The Highest Octave

SUPERSTAR2.JPGWhat does it really mean to be in service? Well, there are different levels, or octaves of service. It could be service into mankind, whether through care or compassion for others, healing the sick, or caring for those unable to do it for themselves. Or it could be providing a service for the universe itself – for which the human is designed – in a way that brings higher energies, that can only access this planet through a human being, into manifestation here. So, who are you working for? (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

Jeane: So it feels like also in this dream I’m working in the administrative offices of a school and, when I work in that role, it’s like there are three women, the principle, someone who’s like a secretary, myself who does something like secretarial or assistance work also, and then there’s a man who’s on an upper floor, I think, but is like the controller, whoever it is that keeps track of all the money and stuff so you know what you can do with the school.

And it feels like, in that role we all drive to school, which is out in the country a bit, along a kind of windy road. In the dream it’s winter; we’ve been working pretty hard and I seem to be the one that goes back and forth between the man’s office and the offices of the other two women. I do a lot of going back and forth between that, go up to one floor to where he is and back down as part of my work.

Well, in the process of this, I’ve become aware that he hasn’t come to work that day, and I almost feel like he’s had a car accident or something; he maybe even killed himself. At the same time, the other woman, who’s like the secretary or something, comes to me and says she’s all excited because she’s heard, because of all of our hard work, we might get some kind of a bonus.

Well, of course, he handles all the money so I look at her and I say, well, it’s kind of like well maybe or maybe not, you know, because I want to find out. I think maybe he’s driven off the road and so my thought is if something has happened to him and he’s not coming in at all, that I’m not sure then about these bonuses.

John: So this part of the dream is going and saying okay, not so fast, it’s not all put together completely. And that there are actually two halves that work side by side in terms of something coming together as part of an overall.

One part is called clarity and it’s a colder, cooler part that has to do with the schematics of something that’s straightforward, and organized, and ordered. It’s kind of a masculine side of things.

And then the other part is the principle in which things intertwine, or come together, or come into a union – and that works with the principle of love. And that ultimately works on a soul on soul basis as the highest octave in which it works, although it can just work with the principle of love, then you’re dealing with magnetism and things like that.

But then there’s a step that can be taken in which then that takes into account, it either brings in the soul upon the magnetism, or works soul on soul and through the principle of love, which is what everybody wants. And that is deemed the easier part. You have to have both components, however, to be able to conduct and do a service in life.

The hardest part, of course, is the service in life because that’s where you have to bring something down and into manifestation. And for a person who’s working soul on soul the idea of something having a magnetism when a soul on soul is almost like the opposite of the magnetism in which you are able to perceive and communicate much more easily and readily in relationship to those that are able to be at this particular point of evolvement in themselves and with themselves. That reaches and all goes to a point where, in order to make that into something of service, you have to bring that down. You have to cause that to be in manifestation. You have to work with the magnetism that exists so that it’s in manifestation, and that’s where the word and the description of this comes into place as being a clarity.

The clarity in this sense is a word that has to do with where you have the soul on soul realization, but then you can also bring it down in a non-dismissal way into creation and effectuate something that can be meaningful in terms of life. And so your dream is dealing with this clarity component in terms of having to look at this to determine what is present, or not present, in terms of holding that aspect together. And the something that doesn’t come in is like a part that doesn’t quite hold its own, or ground out, or maintain a position that is important so that everything else in the classroom of conscious unfoldment is able to be within appropriate parameters to continue to advance. Isn’t that interesting? That’s very interesting.

So what you’re kind of doing is you are taking the schematic and theme of basically two directions. There’s the vibrational direction where you bring down a magnetism where you raise the energy up, but then bring it back down into and through the heart after raising it up to a clarity center. You bring it back down into the heart, and it’s a process upon which that conceivably draws in the soul, the soul following the magnetism. This is spoken of as kind of a Chisti practice in the way that it happens – and of course their whole orientation is different.

Their orientation is more in the outer, in that regard, as a constructive purpose for doing this. And to do something in the outer, it requires the magnetism, but the magnetism in and of itself that becomes like a clarity to try to untwine to make something on this end a schematic of things come together and catch up with its bigger and more real whole is quite a challenge. And for the part of one’s self that works in this capacity, it’s actually like a different flow. It’s like working more with, in terms of bringing something down. It’s like driving the magnetism in to creation, into the body, and what comes down with it then is the soul.

But then there is the other part in which love is produced. It’s not produced in this other direction. It’s produced only in this direction, and that’s where you work in terms of doing what is required to catch up with an understanding, in terms of something that is already born, which is soul on soul, instead of something that’s kind of made. And that is a trait which has as its big limitation now, the need to come down, to take something just soul on soul and reduce it into the marketplace, and bring that love through somehow as it reduces this into the marketplace, and do that as the aspect of service.

If it doesn’t do that, then it isn’t of service. And then that creates the question of what is creation about? Because soul on soul is the approach that you’re not really here. You have this quality of yourself that you access in a way that you can’t see – that’s light upon light – that you somehow then reduce or accept because you’re born or bounded in creation. You accept this as what is required to cause, or bring about, the connection of inner and outer. It’s interesting how these two play out, and how somehow you’ve understood this, and you put this together kind of in a dream.

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