves, instead of the mental, rational, logical, outer way that would say that that’s not possible, and therefore obliterate it from being real.

And I’m able to get them to accept that as this leap of inner faith and imagination for them was touched, so that it could be so. Because they carried that as a depth or a pull from within, that can set this off in life. So, it worked. They just somehow or sincerely needed to reach within themselves and notice, as if this is like a yogic sight or something, that it is there.

But it took a lot of energy out of me to hold the space for that, so that they got it. And so, as a result, I’m the only one at the table who is a little bit remiss in having pulled it off. In other words, I got it so that they ate the chicken freely, but I ate the chicken still somewhat stigmatized by the unusualness of how this came about in manifestation and I carry that in myself as if there’s still a falling back to the state of things that are out of the ordinary.

But I have broken free of that for them, but it took a lot out of me to do that. It weakened me. And so that left me a little bit not able to quite eat the chicken as freely as they are able to eat it. I still have my equivocation about it, right? So the dream has to repeat in another way.

And so, in this dream image, there’s an inner energetic magnetism that needs to penetrate a barrier by my focus and attention being strong enough to hold the space for that to happen. In this image, there is a woman who is sitting on a bench, holding an empty container, as if this container has hope that isn’t there to happen, because the container is just empty.

So, I am able to somehow or another, without being noticed, through a certain quality while she is in a trance, place two rubber bands into her bowl. These are rubber bands that are still being in the process of being properly formed. They haven’t quite set up yet. I then kind of stroll into the area—make it appear as if I’ve just arrived—and suddenly look and see the rubber bands in her bowl. Of course, she didn’t know that they were there, but they’re there because I see them there and she looks and they are there, too.

And so what we’re talking about is that this is a precursor vibration to things, in which she is waiting patiently as if her belief, trust, and faith in a kind of inner prayerfulness, will manifest something in terms of the need. Well, we’re talking about a need being able to happen that makes no sense as a type of healing, or quality, or change that would be like a magic in the world.

Well, you know, the first step is to get her to fully identify that something is working towards her need. So the rubber bands are there. And so I reach into her container, pick up one of the rubber bands that seems to be there out of the blue, shake it out to break the trance of the rubber band, and voilà, right in front of our eyes, it resizes itself to a size needed to wrap around a need. In other words, before it wasn’t quite right, and now all of a sudden, it has a much larger object that was like a little bit rubberish and round and irregularly designed, is suddenly a small, properly elastic rubber band, designed to hold together objects heretofore not yet visible.

And so, she sees that and seems to accept that and doesn’t seem to be that shocked by that. But these two objects looked the same size when they were just in the bowl. Now I take my hand and I reach in, and I grab the other rubber band that’s also a little bit discombobulated, give it a shake, and voilà, it is anew. And this time, this is a larger rubber band, with the full elasticity of such, capable of wrapping around a larger package of things.

Yet initially, when one just glanced in there and noticed the stuff in there, the first step that had to be made was her catching up with the fact that there was something in there that didn’t make sense. How did that get there? But because we both saw it, it was there, you know, and then when one reached and pulled it out, that it actually, then, took on a certain energetic quality that could do something, that could be something, that could hold something.

And so the secret is, it started with me getting the person to accept that the means was there all along. Had they noticed, for example, or been able to explain or rationalize it away, in terms of a conceptualization, their mind would not have allowed the recognition. It would have blocked this process of intertwined connectivity and they’d have continued to see things separately.

Well, the meaning of this is because we are composed of all there is, that deep-down, we are able to touch everything and, in doing so, meet a heartfelt need. This is how the inner gift of healing works. It’s actually also how real magic is done. You have almost to wonder if there isn’t some real magic.

To explain this rationally, it is as if the focus can be there in such a way that we have the magical ability to move atoms and molecules about. If a mental explanation is required, such linearity will veil the natural unfoldment knowingness. In other words, you can’t actually try to catch up with it that way because then you’re disturbing the order of things. However, the ability for a human being to touch the cosmic connection to all there is, as an inner into outer meaningfulness, simply is.

Explanations according to parameters of mental expectation have to be let go of and the individual has to be in an empty space to be in touch with all there is. When the inner power is at the natural-intended acuity, what is needed is not impossible to manifest.

This rises up from the heart of the situation. Maybe it’s not the heart of the situation, but it rises up from the embodiment of the situation. It will not work if the need isn’t commonly shared in some preexisting deep, inner spaciousness of a human consciousness of a human being.

And one more thing. I can’t yet explain this, but I am running a kundalini energy I carry pent-up somewhere through me. And there is a letting go and emptiness that comes with this, that changes the self-limiting energetic of the outer.

Now I know what it means when it is said that true power is inner, not outer. Everything comes from the inner into the outer. And this is showing how you actually do it.

Now, you know, if I didn’t understand that, the images and what I had, would be very, very strange. And what you did would be very, very, very strange, too. But it makes sense. And what you have to also notice is how could you dream what you dreamt and I dreamt what I dreamt, and not recognize that they’re both bizarre, and yet what other explanation, is there? This is what is unfolding.

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An Inner Sensation

4305As humans we have forgotten that we have all the systems within us to fulfill our human purpose. In these times, we tend to use our brain and rational thought for all our decisions and processes. But the truth is that we have many systems that could offer us even greater intelligence than the brain on its own, but we have to learn to listen to them, and to trust them. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: It starts out in this kind of general motif and then I use an outer thing to kind of set the template. In that in my meditation dream, I could see myself gauge the effect of a drop in the gold price by using my body as a beacon. In other words, my body naturally knows what’s going to take place and what’s not going to take place.

It’s like I tried to say to the dream group: there’s the body, there’s the heart, and there’s the soul. The heart knows some things, the soul knows things, and the body knows things. And in the past, I’ve experienced the effect of a decline or a drop, or something that takes one by surprise, we’ll say. I’ve experienced this effect in the heart. This effect to the heart is correlating to my mind/senses and the effect, which strikes like a stab and creates the sinking sensation in terms of the heart – that’s because it’s being applied to the wrong center.

You have a body knowingness, too, where everything is alive. Where the body is, maybe you might say, a more liberated heart, too. In other words, yes, the heart is the trigger to something that opens things up, but the body is there too automatically. It has to be there automatically. And it gets the hint, it gets the impulse. It doesn’t have to go through, you know, a vying necessarily that goes back and forth, and result in a sorting out that takes forever.

The problem is because we have gotten use to this kind of vying that requires a sorting out that takes forever, that we come to recognize that there’s the mind/ego that gets in the way, and then there’s the denser lower-self nature of a body that holds the soul, which is infinite. And we sit there and we meander back and forth, as if in a tremendous conundrum. But we don’t realize that everything is complete in and of itself.

The body is complete in and of itself, as a center of something that goes beyond the wholeness or the limitations. It’s part of a wholeness. The heart goes beyond the limitations and is in a wholeness. And the soul is everything that’s in a wholeness. All of that together is God. And, you know, there’s nothing that’s not God.

So the monitoring, when you recognize that it works like that, has a different impact. Because it’s as if there’s a pent-up quality to every sensation and it’s of a body orientation. You have to know what part is body, what part is heart, and what part is soul, and they are all okay.

In other words, the body has a way at looking at the effect that sits as a kind of latent suspense with the body. And I am interested in seeing what this means because this is something different. And it’s different than how you would sort it out with the heart because the heart works on other aspects of your overall beingness.

The body knows. In other words, no one has really stopped to realize that the body knows things. There’s a body knowingness. And one wants to try to figure out how to rationalize and explain this to the heart. But there’s the body that’s separate, the heart that’s separate, and the soul that’s separate. This is a big thing that hasn’t been explained, that hasn’t been clarified.

And so in my meditative dream, I know that the body orientation, that if I catch up with, is associated with something that can happen in the outer in terms of, for example, the gold price going higher. I’m not going to figure this out by the octaves of the heart. And it’s not going to be something that has anything to do with the soul level. This is a body orientation.

So, that was the big template of the meditation dream. Because this has like a wildness now to it, that now when you throw in the dream thing, if you don’t kind of catch the template of the scenario of the energetic defect, this is going to come across as bizarre. But another reason why this doesn’t come across as bizarre is after having listened to your dream. You know, I understood it, because I understood my bizarreness.

And the energetic of a knowingness that is designed to come together continuous, and can be there, in spite of appearances. I simply need to access the inner sensation and it will manifest.

In other words, the masculine does this different. It’s as if it brings something down and it snaps something as the vibration, and therefore something arises. While the feminine just has a way of holding the overallness of something and can—through the overallness, through the hiddenness that is normally there out of sight, if that hiddenness has access—can cause the epiphany or the change, which one breaks through and out of the plight that is before them.

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