The Superior Position

t0We see over and over again how the different characters in our dreams are either trying to connect with one another, or trying to escape from one another. And because we are all the characters in our dreams, the images are telling us where we’re at in this connective process. Sometimes, however, we forget what is gained when a connection is made, because connections are not made for their own sake, but for creating a new conduit for greater intelligence. (At the end of this post there are instructions and a link to download this recording to your computer.)

John: I’m kind of like working with shadow dynamics again, only this time it’s a slightly different shadow dynamic. In dreams, often times when you have a shadow dynamic the shadow dynamic is a shadow dynamic that has to do with kind of a part of yourself that’s still caught in issues and stuff, and so it’s a part of yourself that hasn’t been yet assimilated. And there are other parts of yourself that recognize a bit of a soul on soul quality, and so you end up with this contrast of what’s called the shadow that hasn’t been integrated.

Well, in this particular case this dream, although it talks of component pieces, is actually talking about a quality of a shadow dynamic that has to be integrated in the flow and overallness of life. In other words, the way I’m looking at this dream is I’m looking at it from the standpoint – and I’m doing this spontaneously after hearing your dream – that I have to then include this to take into account your dream so that this makes more sense when I do it this way, that includes or works with the principle of how something comes about in creation and manifestation.

So in this dream, together with a partner, we are going up against two outlaws in the area. They are seen as the bad guys, and they’re considered, because we’re good enforcers and whatnot, to not have a chance. In other words, we’re able to get the drop on them, so to speak, even to surround a little bit, to catch them off guard, to kind of make the first move.

And so my partner and I are split up with him on one side and me on the other, and we’re the superior marksmen and everything else, and we have them surrounded. Well, as circumstances would have it, I do not have my gun loaded. And so when it’s time to act, and I’m trying to load it it’s like jammed when I try to hurry to put my ammunition into it.

And somehow or another the message goes out or across to these outlaws that the only way they have a chance is that they have to get lucky – and the person they have to get lucky against is me. And so they have to race me and shoot me through the peephole of a door, or the key lock of a door.

The outlaw I am to capture doesn’t hesitate for a moment when somehow or another the suggestion, out of the blue, he picks up on this and rushes to where I’m at. I have to run because I’m not ready. My gun isn’t loaded, and I can’t get it loaded in time to protect myself. He races towards the door and nearly gets to the keyhole before I’m able to get away.

I wake up. I am on the run trying to get to where I am safe and able to rearm. Once I’m rearmed, he doesn’t have a chance.

The meaning of the dream is I suddenly realize that I have miscalculated the position in life I am in and need to retreat to reorganize and reassess the situation. When I suddenly arrive at this conclusion or position, I realize simultaneously I am not ready and need to get out of the area immediately.

In other words, in your dream you’re putting both of those components together. If those two components aren’t properly put together, then nothing can happen. You can’t bring the energy down and through. You can’t effectuate something that’s meaningful. There is no flow. It chokes.

And I’ve miscalculated in this dream, which has this deeper meaning, and as a result I’m averted from having the superior position, and I’m having instead to contend with being blindsided because I am not holding the proper overall orientations.

Thus I am scrambling because things are out of hand and need to be reoriented, and thus as a result the stuff in between, like where you have kind of like a school and the student of things and you have the two parts, the two parameters, the consciousness gets strung out when you’ve got the acting up because that’s meant to have something given to it, revealed, made known; consciousness is meant to advance. That’s the superior position, but because I don’t have that, it plays out against me so I am out of balance.

The reason for the dream is the dream is playing out a note upon my heart strings. This is a note I was supposed to be taking in, or taking into account, with a greater focused responsibility that included all of the parameters. I failed to denote that I was not ready yet. In other words, I thought that I was there, but I wasn’t able to maintain that. I’ve fallen back from it. I am able to make this distinction based upon how it is I am able to suddenly gauge that the situation has changed.

The meaning is the issue is a matter of taking in a greater natural overall knowingness, which transcends the current outer reality or, as you would say, it’s a consciousness that’s brought forward in the wholeness of everything that’s alive.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to see myself with the composure that’s required for this to naturally unfold. Thus, that puts me in a precarious position not able to respond to the need – which is a quality of opening up a consciousness in the whole. The dream is saying, run, until I’m able to restabilize the inner semblance. My timing is currently off. I am able to feel this from an inner attunement I sense as presiding over my improperly situated position.

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